Being an essential tool in industries, business and household; winches suit a wide range of applications. This important mechanical device can move heavy objects with ease. With the progress in technology, winches have been modified to match the modern needs. Be it providing a recovery support in getting a vehicle out of rock/sand when stuck; or help boats to raise and lower sails, winches are an absolute boon. With its numerous advantages, winches find use in a variety of fields including, transport, marine, mining, construction and other industries.

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Winches have become a necessity for ATV enthusiasts, assuring a smooth off-road adventure in harsh, open condition. When attached to an automobile, it can pull a car or other vehicles that are stuck. With so many advantages, a winch is a much used tool under many circumstances.

Providing great deals on winches for sale, DuringDays offers a wide range of winches including electric winch, boat winch, 4wd winch, boat trailer winch and heavy duty winch for better handling of things. With cheap deals and discounts on DuringDays, buy winches from our 4wd accessories online store.

Winches under harsh conditions!

If you risk your vehicle stuck in rainy season or you are planning an off-road adventure on ATV, you need a winch to help you. From a boat ride to lifting a heavy thing, your work is incomplete without winches. Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, winches are a great piece of equipment while going on an off-road trip. With our sophisticated range of winches, an off-road travel is a breeze. Some of the important features include -

ATV 4WD steel wire electric winch with remote: The high performance 3000lbs and 4500lbs electric winches feature emergency rescue during your journey. With its automatic load-holding brake for maximum safety, these winches also feature 4-way roller fairlead, sealed solenoid, differential planetary gearing and series wound motor tensioner for better operation. Made of tough material, the electric winch is waterproof and corrosion resistant, giving the best performance.

Wireless synthetic rope electric winch: The wireless synthetic rope electric winch features free-spooling clutch, sealed solenoid, alloy hawse 4-way roller fairlead and series of wound motor tensioner to give best performance. The waterproof winch withstands harsh weather conditions. The winch comes with wireless remote control, letting you sit back and control the operation. The wireless synthetic rope electric winch is available with capacity of 12V 3000lbs and 12V 13000lbs.

Electric Hoist: The electric hoist powered by lateral-magnetic single-phase capacitance motor and premium copper motor makes lifting heavy things easier. With single and double rope lifting, it also features overload protection and 15 meters high tensile cable. The Giantz electric hoist is available with capacities of 400W/800 Kg 1300W, 600Kg 1200W, 12/250Kg 510 W. The GIANTZ 800Kg 1300W electric hoist is available with high absorbent chamois towel.

Hand winch: Being a cheap alternative for a rear mounted winch, the hand winch helps you at unpleasant and unexpected situations. The heavy duty and durable winch allows easy setup and use. The important features are extra long 8m synthetic strap, simple clamping system and weather proof mooring hook with a safety pawl for easing the process. The hand winches are available in two models - GIANTZ speed synthetic 4wd recovery hand winch and synthetic strap belt hand winch for boat trailer 4wd.

Universal winch: mounting plate With 5mm thickness solid steel, the heavy duty universal winch mounting plate fits for 8000lb-13000lb. With convenient roller fairlead mounting points, the winch plate is easy to install and mounts directly to vehicle frame. The winch plate is weather resistant and suitable for trucks, ATV, 4*4, trailers and any 4wd vehicles.

Winches for smooth, reliable operations!

Our range of winches allows smooth and reliable operation. Increasing the versatility of your vehicle, winches are always on the priority list. Get quality winches at affordable price at DuringDays Australia. Offering you cheap deals on winches, including electric hoist winch, boat trailer winch, heavy duty winches and high mount winch; choose from our wide range. Shop easily, buy winches online. We offer free shipping Australia wide- Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Gold Coast and Melbourne. Products are dispatched within 24 hours and come with 14 days money back guarantee. We would love to hear from you, please send us your reviews and queries.

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Giantz 12V Wireless Electric Winch Remote with Steel Cable

When the going gets tough, the tough gets a GIANTZ 4500lbs Electric Winch. Vehicle stuck in a hog? Or a fallen tree across your 4x4 adventure drive? Then you’ll be...
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Auto Accessories > Winches

Giantz 3 Speed Hand Winch Synthetic Rope

You're on solo adventures time to time? You will find getting a hand winch extremely helpful and is significantly cheaper than fitting a dedicated rear mounted winch. Hand winching any...
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Auto Accessories > Winches

Giantz 4 Tonne Hand Winch Puller

Made from heavy gauge flat stock steel, the Giantz hand puller winch provides 4000kg of pulling power. Featuring sturdy aircraft grade steel cable and double gear ratcheting gearbox for superior...
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