Hair Dryers - more than just hot air

A good dryer should help you dry your hair without damage in a relatively fast manner and should leave your hair shinier after the drying process. If you think that dryers are just for drying your hair and that they serve no other purpose and end up picking the cheapest model available, you may have to deal with the loud noise and also may end up damaging your hair in the long run. Dryers of poor quality diffuse positive ions which in turn may leave your hair dull and frizzy. Hair dryers of good quality are a must for you to be able to style your hair well.

Your hair type is another factor that has to be considered before investing in a blow dryer. Hair that is fine or damaged can be dried with lower wattage dryers while if you have thick and curly hair then you will need a higher wattage dryer for quick drying of the hair. A dryer with higher wattage will dry your hair faster than the one with a lower wattage but you do not need high levels of heat always as it can damage your hair.

Ceramic hair dryers distribute the heat evenly and prevent any sections of your hair from over drying. Ionic hair dryers work based on the technology where in negative ions are created which lock in the moisture in the hair and make it healthier. Ionic dryers can drastically reduce the drying time when compared to some of the low quality dryers. Tourmaline is a semi precious stone and is one of the best generators of infra red rays and can help you dry your hair fast and also leave your hair smooth and shiny. These also reduce the static electricity so you can say good bye to frizzy hair.

It is a better option to get a hair dryer that has multiple settings so that you can control the levels of heat and the speed according to your need. Another feature of interest in any premium quality dryer is cool shot option. In this mode the dryer does not use the heating feature and just blows air at the room temperature. When you use this feature it sets the style and will also ensure long lasting hold. It also brings out the best from your hair by making it shiny.

Typically most of the dryers come with accessories like nozzle, diffuser and concentrator. People with curly hair find that using a diffuser helps them create fizz free, bouncy, well defined curls. If you have straight hair then using a nozzle attachment may be right for you. Most professional dryers come with a concentrator and will let you direct the air flow in such a manner that you can style your hair well. There are dryers that come with built in brush option to make it handy while styling your hair. Ideally picking a light weight dryer can be an advantage as this will make it easy to dry and style your hair. Take the time to go through the consumer reviews about various dryers so that you can make an informed decision when you want to get one for yourself.