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Musical Instruments

Music, the perfect art!

Music is the most wonderful way one can find happiness and peace in, as it touches the soul and expresses the implicit desire of one’s inner self. Music is the perfect art that unites people beyond race, country, heritage and gender. Reflecting the mindset of an individual, music is more than just a source of entertainment. Refreshing and rejuvenating the mind, music acts an antidote to the stressful life. During Days offers you a wide range of musical instruments to accompany your musical journey. Having an impact on mental health, playing musical instruments have a positive effect on the brain growth and development. With its enormous benefits, one should consider including music in their daily regime. Read More

During Days offers the best deals on musical accessories such as guitar stand, light stand, microphone stand, guitar capo and keyboard stand for comfort and convenience in handling the musical instruments. With the sale of products at cheap deals at During Days, buy musical accessories online.

Music everywhere!

The real fun to experience music lies in good musical instruments. With our wide collection of musical instruments, you can create the magic of music anywhere you want. Some of our musical accessories include -

Acoustic foam: Acoustic foam provides a thorough sound barrier while improving the sound quality of the home music studio. Providing an absolute soundproofing barrier, these foams absorb the noise efficiently keeping off echoes in recording studios and home theatres. Perfect for improving acoustics of any room, the soundproofing foam improves the quality of sound. The acoustic foam available at During Days include teeth wedge acoustic foam, eggshell acoustic foam, metro acoustic foam, flat acoustic foam and corner bass trap acoustic. Teeth wedge foams have superior absorption capacity compared to the other acoustic foam panels. Creating a perfect soundproof environment, the acoustic foams are available as soundproof panels, acoustic tiles, sound absorbing panels, sound absorbing foam and other sound proofing materials.

Acoustic guitars: Guitars are the oldest musical instrument known to mankind. With its highly portable and convenient design guitars come with the ease to carry them along, compared to the other musical instruments. During Days offers you collection of wooden folk acoustic guitar and electric acoustic guitars in various shades of colors such as blue, red and black along with 12 string acoustic guitar. The wooden acoustic guitar are made of hard wood neck and maple wood fingerboard while the cutaway provides beautiful sound that touches the soul. Suitable for guitar performer at all levels, the electric acoustic guitar is made of hardwood neck, fingerboard and cutaway to deliver music. The guitar comes with a shoulder strap for easy portability.

Guitar accessories: Guitars form an important part of all occasions, this wonderful musical instrument adds a special touch to special occasions as birthday and Christmas. With right guitar accessories you can play and get better and more interesting tunes. The guitar accessories at During Days include accessories for both acoustic and electric guitar. The guitar stand adds support and stability to guitars, with its height adjustment and comfortable fit they are perfect to use for all shapes and sizes of guitars. The folding guitar stands add to high portability. The guitar case helps to protect your instrument and ease the transportation, the pedal board case is the commonly used guitar case to carry it around. The guitar accessories will add value to your instrument while easing it storage and transportation.

Musical accessories: Undoubtedly, music has a magical effect on us, healing the soul, spreading its charm! To create a soulful music one needs proper musical accessories along with good musical instruments. Some of the necessary accessories that add to the usage of the musical instruments are - music stand light, tripod light stand, sheet music stand, microphone stand and piano keyboard stand. Violin: Being an elegant, expressive instrument among the string instruments, violin has always had a prominent place. With 4/4 full size, the electric violin available at During Days is complete with bow, bridge, strings, rosin, chin rest and a protective case. Made of wooden body structure and maple wood head, these violins are available in three colors – default, white and black.

Musical instruments at the best price!

With its innumerable benefits, music is preferred by everyone irrespective of the age group. To ease the handling of musical instruments, a number of musical accessories are available. During Days offers best deals on musical accessories ranging from guitar stand, light stand, microphone stand, guitar capo and keyboard stand. Making your shopping easy; we strive hard to ensure that all of our products are dispatched within 24 hours and also guarantee 14 days money back if you wish to return them. Free shipping is available Australia wide - Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne. Help us serve you better, share your views, queries and feedbacks. We would love to hear from you!


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