Massage, for stress management!

Massaging, the power of healing pain and reducing stress with the practice of applying pressure, has been popular since ancient times. Though a practice of past, massage with its indefinite benefits has been applied in the present generation too. This natural process of healing has created a revolution in the therapeutic area, spreading its benefits across the world.

Not every day is a happy day; also filled with anxiety, stress, tension and depression, it has become mandatory to give a boost to physical and mental health, releasing stress. Add a dose of freshness to retreat your busy life with the various health therapies. Massage is the most popular therapy used worldwide for stress management.

The process of applying pressure on your body to relive stress slowly, massage provides the utmost comfort to get off the stress caused by the routine hectic life. Massage works its wonders by rejuvenating every single tissue, soothing your emotional stress and nurturing your overall well-being. Apart from having a positive effect on the mental health, massage is believed to improve metabolism and circulation.

With the growing popularity of massage; it is no longer confined to luxury spas and health centers. Today massage is available in hospitals, clinics and even airports. Massage is an art which can be done to the fullest with proper accessories. The major massaging accessory is the  massage table. With wide range of  massage table for sale, one can even choose  folding table that is portable.


Discover the benefits of massage

Every system in the body is affected by massage, either directly or indirectly. Some of the major benefits that massage offers include -

Relieves stress

Stress forms a part of everyone’s life. Being a victim of stress, the overall behavior of person changes to anger, depression and restlessness. Though eliminating complete stress from our routine is not possible, we can indeed implement methods to cope-up with it. Massage therapy has been an efficient method of stress management from ancient times. A soothing weekend massage is the best way to unwind yourself, while having a relaxing effect on the mind.

Improves blood circulation 

Many people suffer from poor blood circulation, the result of which leads to accumulation of blood and other body fluids at certain body parts such as toes; the consequence of it being cold hands, feet and fatigue. A good massage will apply adequate pressure to remove the accumulation of blood and allows normal blood flow. Enhanced blood flow will reduce the blood pressure while adding to the improved functioning of the body.

Improves posture

Massage helps to loosen and relax your muscles, which adds to the improvement in the posture of the badly positioned muscles. Relieving the pressure points on the muscles, massage forms an ideal way to improve one’s posture.

Lowers blood pressure

Blood pressure is the most common health related issue faced by majority of the world population. The major cause of high blood pressure is the increasing level of stress hormones in the blood, namely cortisol that is associated with anxiety and depression. Massage helps to reduce the cortisol level in the blood, while keeping the stress hormone level in control and lowering the blood pressure.

Recovery from injury

Massage increases the strength and flexibility of the injury, allowing fast recovery to attain to the normal state quickly. Increasing the blood flow, massage helps to repair the tender tissue that underwent an injury to repair and nourish the affected area.

Improves sleep

Massaging is known to improve quality of sleep for people suffering from insomnia. Massage directly influences the production of serotonin, which is essential to produce melatonin that helps control body’s sleep and wake cycle.

Strengthening the immune system 

Research suggests that massage increases the body's natural killer cells, aiding the fight against bacterial infection. Massage also improves the nourishment of the cells.


Massage tables, why are they so important?

Massage has been an age-old practice used for relaxation and improving the functioning of every part of the body directly or indirectly. The secret of a great massage lies in the massage table we use; an uneven or uncomfortable table will not serve any purpose. A convenient table would add comfort and relaxation for a satisfying massage. Massage tables in olden days were made mostly of wood, but the modern tables are designed ergonomically, available in various colors and multilayer padding. The massage tables feature a horse-shoe shaped head support, allowing the user to breath easily as they lay down.

Available with various height adjustments, they are suitable for multidisciplinary clinics. Suiting the needs of the modern generation, portable massage tables that are light-weight are available.


Choosing the right massage table

Experience the pleasure of massaging with appropriate massage tables. Flexible, durable and highly padded massaging tables are recommended to support the relaxation while offering the best therapeutic effect. One is suggested to make a significant investment in the massaging tables and make the right choice!