Protect your home!



There is something special about every dwelling that makes it more than just a building. Being one’s highest prized possession, the deep emotional connection a person builds with it, makes it a  home, rather than a house. Being the most comfortable place in the world, home is a vital component of a happy life. Creating perfect harmony in one’s life, home is the ultimate place to relax and unwind, supporting the ideal lifestyle while keeping away the worries of the outer world aside. The thought of returning home brings a smile on anyone’s face, the memories of which haunts him, where ever he goes. Not just a mere place to eat,  sleep and relax, home forms a place that originates the feeling of trust, love, joy and living life in true sense.

A place to safeguard your expensive and valuable things, home security forms the top priority of anyone’s life. Being a place that holds your belongings, it becomes your duty to secure your home. Whether you reside in it or step away from it, protecting your home from all harm such as burglary, theft and other crimes becomes primary. With the raising number of physical harm being caused to a house, home security has become a key factor for home protection. Though, heavy  locks were once thought to secure your home the best way, innovation in technology has made way to smart alternatives to suit the need of modern times. Today’s technologically dominated world has given a number of  gadgets to mankind, adding convenience to life. Invention of new gadgets have also been applied in home security also safeguarding the other properties in a perfect way.


The fading glory of conventional locks!

In this high tech world, the traditional locks are losing their glory. Once known to be a great way of protecting your property, the invention of conventional locks had revolutionized the security system to an unimaginable level. Though, there is no record that states the origin of first locks, the locks have been an essential piece of element when describing the realm of home safety.  Locks with physical keys had ruled the world of security, moving towards betterment of safety and convenience. When it comes to choosing a lock, security plays a significant criteria for selection rather than style, design and finish. Restricting the entry of unwanted people, locks have a major role to play in safeguarding the property. With the modern technological era, the use of conventional locks are fading, but the charm of them still exists and doesn’t seem to disappear completely.


Smart locks for a smarter generation!

Modern world has given a gadget to every area of life, to make lives convenient and sophisticated; it is worthy to mention the uses of smart locking system. One would be amazed to know the large number of smart, keyless locking systems available. Designed to suit the needs of the new generation, the ‘smart locks’ absolutely complements the ‘smart’ generation. With its enhanced security and improved convenience, the smart lock with the combination of numeric codes, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other advanced technology has simplified and improved the locking system. With virtual keys and complete digital system, the digital or electronic locks blend perfectly with the needs of modern generation.



Gate openers made automatic!

None of us have escaped from being the victim of a frustrating experience of getting off the car to open the gate, after a hectic day at work. This tiresome and annoying situation may worsen with heavy rains or chill nights. Understanding how these small things affect our lives, technology has advanced for adding a touch of convenience to a stress-free life. With  automatic  gate openers, you can conveniently open the door without having to get off the car every time. This small piece of equipment, with its added functionality is known for the high security they provide, without compromising on the comfort offered to the users. Suitable for domestic and commercial use, the door openers are available as  sliding gate opener, along with the sliding gate kit. The other gate opener range includes  garage door opener and  electric gate opener.

Automatic gate openers are suitable for domestic use, while the sliding gate openers are suitable for larger commercial and industrial establishments. Preventing the encroachment of strangers into your restricted area, the sliding gate openers have made the security of your property easy. Providing a great deal of safety, the  gate openers have eased the process of opening and closing the gate door, making it an ideal choice for anyone to make.


What does the future hold for locking system?

The future might see a complete transformation to keyless locks! With complete absence of the key based locks, the key would remain a gone past story to the upcoming generations. The future  locks will be completely controlled by smartphones connecting through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth offering control and surveillance of the home. The technology would absolutely replace the small piece of metal with  electronics for smarter use.