Give your kitchen a pleasing appearance with attractive kitchen sinks

Modern kitchen, modern needs!


A happy meal is the key to a happy life. The secret of giving your family the most delicious meal lies in the efficiency of the  kitchen. Filled with aroma and liveliness, kitchen is a place for preparing and serving mouth-watering delicacies that the family savors together. Being an integral part of the  home, kitchen binds the family together with fun conversations. With changing time and requirements, kitchen takes the load of living, dining and cooking, being the attractive hub of the home.

Not restricted to luxury homes, even the simplest home embrace to functional kitchen with attractive  dining area. With the frequently changing lifestyle and preferences of a busy life, the functionality and design of the ever so evolving  kitchen utilities, are constantly developing. Technology and westernization play a significant role in creating the modern kitchen, with an overwhelming range of  kitchenware to complement them.

Being the center of many activities, one can have a flawless and beautiful kitchen with exceptional kitchenware. Adding to aesthetics of the  kitchen, the kitchenware make our busy lives easier by reducing the efforts and time on domestic chores. With a place of that involves the activities of  cleaning and food preparation, a kitchen is unimaginable without the sinks.


Kitchen sinks, an essential place for used utensils

Though kitchen is equipped with numerous appliances to ease cooking,  kitchen sinks have had an essential place from time immemorial. Kitchen being a busy place, requires a well-equipped sink to complement the activities of cooking and cleaning. They are a useful tool to handle routine kitchen chores and maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen. With its high durability and performance, they offer great help with low maintenance. With their effective usage, they also add style to the kitchen.



Types of kitchen sinks

Kitchen sinks are available in different sizes and style. The different types of kitchen sinks include -

Single bowl sinks: 

Ideal for kitchen with premium spaces, the compact single bowl sinks provide a wide enough area to clean large utensils. With its high affordability, they are comparatively cheaper than double bowl sinks.

Double bowl: 

Being the most commonly used form of sinks, double bowl sinks have enough space for cleaning and also allows you to perform dual tasks at a time. Double bowl sinks have configuration of - two equally sized bowls, two equal bowls of different depths and two unequal size bowls.

Top Mount Kitchen sinks: 

These kitchen sinks are designed to be installed in the counter. The rim holds the sink perfectly giving it a classy finish. Also known as drop-in sinks, they are inexpensive and easy to install.

Under Mount Kitchen sinks: 

These sinks have no rim; they are directly dropped into the sink. They provide a clean and elegant look, with an efficient functionality that doesn't allow food to get accumulated in the grooves, unlike top mount sinks.

Apron sinks: 

Also known as farm sinks, they have a defining feature of large-facing section that replaces front section of the counter. The apron  sinks are mostly used to get a traditional or country-side style for your kitchen.


Why stainless steel sinks are commonly preferred?

Though sinks form a major part of the kitchen, considering the material in which they are made is important. Most commonly preferred material for kitchen sinks are stainless steel, for its versatility.

The reasons for using stainless steel are -


With its great quality, stainless steel sinks provide longevity and great performance. With its long-lasting use, stainless steel sinks make a great choice for every kitchen.


Being the most durable material, stainless steel best suits for sinks. Unlike other material, stainless steel does not crack, scratch or peel off. They are corrosion resistant and do not rust, being the perfect option for a place that deals with high water activities.


Even with improved and upgraded usage, stainless steel sinks come within the affordable cost range. Unlike iron, porcelain and other materials, stainless steel are comparatively cheaper. With its long performance, once installed, will serve you for years.

Easy maintenance: 

Stainless steel sinks are easy to clean and maintain. It doesn’t get worn out even after continuous use. With its non-porous design, these sinks don’t give room for clogging on the sides, hindering the growth of harmful bacteria, while maintaining cleanliness.

Elegant look: 

With its effective functionality, the stainless steel sinks come with uncompromising aesthetics. With its beautiful finish, the stainless steel sinks giving a modern look to the kitchen.


Factors to consider while buying kitchen sink

Based on the kitchen size, décor and requirements; sinks are generally decided by the below mentioned factors-

  • Size
  • Material
  • Facet
  • Depth of the bowl
  • Method of installation
  • Sink accessories


Stainless steel sinks, an obvious choice!

When it comes to purchasing a sink, stainless steel sinks are an obvious choice to make. With its shiny silver appearance, they fit in well with any kitchen, irrespective of the décor. With easy maintenance, they are also available in various ranges, giving an option to choose from – top-mount, under-mount, apron, single and double bowl sinks. The online world has made it easier for us to decide the right laundry sinks and buy kitchen sinks online. With the ever improving sink features, one should consider the sinks based on their requirements!