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Shag Rugs

Buy shaggy rugs online

When it comes to superior home decoration materials, we narrow down our suggestion for you to shaggy rugs or shag pile rugs. It is a factor of style and comfort that we offer to fit in your space with grace in low maintenance shag rugs. A cascade shag pile carpet made of 100% polyester is available in the DuringDays store which are available in a few colors, mainly of black. It is easy to clean using the vacuum cleaner and is dust resistant. This shaggy rug is priced at $113. Read More

We also feature the new Jazz Shag carpet which is anti-static and comes in a variety of 14 colors. They do not shed like any wool shag rug. With colors chosen for today’s generation and thus contemporary looks, we feature a black shaggy rug which are thick, soft and plush. It is a double-textured dense 45mm round shag rug tinged in pitch black. Our shaggy rugs Melbourne specializes in the latest non-shedding fibers, making its daily maintenance a pushover. This plush round slag is priced at $349.95 at a special price at our store, which measures 280cm x 190cm.

We house an exclusive product of pink shag rug that is ritzy in touch, cozy to walk or sit on. This pink shag rug is also available in viscose or turquoise shades weighing around 6.5 Kg. Another yet luxurious and non-flattening rug we have is 70% polyester and is one of the downiest. This white shag rug is 1” thick and is shipped within 1 business day. The manufacturer’s discount price on this is $199.

You can also purchase cheap shag rugs from our store at DuringDays which would range from $47 to $65. One of such cheap shaggy rugs is built of this moth and allergy proof material which is 100% polypropylene and blends in silky, matter and thick texture to give a fine touch experience.

Last, but not the least, we have a grey shag rug perfectly suiting your drawing room with a mellow beauty. It puts on a non-abrasive cotton canvas aide and profiles hand-tufted yarns which provides a fascinating look to any décor. Today’s deal at our DuringDays store fetches you this grey shaggy rug at $99.95.

You can shop these shaggy rugs online at your ease and avail of our exclusive offers at DuringDays Australia. It’s a tribute to our expert designer team that we house at our backend. Our rugs specially on the nose with the requirements you have, is a wide collection of fabric, genres and colors that give you a lasting satisfaction in using our product. We look forward to bring you the best deal possible!


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