Curtains are more than accessories to decorate your home as picking the right curtain can set the right mood for any room. Transparent curtains can make a room airy and give an ethereal look while the darker shades can not only offer you privacy but can bring in a more intimate ambience. The fabric, color and pattern you choose can define the look of a room.

You can choose the curtains to blend in with the rest of the décor or you can opt to pick curtains that offer a contrast with the rest of the room based on your personal preference. Changing the curtains can be the easiest and cheapest way to change the feel of a room. Simple DIY projects like adding a lace or ribbon to plain curtains can transform the room.

Typically people use different curtains for each one of their rooms and this works well. The only place where it may be better to use the same curtains on all the windows is when you have an open floor plan.

While buying curtains you have to take into consideration whether you want to block light or let the light flood in to brighten the room. Drapes that are made with heavy fabric or the ones that come with lining may be a better option for rooms where privacy is of paramount importance like a bedroom or a bathroom. You can pair sheer drapes with a curtain with darker shade if you prefer that combination to reduce the glare. If you have a room that gets lots of light you have to make sure that you are picking drapes made of fade resistant material. Silk drapes may look rich and luxurious but are not suitable for a room where there is lots of light as they tend to fade easily.

Curtain linings protect the curtain from contact with the window sill, dirt and dust but may not be easy to wash. In kitchens where the need to launder the curtains is more you can either choose to go with unlined curtains or those that come with detachable underlining to make the cleaning process easy.

There are a lot of options in readymade curtains that you can buy to adorn your home but if you are very particular about the look and feel of the curtain you can go with made to order curtains. The readymade curtains will be lighter on your wallet when compared to made to order curtains. Blinds are another popular option that you can choose for your kitchen.

The length of the curtain you pick can also make a lot difference. You have the option to pick floor length, sill length or below the sill length curtains. Fixing the curtains a little higher than the standard height can give an illusion that the floor to ceiling height is more than what it actually is and hence will make the room look bigger.

Take the time to explore the different materials, lengths and colors of curtain to ensure that you pick the right curtains that can make your home cozy and welcoming to you and your loved ones.