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Are you making these 7 mistakes while/ after buying a mattress?


Most of the times, our team comes across the customers who ask, “What is the best mattress that you would suggest?” And we have to ask yet another set of counter questions like “Please share your exact health condition. Do you have any medical history - not only related to spine, but any other issues? Which mattress are you currently using?” By reading this, it must be apparent for you that mattress requirements vary from people to people.

The importance of choosing the right mattress  

Do you ever wake up in the morning having back pain, sprain or an uneasy back? Is it becoming your daily problem? Tried out most of the exercises to keep your spine free from pain but still unable to alleviate it? The problem is different, and something severe! You need to pay attention to your sleep position. If that is also fine, you are missing out an important companion of your sleep - your MATTERSS!

Choosing the right mattress on sale for yourself is not a one-day task. It is not something that requires little consideration form your end. You spend about one-third of your lifetime in your bed . This ratio is even higher if you work from home, as nothing can stop you from working in bed! If you are suffering from lower back pain and trying to fix it up by setting the right mattress on the bed, you are not alone. According to researches and experts, lower back pain is experienced by almost everyone at some point of time or the other.

What is the best mattress?

If you seek the answer to this question online, you will find multiple reviews and suggestions. The fact is - every person’s comfort requirements are different, the same is true for mattress toppers too! So, it is very difficult (almost next to impossible) to set the ideal standard of mattress on sale as no two individuals are same, nor are their sleeping needs. In fact, one size fits all concept does not apply on mattresses (by this we do not mean standard Australian mattress sizes ).

Prime factors to consider while buying a mattress online:

Before getting acquainted with the myths, you should also know the prime points that need to be checked while buying a mattress on sale online. Though you might be knowing some of them (or all), here are the factors that you should consider while buying a mattress online for your bed:

  • Size: When it comes to buying a mattress in Australia , there is no ideal size that you should invest in. If you are a bachelor and are a single user of your bed, you can go for single or extra-long single mattress. If your partner accompanies you while sleeping, you can opt for queen size bed which is often preferred by most of the couples. While, if you and your partner require that extra space, invest in a king size mattress, which is not too costly as compared to queen size mattresses.

  • Supportiveness: Mattress usually keeps your body flat and at level, instead of providing sleeping space at which some of your body parts are lower or higher than your other parts. This factor is quite important when it comes to relieving and preventing body pain, especially back pain. It does not single out your back as the affected area, but other part of your body like thighs and hips also get proper support while sleeping. Importantly, if a mattress feels too soft, it may not be too supportive. However, you should also ensure how much the mattress slumps in once you are on it. Most of the low quality mattresses slump from the middle, which puts your back in an unnatural position leading to back pain and sprains. The level of sagging may differ from person to person. For few sagging for merely 1.5 inch may cause pain. Therefore, many manufacturers offer warranty that cover a definite sagging not exceeding depth of 1.5 inches.
  • Firmness: Most of the back pain experts recommend that you should buy a mattress online with medium firmness. If you are looking to buy a firm mattress, it will offer support but at the cost of comfort. It causes discomfort as some of the parts of your body may feel the firm support too keenly. While on the other hand, a soft mattress may offer high comfort, but lack in providing enough support which in turn leads to back pain. If you are buying a mattress with medium firmness, both the perspectives, namely support and comfort are addressed rightly. For this reason, medium firm mattress is considered to be the best option to relieve and prevent discomfort and back pain.
  • Comfort or conformability: Comfort or conformability denotes how the mattress molds as per the shape of your body. Which means, if the mattress is good in this aspect, then it will be able to support every part of your body equally. To your surprise, you may also find some mattresses in the Australian market that do not conform at all. In such kind of mattresses, there may be some gaps in the support that your body receives. This means that some of your body parts get more support than the others and these sheer differences in the pressure can cause substantial discomfort.
  • Motion Transfer Resistance: If you are looking for a new mattress in order to alleviate or decrease your back pain, then you might not find this factor too relevant! But, still it is integral to your comfort. The temperature of your body certainly impacts the quality of your sleep. Your choice of mattress can certainly impact your body temperature at night. Usually a memory foam mattress absorbs and retains heat, which means it can cause a little discomfort during hot summer months. This problem can be sorted out by using gel foam mattress which does not absorb heat and provides a cool and pacifying space to sleep on. Some of the best brands in memory foam mattresses offer cooling features as well. This quality of memory foam can be extremely useful in colder months. During these months if you are using a memory foam mattress, you can enjoy warm and cozy good night’s sleep. If you have to share your bed with your partner, then you would prefer a mattress that can absorb twists and turns made by your partner overnight. Water bed is one of the worst examples of motion transfer. Motion transfer feature absorbs the surface movement of the mattress when people move over it. This includes the movements while getting into or off the bed and changing positions in the bed. If you have to share your bed with your partner, then you should look for high motion transfer resistance which will prevent such disturbances and provide a sound sleep to you and your partner.
  • Anti-allergic: Many people develop some or the other kind of allergy with their mattress over time. The main reason behind this allergy is dust mites and allergens that develop in the mattresses over years of continuous use. Your regular mattress may contain 100,000 to 10 million dust mites if it is used regularly for a period of over 4-5 years. They produce a kind of waste dropping which contains a protein to which some of the people are allergic. The symptoms of this allergy may vary from itching eyes or skin to severe asthma attacks. Some of the mattresses (including latex and memory foam luxury mattress) do not welcome dust mite accumulation. The dense composition of material discourages the collection of dust mites.
  • Edge Support: Most people consider this as a minor factor to be paid attention to. But, if you are confused between two mattresses that are equal in the above mentioned features, how will you make the final decision regarding your purchase? Edge support may help you in this case and will enable you to make a better decision. Edge support usually refers to how the mattress supports your weight when you sit on the bed or when you sleep near the edge. Many mattresses don’t have a great edge support. The main reason behind this is that they are designed to conform to the shape of your body. So, if you are sitting at the edge of the bed, you might feel that you are sliding off. So, always check on for this factor.

  • Warranty: Warranty differs from brand to brand and different conditions are applied on it. In general, you must look for a mattress that offers at least 10 years of warranty.By making an online purchase, you can also enjoy a nice deal with the benefits of some of the greatest discounts and offers.

Common myths regarding mattress purchase and maintenance

Here are some of the myths that we will try to uncover with the help of certain facts and figures:

  • Firm mattresses are always the better choice - Most of the people think that firm mattress provides best support to the back and is the most comfortable option. If you sleep on stomach, firm mattresses are the best ones to align your spine. Whereas, if you prefer sleeping on side, soft mattress is the one that you should look for. If you sleep straight on your back (which is considered to be the best sleep position), you should invest in neither too firm nor too soft mattress and should look for the mattresses online that offer medium comfort.
  • Expensive mattresses are always the best ones - Another common notion that drives the purchase decision of people. This notion is not necessarily true though! If you cannot splurge on high end models, you can look for some awesome alternatives that offer similar benefits at lower prices. It is agreed that more expensive mattresses are made up with high quality (and often proprietary) material, it may not necessarily feel most comfortable to you. The expensiveness of your mattress will also depend on its frame and top. Moreover, if you are looking for extra soft bed, you can go for mattress toppers that are soft and reasonable too. They can be combined with your mattress to give comprehensively more comfortable and cozy feeling. You can purchase mattress online in order to avail huge savings as compared to the physical stores.
  • Your mattress will be perfect for you since day ‘One’ - Most of the people think that they will love sleeping on their new mattress from day one. But, according to researches, most of the people need at least one month to get accustomed to the comfort of new mattress and adjust their bodies to a new sleep surface. Referring to the time we spend on the mattress in a 24 hour period, it’s not surprising that our joints and muscles have a memory to identify the most comfortable spot on the mattress. Does that necessarily mean that you should only go for the mattresses that come with comfort guarantee? That’s not necessary. If you have spent enough time in researching and testing out a variety of mattresses, your purchase should be a natural progression of that!
  • Price and firmness are the only considerations while buying spring or spring pocket mattress - One of the most shocking notions! Yes, when you go about buying a mattress in Melbourne, the salesman would pitch you with some unbelievable statements like “the coil density has no impact on spring mattress.” Be an educated customer and walk outside such store where the salesperson is trying to miscalculate facts just to meet his/her sales targets!
  • Cleaning the beddings is enough to keep the dust mites away - Can you eat in the same vessel for a month without washing it? We must be sounding impractical or crazy to you! Just like other daily use essentials, our mattresses also acquire dirt and pollutants over time. One common mistake most of the individuals make is - negligence of proper cleaning of the mattress. Merely cleaning the beddings does not make you safe from the possible hazards of dust mites that you encounter every day. Your daily acquaintance with your mattress accumulates a number of allergens, pollutants, dust, dirt and contaminating particles in its layers. For the best solution, you should change the position of your mattress at least once in six months. Opting for professional carpet cleaning at least once in a year is also a wise thought. For the regular cleaning of your mattress, here are some tips and tricks that will help you maintain a healthy and safe sleeping environment:
    1. When using water, it is important that you use cold water to treat any kinds of stains on your mattress as hot water may cause pulling or shrinking of the mattress fibers - causing more damage.
    2. After cleaning your mattress yourself or getting it professionally cleaned, you should allow it to dry completely, ideally in natural sunlight. This should be done before replacing pillows and bedding. If your mattress is not dried properly, it will become prone to the risk of mildew development and might also incur a musty smell.
    3. You can treat the tougher stains on your mattress with either a paste made of white vinegar and peroxide or undiluted laundry detergent. These products are capable of treating some of the strongest stains and at the same time are gentle enough not to be damaging to the fabric of the mattress.
    4. Vacuum your mattress and bed area regularly. Following this weekly routine, you can minimize allergens, hair and dander and keep it cleaner, better smelling, and fresher.
    5. Sprinkling baking soda on your mattress after continuous intervals will keep it neutralized and away from the development of any odours.
    6. If you keep regular checks on your mattress’s hygiene in conjunction with the seasonal cleanings, you can effectively keep the bedroom furniture sets and your bedroom free from smells, mites, dirt, dust, allergens and bed bugs.
  • Buy a mattress with the longest warranty possible - Nowhere does the mattress warranty refer the life expectation of your purchase. In most of the cases, warranty covers materials and workmanship and just like many other products used in regular routine, you’ll notice some effect as well as wear and tear before the end of warranty is reached. When buying a new mattress (latex, memory, spring or other) in Melbourne or any other city of Australia, you should compulsorily and carefully read the warranty. Even though there is very little difference in the terms and conditions of warranties provided by different manufacturers. It’s is also vital to note that the transportation cost (to and from the factory) is usually not included in any of the warranties, if in case your mattress requires any repairs or replacement. Moreover, you might not get a new warranty issued in case you ask for your mattress to be replaced. So, don’t immediately rush for the cheapest mattresses available in Australia offering long warranties.
  • To keep a mattress in good condition, it should be flipped every few months - What if your mattress is made to be used only one sided. Most of the mattresses today are made in this manner only. You should never flip these kind of mattresses online to ensure reduced body impressions and maximum enjoyment of your mattress. It does not matter if you have got a cheap mattress placed or a costlier one, taking care of your mattress is entirely into your hands. As an alternative to flipping your mattress, you can first start sleeping on it and rotate it every two weeks for the first two months. Remember, if you are able to notice body impressions up to 1 ½ inches, it is not a structural defect and is normal in such kinds of mattresses available online as well as at physical stores. The upholstery material that you are using confirms to the shape and weight of your body, which is actually a beneficial aspect. You can follow some extra steps in order to ensure the best use of your mattress:
    1. Rotate your mattress monthly for the first six months and quarterly once it crosses 6 months
    2. Sleep on a variety of places and positions on the mattress so that it is compressed uniformly

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