6 Reasons why you should buy Artificial Grass


Ever wondered why most of the people are now moving towards implementing artificial turf? The comparison of natural grass v/s artificial turf must be striking your mind too!

Most people go for artificial lawn to avoid the investment and maintenance required in retaining a natural grass lawn. Artificial turf off course accentuates the look of the home and increases its market value that too without splurging out heavy funds.

But, you might be wondering:

How can you evaluate artificial grass and natural green lawn? In this blog we will compare both types of grass based on different perspectives.

1. Aesthetics: 

Natural lawns look extremely soothing and relaxing. But still, there are few complaints about the aesthetics of natural grass. The real trouble is faced while maintaining a well-kept natural lawn in hot climatic conditions. One also needs to incur high costs of water. On the other hand, artificial grass looks quite realistic and flawlessly well-kept throughout the year. Though, a closer inspection reveals their true origin - after all they are artificial!

2. Texture: 

Artificial and natural turfs have quite different feel, however a good variety of each of them will be extremely comfortable and soft. The key difference is - synthetic grass doesn’t attract bees and other insects. Artificial turf might get heated up in the sun while natural grass stays cool.

3. Durability and care: 

Outdoor natural lawn will potentially last forever, provided it is maintained properly. Artificial turf does not require as much maintenance like fertilizing, mowing, watering, and weed control as compared to the natural grass. It is free from dead spots, insect damage and worn spots. In an average landscape setting, it should last around 15 years and any damage can be repaired without any impact on the entire setting. Though, it is not completely maintenance free, it requires regular grooming, brushing and refilling to keep the grass blades standing upright.

4. Environmental impact: 

Natural lawns of course require watering, mowing and usage of chemicals and fertilizers. However they also filter rain into the soil, emit enough oxygen throughout the day and eradicate greenhouse gases like CO, CO2 and SO2. On the other hand synthetic turf don’t require chemicals, fertilizers, watering or mowing. They do not provide any added benefits to the environment except saving water.

5. Other Implications: 

Synthetic turf can be great for people suffering from insect or grass allergies. It can be installed anywhere without worrying about the soil,  sun or shade. On the downside, natural grass is up to 15º C cooler than atmospheric temperature and can help cool down your home.

6. Affordability and installation: 

The initial investment or upfront cost drive many people towards one option or the other. Natural turf costs around $30-40 per square meter (depending on the base preparation). While synthetic grass will cost somewhere between $60 and $100 per square meter, including base preparation. The benefit of artificial grass is that it requires very little or no maintenance once it is installed, whereas natural grass has high and on-going maintenance cost.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

Coming to the benefits of artificial grass

Want to know the best part?

If we talk about the benefits of artificial grass, saving money is the first one to count. Another advantage that often gets neglected between myriad money benefits is: environmental benefit.

  • A healthy year round appearance for your eco lawn: Artificial turf lets you save the earth. How? Unlike natural grass artificial eco-friendly grass retains its healthy, green appearance in every season. You can enjoy a lush green garden from the day you install it! Moreover, artificial turf never looked so much like the real grass as it does now. You can choose from a range of styles that feel and look exactly the same in all the seasons of year and pretend like real grass.
  • No fertilizers or pesticides needed: Another prime advantage of using an eco-friendly lawn is that it is installed with artificial grass infill (instead of the dirt and mud). This significantly reduces the need for regular maintenance, which means you don’t have to use any pesticides or fertilizers to sustain its life and appearance.
  • As far as the traditional lawns are concerned, they use pesticides and fertilizers that can have harmful and poisonous effects on water supplies. This can severely pollute the drinking water and destroy habitats. An eco-friendly artificial grass lawn also helps you to reduce air pollutants. Exhaust from the grass-cutting machines will be a thing of past with artificial grass.
  • Less water resulting into lower water and electricity bills: One of the most prominent advantages of artificial turf or fake grass is that it does not require water at all (except for cleaning the spills dropped on them). This means you get great savings on the monthly water and electricity bills (as you need electricity for watering natural centipede grass through electric motor).
  • Smart and modern way to enliven the surroundings: It is one of the most opted about option to enliven a dead garden and fill the colors of nature and landscaping into it. You can even make use of artificial grass to enliven your residential backyard, grassy rooftop garden and other such places.

What is the better choice for you?

Based on the above mentioned factors, you can decide which type of grass works best for you. Whether you want to enjoy cool ambience or like to avail low maintenance and usage of water - the choice is yours! As stated above, both have their unique pros and cons. Think about how much time you can dedicate to the maintenance, what kind of look and feel do you want for your garden and your environmental preferences.

How to take care of artificial grass?

Though artificial grass is considered to be affordable and durable, here are some care instructions that might be useful for you:

  • Be careful of corrosives: 

Certain chemicals (including the organic material too) can be harmful to artificial turf. Use only certified or approved products and avoid harsh cleaners. Also, clean your lawn regularly and keep it free of organic materials such as animal faeces, dead bugs and leaves. They are harmful as they break down to release corrosive substances. As a regular care regimen, you can use leak blower, rake or hose. It ensures that the organic matter is removed and pollens don’t settle on your lawn to create possible allergies.

  • Avoid bacteria and mould: 

If you take proper care of your synthetic lawn, there is very little chance of bacteria or mould. During the off chance situations, you can apply little white vinegar to kill bacteria or hydrogen peroxide to mould. But, always ensure to rinse it properly with fresh water to avoid chemical damage. Just like carpets, artificial grass also involves some care to ensure its longevity.

  • Avoid Burns: 

BBQs and cigarettes can highly damage your artificial turf. These hot smoldering items can melt down the fibers of grass. So, keep these away from your turf and treat your turf well all year round.

  • Remove Spills: 

If something is dropped or spilled onto your synthetic turf, it is important to remove it as soon as possible. Simply wash it away. If an item such as alcohol or coffee is spilt, trick it by using a little detergent with water.

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PS: Here is a secret to deal with pet odours

Remove the pet faeces and urine with the help of little white vinegar mixed with equal parts of water. This way you can also use artificial grass as a carpet green for indoors.

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