Though multiple websites would suggest you not to invest in home gym as it’s a costly affair. But, you must act little calculative in this case. Suppose, you are paying a monthly fee of 150$ to your commercial gym and you opt to buy home gym equipment at a one-time investment of 1800$, which one is more beneficial? You will anyways equate this investment within 2 years of your purchase. Rest of the years you can enjoy your home gym without paying any monthly fee - that too at the comfort of your home.

Still if the investment doesn’t interest you, we have a simple alternative for you. You can actually create your home gym that too without breaking your budget. How? Consider the following gym essential equipment and you are good to go in minimal investment:

  1. Dumbbells of varying weights: Dumbbells are one of the most versatile tools for every environment, whether it is home gym or a commercial one. They add load and intensity to every exercise. They help you to control your body against gravity and also help you to build your muscles. Initially, you should have 3 or 4 different weights to choose from. This will help you utilize the appropriate load or weight for various exercises. Though, the weights and intensity differ for everyone. Weight training for beginners: If you are a beginner and are planning to buy dumbbells for your home gym, you can start with the sets of 5 lbs., 8 lbs., and 10 lbs. But, if you hold more experience, you can go for higher weight and intense weight training. Weight training for advanced professionals: if you are advanced professional and are seasoned at weight training, you will be able to handle even heavier weights and will know the exact increment requirements. For example, depending on the exercise and capacity, this weight can range from 8-lbs. to 55lbs. weights (you need to be real expert in that case)! You can also practice various exercises with dumbbells on exercise bench and fitness ball.
  2. A fitness ball: Yes, this is the next one in your fitness arsenal. A good quality fitness ball is necessary to keep you fit and it does not cost you more than ordinary, which means it is worth every penny. During your supine (lying face up) exercise, it serves as a platform for your back. Moreover, you can also perform other exercises like lower body and core exercises like pushups, crunches, lunges, planks, bridging, hamstring curls, and ball squats. Though it is not a fitness machine but holds a lot of benefits in a small budget. If you are planning to make this interesting ball a part of your fitness equipment, you should ensure that you choose the correct height. When the ball is fully inflated, your knees should be bent to 90 degrees with feet flat on the floor while you are seated on it. Before buying the fitness ball always make sure that you check if it is burst resistant. Also ensure that you just don’t stack it inside a room. It needs some space and air to ensure long and effective use.
  3. An Exercise Mat: You also need a good exercise mat to support your back, neck, hands, knees, forearms, or hips in all the different positions during the exercise. It should also protect your bony areas and the joints that are sensitive to pressure so that you can focus on proper muscle engagement and form, rather than how the floor is digging into your spine. You can also go for the Yoga mats that serve dual purpose but for interval and weight training exercises, you need to have heavy, non-slip mats with more cushion.

Everything else that you buy outside these 3 pieces of equipment can off course be an added advantage.

It will take your work-out to a whole new level, accelerate your fitness, expand the variety of exercises, and challenge your body to keep things exciting. But, if you are just getting started with your home gym, that too within an affordable budget, these 3 things are all you need.

Most of the people can attain some great results by continuously using these basic equipment.

But wait, we still have one more equipment that we didn’t mention.

A pull-up bar! Yes a pull up bar is one among the simplest pieces of equipment that yield amazing physical transformations if practiced rightly and with consistency. It is generally quite easy to find and install at home. But, before buying that make sure that you check if it is sturdy enough to hold your weight.

So, all you need to spend is somewhat less than $150 to get your home gym in working condition with 3 essentials - a fit ball, varying sets of dumbbells and an exercise mat. You can get them even for less if you explore online various options that you have in hand.

As you build your own gym, here are some more extras or add ons that you can collect with time. If

you are targeting some specific motives, you can go for the following equipment.

Home Gym

For recovery and flexibility

  • Foam Roller
  • Yoga Mat & Blocks
  • Yoga Strap

For cardio intervals:

  • Jump rope
  • Agility cones

For ultimate Power, Strength, Directional Change and Functional Balance

  • A sturdy step up box or old coffee table
  • Gliding Discs
  • Bosu ball

For progressive resistance, greater range of motion, exercise assistance, or rehabilitation:

  • Exercise bands
  • Monster Bands

For form awareness and motivation:

  • Full-length mirror
  • Music

Creating your own homegym is a very simple way to keep a check and control on your fitness. It will be your space where you can enjoy while exercising as per your comfort and schedule. You can easily create a space where you can enjoy so you can look forward to working out. Once you get attuned to your fitness routine, you will never skip a day of fun and invigorate the movements that boost your energy and make you feel healthy and engaged in your life.


We know what your next questions are. “How can I create my own home gym? Do I need any special space for that? What should I do to keep myself organized and motivated?”

Keep your cool. We will answer all these questions in the following points.

  • Just pick any of your spare room for setting up your own home gym. You can also use your spare study room, or even garage for that (we must tell you that garage gym is becoming immensely popular among young generation today, and off course you are never too old to exercise)! You should also look if enough space is available to accommodate all the equipment inside the room comfortably. Remember, you have to see whether they can be used inside that space - you bought your gym equipment for exercise not for setting them in the corner and accumulating all the dust and dirt.

  • Get the right atmosphere! Yes, if you are setting up your own home gym, you should get the atmosphere right, as environment matters a lot. While deciding the place for your home gym setup, you should ensure various aspects like: will you be able to play your favorite music there while exercising? Does that place have enough air (because you require lots of fresh and clean air while you exercise)? Will you be able to seclude yourself? You must also check if that place is energizing enough to persuade you. It should not disturb other family members while you carry out your total-body workouts listening to your favorite music (you can expect that your equipment will also make some noise). It should not disturb you kids studying in the next room!
  • Call your friends and relatives. You can also persuade your home members to join you in the fitness mission. It is always better to do such activities in groups. After all, you group and family members keep your motivation and morale up.
  • Bring in your fitness idol inside your home gym. Nowhere are we asking you to invite that person to your home, instead we are insisting on getting their posters and motivational quotes. These will also drive your passion towards fitness and keep you focused. Whenever you feel to skip the workout, you can refer to these posters and keep yourself motivated (though it is all right if you skip the schedule once a week - your body also needs rest).
  • Take a small investment. As discussed above, you do not need hefty investments to create your own home gym (until and unless you want an advanced version of home gym). If you are a beginner and don’t want to achieve any special fitness objectives (like fat reduction), this basic gym is the best option for you. If you compare the initial investment with the monthly gym membership fee, the total fee paid by you to the commercial gyms in one year will equate your initial investment made for a - little - advanced version of home gym. So, a home gym is always profitable.
  • Don’t forget the plan. Yes, you need a plan in order to start off with your fitness regimen. It is advisable that you consult a professional personal trainer or fitness expert before beginning your complete workout routing in your home gym. They are experts in suggesting suitable exercises for specific body types and the intensity of workout. Just remember, your physical health condition (as well as psychological) should support the exercise that you are going to conduct. You have to tome your overall body, while specific requirements may differ from people to people - some want to tone their upper-body while others may want to work on their lower-body.

  • Keep yourself motivated! At times you will feel that you are dull and low. Remember one thing - always put some mirrors and keep a weighing scale ready to measure your results. And, if you don’t see any improvements, you should consult your personal trainer or professional instructor. When you visit the commercial gym, you are motivated by other and their efforts. But, this factor may sometimes lack in case of personal home gym. In this case, as mentioned earlier, you can also involve your family and friends into your fitness motto. Also, try maintaining a personal fitness diary - it is better to keep a gauge on how much efforts you are putting into being fit and healthy with your own gym.
  • Pay attention to the flooring. You cannot perform strength exercises on normal floorings - they can lead to certain accidents (like you may slip over that). Mostly rubber flooring is found in such gyms.

Best things about having your own gym

  • Save dollars on monthly membership fee: Needless to say again (we mentioned this above), having your own home gym saves a lot of money for you. Suppose your family has 4 adult members who require gym services, each of you are paying 75$ as membership fee. Which comes up to 4 X 75 = 300$ per month. You can create an exceptionally professional gym at your home itself by investing 9-10 months’ membership fee.
  • Avoid the travel time: We all hate spending time in traffic. Though we understand that you visit the nearest gym that seems best for your needs. But the travel time may range anywhere between 15 - 45 minutes (even more than that - we never know)! By having your own gym, you can step into your workout regimen without wasting much of your time on unnecessary travel. (As the old adage goes - Time is Money). So, each second saved can be equated with every penny saved.
  • Elope from the infested germs: Do you know that free weights in a commercial gym might have 362 times more germs than a toilet seat. So, having your own gym will not only save you from these germs but also give you the opportunity to maintain the desired hygiene. After all, you cannot every time sanitize a dumbbell in commercial gym before use.
  • Escape the harsh weather conditions: It’s too cold out there! Today I am not going to gym” This is one of the most common excuse that we all make. But, to which extend is it right? Winters last for really long time and it is that time when we gain most of the weight. With your own gym at home, you cannot go with this excuse at all! Yes, you can exercise irrespective of the time and weather condition.
  • Go for the higher versions once you are through with these: Though, for most of the people, the capacity and strength of exercise differs. But, it is advisable that you start off with these basic equipment and then gradually add on the other ones like treadmill, rowing machine, boxing or punching bag, adjustable weight stacks, bodybuilding equipment, multigym equipment and other DIY gym machines.

Where to buy the best home gym equipment

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