Being an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, the benefits of exercise are numerous. Giving a boost to the sedentary life, exercise plays a key role in enhancing the physical and mental health of an individual. Beyond weight reduction and muscle strength improvement, exercise increases the overall well-being and fitness, improving the quality of life. Research suggests that regular exercise decreases unhealthy cholesterol level, risk of cardiovascular disease and help to manage metabolism stoke, arthritis, type 2 diabetics, insomnia, depression and anxiety; the benefits are endless.

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Though everyone is aware of the enormous benefits of exercise, busy life hardly permits us to hit the gym; home gym proves to a great option for such people. Providing the flexibility to workout at your convenience, setting up home gym is a wonderful way to concentrate on your profession without compromising on the health.

Setting up a home gym is simple, it just needs some space at your home and few equipment such as dumbell, kettlebell, chin up bar, pull up bar and foam roller. Some other home gym equipment include aerobic step, gym bench, exercise mat, sand bag and ankle weight. The investment in home gym is worth making, while mode of purchase is simpler than ever. With opting to buy gym equipment online at During Days, you can get great discounts and cheap deals. Make this valuable investment today, enjoy a healthy life forever!

Add exercise to your daily regime

Consider the added convenience of exercising at home, invest in the home gym. Home gym is a wonderful way to ensure you don’t miss any exercise routine. Some of the home gym equipment you should consider buying include -

Exercise mat: Don’t let your workouts suffer due to lack of exercise mats; providing cushioning to knees and elbows, exercise mats prevent you from the hard floor. Providing a firm base for your exercise, yoga mats allow to perform exercise of various postures with perfection. Thick enough to be safe on the body, exercise mats are a must to increase the effectiveness of the exercise. Suitable for any stretching exercise from yoga, pilates, workouts to gym; exercise mats are available as gym mats, yoga mats, foam gym mats and pilate mats. During Days offers best yoga mats along with trifold exercise mat to accompany your exercise. The yoga mat with non-slippery surface offers a great support for exercise; the roll up design makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor usage. These yoga mats are available in various colors- black, purple and pink. Apart from the regular yoga mat, the tri-fold yoga mat offer more comfort and portability.

Home gym: In today’s busy life, people hardly find time to hit the gym, but exercise forms an important part of a healthy lifestyle and should not be neglected. Home gym is the best option to maintain a balance between fitness and time schedule for people with hectic lives. Home gym needs some space in home for its set-up and investment in few equipment. Some of the basic equipment of home gym include –

Foam Roller: You no longer have to visit a massage therapist for a professional massage therapy. With the Everfit foam roller pack you can perform self-massage, balance and stretching exercise. These foam rollers help to soothe trigger points and knot relieving that would usually become sore after an intense workout. These foam rollers are made of high density EVA material with a super strong hard PVC pipe. With its lightweight, high durability, these foam rollers are used for a variety of sports training & physical therapy applications. The foam rollers are available in various sizes and colors such as mini, small, long and hard, in color shades of blue, pinks, orange, white and black. The foam rollers at During Days are as follows -

• EPE physio foam rollers

• trigger point physio pilates EVA grid foam roller gym yoga massage

• physio yoga pilates gym massage back training EVA foam roller

• trigger point camo EVA grid foam roller physio pilates yoga massage

• Ab physio pilates gym yoga trigger point massage exercise with EVA grid foam roller

• stick foam roller

• EPE physio foam roller back training

• EVA rumble foam roller

• physio pilates gym yoga massage exercise with EVA grid foam roller

Aerobic step: For professional workout get home the aerobic step; with its multi-functionality, you will benefit cardiovascular fitness, burn fat, tone hip, thigh and train body coordination. The aerobic stepper bench and 4 level aerobic step are available additional to the three level, for commercial gym experience.

Aerobic stepper: This step riser help to increase the height of the aerobic step to suit various exercise. This step height riser is ideal for home and commercial gym. Sand bag: With its adjustable weight pack, these sand bags are used to develop power and explosiveness. Helping build strength, you can now get the workouts done at home.

Dumbbell set: These dumbbell set helps to strengthen and tone muscles, providing you an option to workout at home. Helping you to lose those extra fat, these commercial grade dumbbell set is ideal for professional body workout. These cheap, adjustable dumbbell set are available in weights of 20kg, 25 kg, 30kg and 35kg. Get the rack of dumbbells for efficient workouts. The rack of dumbbells are available with six piece dumbbell with 6Kg each, the most effective method to gain weight. One should try workouts with dumbbell for weight management and fitness improvement.

Squat Rack: The squat rack supports your squats and deadlifts perfectly; with its sturdy construction the squat racks can hold a maximum of 150kgs. Helping you to complete the exercise routine, this home squat rack comes with huge adjustment range.

Weight bench: This adjustable, foldable and portable weight bench is designed to complete your home workout efficiently. These weight benches are highly versatile with its incline and decline positions, offering up to ten different positions.

Kettle bell: Kettlebell are the best way to tone up your muscles and lose fat, while improving your fitness and gaining strength, speed and endurance. The kettlebell is perfect equipment for a home gym, providing you comfort and easy usage, kettlebells improve cardiovascular performance. Cheap kettlebell set are available online at During Days, with kettlebell of weights 20kg, 16kg, 12kg, 10kg, 8kg and 6kg.

Chin up dip parallel bars: The chin up and dip parallel bar provide perfect strength on regular exercising. The chin up bar forms an important part of home gym, while the parallel bars focus on core strengthening as well as full bodyweight dips.

Battle rope: Made of high density Nylon, the battle rope helps in improving upper body power and endurance.

Ankle weight: This adjustable ankle weight helps in improving power and strength. Push up bar: Push up equipment forms an essential tool of home gym. Working efficiently on your muscles, push up bars improve muscle building and toning. Being an effective method to gain strength, speed and endurance; push up bars are ideal for fat loss and fitness improvement.

Boxing gloves: The boxing gloves with durable synthetic leather finish and 16 Oz for heavyweight. The long-lasting stitching and construction with thick padding and wrist lock for protecting you and opponent.

Exercise for improved health

Your approach to a healthy lifestyle lies in nutritious food and regular exercise. Exercise forms the basis of a healthy active life, helping you lose fat, tone muscles and improving biological functions. To exercise at your convenience, it is wise to set up a home gym. During Days offers a wide range of gym equipment at cheap deals. With great discounts on sale, buy gym equipment online. Making your shopping easy; we strive hard to ensure that all of our products are dispatched within 24 hours and also guarantee 14 days money back if you wish to return them. Free shipping is available Australia wide - Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Melbourne. Help us serve you better, share your views, queries and feedbacks. We would love to hear from you!

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3 IN 1 Foam Plyo Games Plyometric Jump Box

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2.4m (8FT) Gymnastics Folding Balance Beam Pink Synthetic Suede

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2.4m (8FT) Gymnastics Folding Balance Beam Black Synthetic Suede

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Resistance Band Loop Set of 5 Heavy Duty Gym Yoga Workout

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Power Knee Stabiliser Pad Lift Joint Support Powerful Rebound Spring Force

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12 Tiles EVA Rubber Foam Gym Mat 60cm x 60cm 2.5cm Fitness Flooring

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4m Inflatable Air Track Gym Mat Airtrack Tumbling Gymnastics Tumbling with Pump

Features: Whether you need a soft, forgiving gym mat to train for gymnastics, yoga, or another sport—or you just want a soft spot to hang out on the floor while...

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Table Tennis Game Indoor Portable Travel Ping Pong Ball Set Extendable

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Pro Training Football AID Soccer Target Practice Shot Goal

Features: If you're a soccer or football coach, a player, or the parent of a player, you want your athletes to achieve all the things they've dreamed of. Helping them...

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FitSmart Smart Cycle Exercise Bike Spin Bike Stationary Home Gym Fitness Black

Don't let the weather affect your workout when you can ride on the Smart Cycle by FitSmart any time, any weather in the comfort of your own home. The exercise...
Was $999.00 $743.99

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Swing Ball Tennis Tether Game Outdoor Garden Summer

Features: Do your kids love playing outdoors? You don't need a huge backyard to provide them with a fun way to get some sunshine and exercise with this swingball set...

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Natural Cork TPE Yoga Mat Sports Eco Friendly Exercise Fitness Gym Pilates

Features: If you practice yoga or Pilates – or even do stretches before a strenuous workout, a breathable, absorbent yoga mat is a must. This durable yet eco-friendly cork mat...

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Adjustable Aerobic Step Gym Exercise Fitness Workout

Features: A must have for any workout scene; this adjustable aerobic step is perfect for beginners and athletes, and for almost any workout! Made from a durable polypropylene plastic that...

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152cm Portable Tennis Table, Folding Ping Pong Table Game Set

Features: If your family loves to play ping-pong but you don't have room for a permanent table, this 60-inch portable ping-pong table from Randy & Travis Machinery is the ideal...

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Yoga Balance Trainer Exercise Ball for Arm, Leg, Core Workout with Pump, 2 Resistance Bands

Features: When you're trying to get fit, you need the right equipment to get you on the road to a perfectly toned body. This fantastic balance half-ball by Randy &...

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30L Water Punching Bag Aqua with D-Shackle and Chain

Features: Work out your upper body and core with this water-filled punching bag by Randy & Travis Machinery. Perfect for serious boxing aficionados or simply those who want to relieve...

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170cm Free Standing Boxing Punching Bag Stand MMA UFC Kick Fitness

Features: Boxing and other martial arts are booming in popularity as people discover their benefits. No longer just for self-defence, these sports increase agility and cardiovascular fitness, making them perfect...

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Power Tower Pull Up Weight Bench Dip Multi Station Chin Up Home Gym Equipment

Features: Want to skip the trip to the gym without the pricey mirrors and bikes that don't reach every muscle group? With this multi-station weight bench by Randy & Travis...

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Massage Acupressure Yoga Mat With Pillow Sit Mats Cut Pain Stress Soreness

Features: If stress is a major factor in your life, the Massage Acupressure Yoga Mat and matching pillow set from Randy & Travis Machinery is your new nirvana. Studded with...

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28KG Barbell Weight Set Plates Bar Bench Press Fitness Exercise Home Gym 168cm

Made of strong materials, these Home Gym Weight Plates will allow you strengthen and tone your muscles at home with ease. These 5kg weight plates are filled with sand and...
Was $142.90 $124.99

Sports & Fitness > Fitness Accessories

18KG Barbell Weight Set Plates Bar Bench Press Fitness Exercise Home Gym 168cm

Made of strong materials, these Home Gym Weight Plates will allow you strengthen and tone your muscles at home with ease. These 5kg weight plates are filled with sand and...
Was $112.90 $92.99

Sports & Fitness > Fitness Accessories

Soccer Rebound Net Sports Trainer Rebounder Football Game Practice Training Goal

Features: Fantasise about crowds cheering as you score the match-winning goal? Train your football savvy and your reflexes with this rebound net sports training goal from Randy & Travis Machinery....

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230mm Training Cones Set Witches Hat Football Soccer Rugby Traffic

Features: Training for rugby or football is a breeze with these 230-millimetre training cones from Randy & Travis Machinery. This eight-cone set allows you to run patterns, practice footwork, or...

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10x 700ml GYM Protein Supplement Drink Blender Mixer Shaker Shake Ball Bottle

Features: After your workout is over, there's nothing like a protein shake to help you recover and build muscle. This 700-millilitre protein drink shaker from Randy & Travis Machinery will...