Choosing the right hair brush

It was believed that brushing ones hair thousand times a day is a sure way for healthy, glossy and beautiful hair. Research suggests that brushing hair ensures the stimulation of the scalp which in turn will help release natural oils that can be beneficial for good hair growth. The type of brush that you have to pick has to be selected based on the type of your hair and your styling needs.

Owning a hair brush that can bring out the sheen and beauty of your hair to the forefront is essential if you want to look presentable. Regardless of the way you style your hair, shiny and healthy tresses can make you look attractive.

There are different sizes and shapes of brushes that are available but keeping the following tips in mind will help you pick the hair brush that gives you the best results for you. For any hair brush other than the boar bristle brushes, it is better to pick a hair brush with round balls at the tips of the bristles to prevent damage to the scalp.

Experts opine that brushes with natural bristles will suit well for people whose hair texture is fine or normal while brushes with synthetic bristles are apt for people with thicker hair. Brushes with synthetic bristles generate less static than brushes with natural bristles and so it is easier to detangle the hair when you use them for people with thicker hair texture.

Typically a paddle brush is recommended for daily use and it can work well for detangling hair. These brushes come in rectangular or oval shapes. The wider the size of the brush the straighter your hair will be after drying.

A round brush looks like a cylinder with bristles on all sides. This brush is almost a must for anybody as this can be used for any type and length of hair. If you use a round brush when blow drying you can give volume and create curl for your hair. Round brush with a ceramic barrel in the centre can hold the heat longer when blow drying so your curls will last longer and are great for styling your hair. It is not advisable to use ceramic brushes if your hair is chemically treated. You can use a round brush with smaller diameter to get tighter well defined curls while those with larger diameter can be used to curl just at the ends.

Vent brushes are another option that can be cylindrical or flat. These brushes got their name based on the fact that there are holes at the base of the bristles which allows the passage of air through the brush and speeds up the time that is needed to dry your hair. These are popular as they can add volume.

Hair brushes are more than styling tools as they can improve the circulation near the roots of the hair and will enhance the beauty of your hair in a natural way.