During Days uses highly secure 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) HTTPS encryption for all transactions.  We use industry-trusted solution of RapidSSL certificates to make sure that our customers have peace of mind while shopping.  We DO NOT store credit card details of our customers.  Customers are taken to PayPal for secure transaction and once the transaction is complete, they are brought back to our website for order confirmation.  However at not stage does During Days stores credit card or other sensitive payment information.

We abide by the standards of the Australian government's National Privacy Principles for the Fair Handling of Personal Information, and we never ask for more information than we require in completing your transaction.

Online Shopping Safety Tips

Even though During Days takes best precaution to ensure safety and security of user information, we do request that users employ safety measures of their own. Please take following points into consideration:

  • Use alphanumeric and hard to guess password.

Always mix numbers, symbols and letters in upper and lower case. Never create passwords that are easy to guess from your name or date of birth.

  • Do not write your password at any place.

It is always advisable to memorise and remember your password rather than noting it in a diary or your computer.

  • Never shop online using unsecured Wi-Fi connections.

It is better to use your personal internet connection while shopping. If you are shopping on your mobile device, use internet connection provided by that device.  But do not use free Wi-Fi connection that is publically available since it can be highly insecure.

  • Keep your computer’s anti-virus software updated.

Install high quality anti-virus software like Norton or MacAfee to protect your computer against harmful viruses.  Regularly scan your system to ensure that it is virus free and delete any viruses found.

  • Never purchase from an online store without SSL certificate

Always purchase from websites that are SSL secure i.e. websites that have https:// in their URL during checkout.  This means that these websites are encrypting the sensitive order and payment details and that the transaction is secure.  If you find that https:// is missing and your browser is giving you alert, that means the website may not be secure.