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Top 4 reasons that make stainless steel sink a best choice for kitchen sinks

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The quality of your kitchen sink speaks a lot about the quality of your kitchen and maybe even about your lifestyle. Stylish designs entice everyone who is looking to buy a  kitchen sink for their home. But we all know it is not just the design and style that matters when it comes to the choice of a utility like kitchen sink. Let’s look deeper into some of the useful aspects of a kitchen sink that you probably have not noticed until now.

1. Kitchen sinks can enhance your kitchen décor

Of course they play a practical role in your kitchen, but a stylish kitchen sink with contemporary design can work wonders to your home décor just like your  bathroom. Installing a sink that is complementing to your interiors may completely change the look of your kitchen, and the cost for it may prove totally worthwhile in the long run. The right choice of the sink may make your kitchen look big or small according to the dimensions of the room. A custom made is definitely not a practical option as well. A classy, spacious kitchen is bound to influence your cooking and in turn your lifestyle.

2. Choose the kitchen sink design according to your use

Though design elements can be a major criterion when it comes to choosing your kitchen sink, you need to give more priority to the practical aspects of the sink depending on your usage. The size and shape of your kitchen sink is definitely dependent on your usage requirements, as a shallow basin will not be the right option if you are a large family. You can opt for a single, dual or triple basin sink depending on your preferences. Most brands provide a varied choice of shapes also for kitchen sinks such as farmhouse, double farmhouse, rounded sides and drain board attached. You can also find sinks for outdoor purposes like installing in a garden.

3. Installation process of your kitchen sink makes a difference

The type of installation you choose for your kitchen sink defines the aesthetics of your counter top. The options range from self-rimmed ones to under mounted ones. The self rimmed ones, which are common, have its edges above the counter top surface when it is installed. Slimline sinks are more preferred in houses with modern, minimalistic décor elements and elegant faucets & tapware. The under mounted ones, also known as underslung, go underneath the surface and let the material of the counter top form the outer edge of the sink. Both have its own set of pros and cons when it comes to maintenance and durability. In the current kitchen accessories market, there are even integral sinks, which is a composite of sink and counter top material. The advantage of this one is a smooth, sterling finish and ease of cleaning with the seamless design. Replacing an integral sink is a much tougher job as you will have to replace the entire unit, though it will be a posh addition to your kitchen. Some of the common accessories that come with a kitchen sink are chopping board, colander and strainer waste.

4. Build material can make your kitchen sink more efficient

What your sink is made up of is another major aspect in a kitchen sink. There are quite a few different types of materials used to make a good kitchen sink. If you browse through the showrooms selling kitchen utilities, you can see stainless steel is the most common material used in kitchen sinks. This can be attributed to its affordability, durability and good looks. Sinks made of other materials are also available which includes metal, soapstone, solid stone, glass, porcelain, ceramic, cast iron etc. Most of these materials come in the expensive range, but the aesthetical quality and harmony it can add to your kitchen interiors is priceless.

5. You can buy kitchen sinks online

Although, conventionally, kitchen sink is not something that you often associate with online purchase. But in the current market scenario there are a large number of choices of kitchen sinks available online that keeps high standards in quality and aesthetics. You can get these delivered to your home at your convenience across Australia. The advantage of buying online obviously is that it saves you from a lot of trouble browsing your way through the local hardware stores and stockists. You will also get a chance to read a range of customer reviews and can benchmark your requirements. During Days is a great option to buy with a large stock of some good looking pieces available to choose. The kitchen sinks available at During Days ensures the highest quality at affordable prices. Often discount and clearance sales on the website offers you the cheapest deals in the market. Later in the post we will see a few hand-picked ones that we have narrowed down from the During Days website.

With a large range of options available and with major brands competing to dominate the market, choosing the right kitchen sink is probably a big task for many. That is the reason why experts always advise on doing quality research to help you in gauging the most desirable kitchen sink. It is exceptionally good if you can get your hands on something that blends the best of practical utility and creative appeal. After all, the quality of your kitchen will reflect in your lifestyle and well being, and they are available in many shapes and sizes.

Five Reasons Stainless Steel Considered the Best Material for Kitchen Sinks

When you think about a kitchen sink, naturally stainless steel comes to your mind as an automatic choice for a kitchen sink. Its durability, good looks and ease of adjusting to varied decors makes it a preferred choice of many customers. On an average you can find this in every other household in Australia. Let us look into some of the valid reasons for the popularity of stainless steel as the material for kitchen sinks.

1. Stainless Steel provides long life to your sink

One of the most important features of stainless steel is its long lasting nature. A stainless steel kitchen sink will match up the life expectancy of your house itself, and this makes it a preferred choice. Stainless steel can be recycled effortlessly and this property also influences the heightened popularity of stainless steel to be used in kitchen sinks. If you look into product details more keenly, you can see a considerable increase in recycled content in the stainless steel accessories available in the market currently.

2. The stainless nature is provided by Chromium

The anti-rust property of stainless steel is coming from the high percentage of Chromium present in it. Along with a few other materials like Titanium, Chromium provides for the strength and durability of a kitchen sink.

3. Stainless steel forms a microscopic protective coat against exposure to air and water

Chromium oxide is formed from the reaction of Chromium with atmospheric air and this helps in forming a protective coat that saves your sink from a lot of trouble. This property of the sink is not lost even with scratches. The metallic coat is soon replaced by the chemical reactions if it is lost due to negligence.

4. You can experiment with finishes on Stainless Steel

Some of the commonly seen finishes of stainless steel includes brushed, satin or smooth depending on the exterior texture it creates. This is achieved by the variation in the reflection of light. This property of stainless steels allows a great deal of flexibility to your interior décor, as you can always select a matching and radiant finish to complement your kitchen color tone and designs.

5. Stainless steel has anti microbial properties

This may come as a surprise, but the antibacterial properties of stainless steel have also made it the most preferred material to make kitchen sinks. This coupled with the ease of cleaning helps a lot in maintaining a bug-free atmosphere for cooking.

Stainless steel is without doubt one of the most common materials used for making a reliable and long lasting sink. Thus it is quite possible that next time when you look for a new kitchen sink, you might overlook all other materials. It is definitely a simple and sensible decision to opt for stainless steel in the long run. It is an affordable and stylish option too.

A few tips to keep your kitchen sink hygienic

A recent scientific study has pointed out an alarming find. A kitchen sink in an average household may contain many folds of germs than your toilet! These germs can cause diseases ranging from gastroenteritis to infections of the urinary tract. It is particularly important to keep your kitchen sink clean always. Let us look into some of the aspects that can help you keep your kitchen hygienic and free from germs.

1. Buy a high quality sink

People often tend to go for the cheapest available option when it comes to buying kitchen accessories like sink. But the right choice of materials can save you from a lot of trouble. This may not be quite apparent in the first look, but studies have shown that stainless steel has proved to possess antibacterial properties. The design of your kitchen sink also proves to be a major factor in keeping the germs at bay. A slanting drain board on your sink will make sure that water drains off completely into the bowl and reduce the chances of trapped moisture and thereby the possibility of mould.

2. Do not leave food particles in the sink

It is a common sight that people will just carelessly abandon the food leftovers from the plate into the kitchen sink. This may appear quite harmless, and you may think that you are going to clean it later anyway. But the danger lies in the fact that with plenty of moisture around your kitchen sink can act as a perfect breeding ground for a range of bacteria and microbes including E.coli. This may lead to a range of unpleasant consequences including the possibility of food poisoning.

3. Make sure to clean the kitchen surfaces with a disinfectant

You need to make sure that you use a good disinfectant to clean the surface of your kitchen and counter top, along with the sink. You need to make sure that the area surrounding your sink is also kept free of contamination by regularly cleaning the kitchen floor, chopping boards, colanders and other utensils. Fruits, vegetables and raw meat that may come in contact with the kitchen surfaces should be wiped off clean immediately as these may cause the most trouble. Specialized cleaning agents are available for different materials such as stainless steel. Special cleaners are available for drains as well. Always make sure that the drain of your kitchen sink is not blocked by leftovers or vegetable peels.

4. Cleaning accessories also should be kept properly

Cleaning accessories that are not kept clean also act as a favorite breeding ground of pathogenic microbes. Do not carelessly abandon cleaning clothes and sponges by the side of the sink. Studies have revealed that kitchen clothes cause a lot of contamination. It is advisable to use different clothes for different cleaning purposes in the kitchen hands – if you use one cloth to dry the plates, never use it to dry your Also these should be replaced regularly after disinfection.

Four things to consider while installing your kitchen sink

A lot of practical and aesthetic aspects of your kitchen are dependent on the size and placement of your kitchen sink. A perfectly installed kitchen sink can very well raise the standards of your kitchen. It is a great idea to consider all the intricate details of your kitchen space before installing a new kitchen sink. If you are remodeling your kitchen, you will be more aware of the requirements in your kitchen. And if it is a new kitchen, you need to consider a fairly good amount of practical aspects that would help you work smoothly in your kitchen.

Many people would simply go by popular choices or others’ opinions when it comes to the choice of kitchen accessories. But it should be duly noted that the primary concern should be your personal preferences. Most of the time getting the right one, based on your usage, requirements and budget, would save you from a lot of trouble in the future. This is particularly important because a sink is not something you would change frequently. Once installed, the kitchen sink becomes a lifelong feature in most households.

Along with getting the right sink made of good quality materials, you should also focus on getting the installation process right. Let us look in to certain aspects to consider before installing the sink.

1. There should be ample space for the person using the sink to stand and walk around

Comfortable workspace is an important concern while you work in the kitchen. There should be ample area for you to stand and walk around in the kitchen. This is something you can check while designing the kitchen, but you can make adjustments while buying the sink also. If your kitchen is small and the sink takes most of the space, it can lead to some inconvenience while you are working in the kitchen. If the size of the kitchen sink is proportional to the size of the kitchen, it will give a good aesthetic appeal as well. A good designer would leave ample provision for work space and walking area in the kitchen. The size of your kitchen sink will have a direct impact on the work space in the kitchen, but not so much on the walk ways. Experts recommend a minimum width of 100 centimeters for an ordinary kitchen where only one person cooks at a time. You should carefully look into all the design aspects of your kitchen before installing your favorite kitchen sink.

2. The comfort of your kitchen is directly proportional to countertop space

One of the most important aspects while working in a kitchen is the availability of abundant countertop space. Anybody who worked in a kitchen would know the hassles of not having ample space on the countertop. Hence this is an important aspect to consider while installing your kitchen sink. Though it is mostly dependent on the design elements of your house, the choice of your kitchen sink too will have a significant impact on the availability of countertop space. When you talk about countertop space, multiple design elements will be taken into consideration including the lengthwise proportions, size of the edges, depth of the counter and the area above the counter. Before installing your sink you need to carefully consider these aspects that will have considerable impact on your kitchen space.

3. The relative placement of the sink plays an important role in the kitchen

The placement of the kitchen sink is a tricky aspect. The position of the sink should be accessible from the cooking area. This way it adds to the convenience factor of your kitchen space. If the refrigerator is also placed conveniently, working in the kitchen will become a pleasant activity for you. This will be indirectly influenced by the size and shape of your choice of kitchen sink. A double tub or triple tub sink, along with all the necessary accessories, might take a considerable portion of your kitchen. That is one reason why the user’s preferences get utmost importance when it comes to deciding kitchen sink. If you cook in your kitchen only occasionally, mostly you would be quite satisfied with a single tub sink placed strategically close to the cooking area and refrigerator.

4. Ample landing area should be there adjacent to the kitchen sink

There should be adequate space on the countertop near the sink, where you can keep vessels or food items to be washed in the sink. This is particularly noticeable when you want the sink to be a versatile element in your kitchen. In addition to washing vessels, most of the time the sink is used for cleaning vegetables, straining water from food items etc. While purchasing the sink, you can look for ones with built-in space for this purpose. Many stainless steel sinks available in the market today have this feature and is definitely a preferred choice of many. Not having ample countertop space next to your sink can give you headaches.

Where can I buy a classy kitchen sink today?

Hardware stores across Australia offers a wide selection of kitchen sinks in varied sizes, shapes and build materials. Choosing the appropriate one is a tedious job for many. If you do not have a professional person looking after the installation, buying and purchasing a sink can be a hectic task for you. The abundant choices and variety of materials will confuse you even more if you are totally new to the intricate design aspects of your kitchen.

Online shopping would be an easy way out from the headaches of choosing the perfect sink for your new kitchen. The advantage of online shopping is that you can clearly go through numerous styles and designs before making the choice. Product descriptions and customer reviews are a good way to understand more about your requirements and the available products. This will help you immensely to research well in advance. You can narrow down your choices after carefully considering the budget also.

During Days is a great website that offers a good range of modestly priced kitchen sinks that rank high in quality and design sense. With assured dispatch within 24 hours of purchase, and free shipping in major Australian cities like Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast etc. During Days is quite a convenient choice for kitchen sink shopping. Superior customer care and unmatchable quality distinguishes During Days from competitors. In addition, During Days is known for excellent service and for most products you will get long term warranty. 

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