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Healthy and hygienic kitchen!

Being the most important element of your home, kitchen attracts major day-to-day activities. With dining and cooking area, kitchen requires more attention then we actually think it does. Influencing your lifestyle, a beautiful kitchen reflects the mind-set of a healthy and happy family. A series of kitchenware are available to compliment the aesthetics of your kitchen, while their functionality helps you manage the household chores efficiently. With an overwhelming range of kitchenware, you can enjoy and savor delicious food without much effort. Read More

Modern kitchen is furnished with a wide range of cookware and appliances which help complete your task much faster and easier. When it comes to kitchenware, never forget the importance of kitchen laundry sinks and kitchen scales. Kitchen being the busiest place of your home involves various cutting and cleaning activities. Kitchen sinks play a significant role in maintaining the cleanliness of your kitchen and regulating health and hygiene.

If you are looking out at updating your kitchen, DuringDays is the best place to shop at. You can choose a wide range of kitchenware at affordable prices. Shop the convenient way, buy kitchenware online.

Modern kitchen!

Modern kitchen is more than a just kitchen; it’s a place attracting guests with an elegant dining area, a place of social gathering and fun-filled activities. Being the focus of your home, kitchen deserves the best kitchenware for increasing the décor while providing the necessary functionality. Focused on health and hygiene, kitchen is ever evolving. Sophisticated and modern appliances and kitchenware are constantly replacing the old and outdated ones.

Kitchen Laundry Sinks: Being an important element of the kitchen, kitchen sinks facilitates the cooking preparations and cleaning activities. DuringDays Australia offers a wide collection of kitchen laundry sinks namely - handmade stainless steel kitchen laundry sinks, stainless steel kitchen sinks with strainer waste and handmade stainless kitchen undermount/topmount kitchen laundry sink. Made of 304 stainless steel with satin finish; the heavy duty construction features anti-condensation paint, mould-proof and moisture-proof material, designed for long term use. Allowing three type of installation - drop-in, flush mount and undermount, these sinks truly compliment a modern kitchen. The modern kitchen laundry sink features sound deadening pads to reduce noise and X fume design for quick and easy drain of water. These large laundry sinks are the best one time investment you can make for your kitchen.

Kitchen Scales: Helping you with accurate measuring your ingredients, the kitchen scales are of great help for beginners in cooking and for the ones trying out new dish. Accuracy being the main factor, kitchen scales are available in different models as 40Kg digital counting scales, 200 kg digital platform, electronic digital glass body fat & hydration scale, electronic digital weight scales and digital measuring cup. Precise with large LCD display, the measuring scales shows reading increment of one gram. Running with a rechargeable battery, these user-friendly kitchen scales need no continuous power supply. The digital measuring scales form another important tool, helping to measure ingredient while trying out for a new recipe. The other scale available is the body fat analyzer scale that measures the water and body fat percentage in real time. With its 10 users profiles including gender, age, height for more accurate body fat measurement. The body fat analyzer scale is your perfect partner to keep your weight in check.

Stainless steel bench kitchen work table: Made of food grade 304 stainless steel the heavy duty stainless steel bench is perfect for commercial and domestic use. Practical and reliable, they form an excellent foundation for all cooking activities.

Best kitchenware!

Enjoy the feel of a well-maintained kitchen with appropriate kitchenware. Making your task easier, the kitchenware help you to lead a luxurious life. You can choose a wide range of kitchenware at cheap price at DuringDays Australia. Making your shopping easy; we strive hard to ensure that all of our products are dispatched within 24 hours and also guarantee 14 days money back if you wish to return them. Free shipping is available Australia wide - Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Melbourne. Help us serve you better, share your views, queries and feedbacks. We would love to hear from you!


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