Toys are more than play things. They can play a crucial role in improving the hand eye coordination and also in offering mental stimulation to a baby that is very essential especially in the first few years. Research suggests that playing is very important for the all round healthy growth of the child.

Some of the tips given here can guide you on how to pick the right toy for your baby. For children who are younger than one year it is better to pick toys that are colourful, light and should be made of non toxic material. Toys made of material with different textures can stimulate the senses of your little one. Always pick toys that are age appropriate and toys with small parts can be hazardous to your children under the age of three years as they try to put things in their mouth as part of their exploratory process.

Crib Mobiles are widely used to entertain babies. Most of the models come equipped with music of some kind. The bright colors and soothing music can aid in the cognitive development of the baby. Baby gyms can be used even before the baby can roll over or sit up. These gyms can help your little one flex their muscles and are believed to improve the hand eye coordination. Then there are a wide variety of stacking and nesting toys that provide long hours of entertainment to your child. Research shows that stacking and nesting toys can help the child comprehend the ideas of size and shape at an early age. These toys also can enhance the hand eye coordination. Shape sorters can give the baby the exposure to the different kinds of shapes. Push and pull toys are all time hot favorites especially for children who have just learnt to walk. Wooden bead mazes are available in a wide range of size, shapes and levels of complexity. Children can benefit by watching other people play or by playing themselves. The bright colors of the beads help the child develop the ability to focus and the sound of the beads also improves the small baby’s hearing capacity.

Picking toys that are flame resistant can be a good idea. Toys that are washable can be cleaned easily. Tying toys with cords or threads to the playpen or the sides of the crib has to be avoided as the child may get entangled in the threads accidentally which can be fatal. Make sure that none of the toys have any sharp edges to prevent the possibility of injury. Broken toys have to be discarded as the sharp edges of the broken piece can hurt the baby. Care should be taken to ensure that the packaging materials that the toys come in should be kept away from the babies as they can pose suffocation or choking risks.

Pick the perfect toy for your baby depending on their age and skill level to provide not only hours of fun but to promote their emotional and cognitive development.