Choosing the right harness for your adorable pet

A good harness lets you take your pet outdoors safely. Unlike collars that may put too much pressure on the neck area when a harness is used the pressure is evenly distributed over the body. One of the main criterions that have to be taken into consideration while choosing a harness is the purpose that it is supposed to serve. You need to pick the harness based on its functionality. Apart from using designer and decorative harness to show off, a good leash can serve a lot of other purposes.

Walking dog harness is all you need if you want to use it when taking your favorite pet for a walk. This product is ideal for use with obedient dogs that may have minor discipline problems. This product lets you control your pet with the application of reasonable amount of strength that too in a humane way without hurting them. Nylon or padded leather harness are the most popular options for walking a pet. You will need a pulling dog harness for exercising purposes as you can attach weights to them.

Training harnesses can be used in some scenarios to train your dog but typically a training collar may also be used. The training harness will be useful in attack and protection training like when you want them for police work. Tracking harnesses are suitable for use during sports or search and rescue operations. Ideally the tracking harness should be light weight, preferably padded and the design should not hinder the movement of the dog. You can pick tracking harnesses of either leather or nylon. Coat harness or a vest harness can be used to take your pet for a walk in cold weather conditions.

Varied models of harnesses are designed to provide maximum comfort to the pet. Harnesses that are widely used are step- in harness, standard harness, built in leash harness and no pull harness. The type of harness that you will need for your pet depends on lot of factors like the size of the pet, the breed and also how obedient and well trained they are. Then there is the car harness that can be used to take your pet in the car in a safe and easy way.

The fabric that is used for the harness can also determine how comfortably it fits your dog. Harnesses made of flimsy material will not last long. If your pet is small then the strength of the fabric may not be important but for larger dogs you have to ensure that the harness is made of tough and robust materials.

Choosing the right harness for your dog can play an important role in ensuring that the dog walking experience is pleasant for you and your pet. The size of the harness you choose for your pet will be dependent on your pet’s size. You can take your pet to the pet store and try on different harnesses before buying one or you can measure your pet with a tape and find the correct dimensions of the harness that is right for your dog.