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Relaxation, for a healthy life!



Getting enough rest and relaxation contributes to a healthy lifestyle, rejuvenating the body and mind to lead a healthier life. A good night’s sleep will suffice the relaxation needs that the body requires. Having an effect on every aspect of life, sleeping is known to be the most essential activity of the day. Increasing the overall ability to perform well at a physical and emotional level, adequate sleep perfectly balances the well-being of the overall health. A sleepless night will drain off all the energy making you lazy and less productive the next day, whereas quality sleep will help you be at your best.

Though sleeping is a natural process, many factors affect the quality of sleep. The major elements that effect this need are – bed, mattresspillow and quilt. Comfortable bedding accessories play a key role for quality sleep. A good mattress has a major effect on good sleep while contouring proper support to the body. A quality mattress will offer appropriate support to the body ensuring proper spinal alignment while reducing pressure points that could cause muscle pain while switching positions during sleep. A number of different range of mattresses are available to allow you get a peaceful sleep. The most popular mattress is the one made of memory foam. With high energy absorbent and soft substance called viscoelastic, memory foam mattress offers even weight distribution, while reducing the pressure points.


Sleep! Why is it so important?

A good sleep is essential for following reasons -

Reduces stress

Helping to lower blood pressure, good sleep will reduce the level of stress hormones. A good night’s sleep is the best way to maintain the stress levels of the daily life, while helping you sustain a balance between health and stressful life.

Repairs body

Sleep is necessary as the body repairs and restores itself in this process. The deepest sleep will help repairing and renewing of tissues & nerve cells and restoring normal level of chemicals throughout the body.

Improves memory

A relaxed mind will lead to a clear thinking ability, improves concentration and memory. Strengthening the connection between brain and memory power, sleep forms a powerful means of boosting one’s mental ability.

Heart health

Research has suggested that heart health is linked to the amount of sleep one gets. Though the exact connection between sleep and heart health is not known, it is found that sleep deprived people are known to have greater chances of cardiac diseases compared to the others.

Diabetic risk

Studies warn that too little sleep will increase the risk of type 2 diabetics. Scientists believe that sleep deficiency may increase the stress hormone level. The increased amount of stress hormone, cortisol, will promote insulin resistance that result in type 2 diabetics.

Body weight

It is true that people tend to put on weight with sleepless nights. Sleep deprived night provokes people to have coffee or other junk food, the result being increased body weight. If left untreated, the condition may result in obesity.


Mattress, major component for quality sleep!

We spend about one third of a time in a day sleeping, this situation demands a comfortable mattress to support us as we doze off to sleep. Improving sleep quality and comfort, mattress forms the most important bedding accessory. The mattress relaxes the body and mind as you sleep, while making you feel refreshed when you wake up. A good mattress should not be too hard or soft, the optimum softness of the mattress will offer utmost comfort to the body as it supports the back and spine. A wrong mattress would rather give a sleepless night with back and neck pain. Among the various mattress available, memory foam mattress are considered to be the most comfortable one. The foam mattress along with memory foam mattress topper are available in various sizes to suit the needs of an individual, the key sizes available are king and queen mattress along with single and double sizes.


Memory foam mattress, the highest grade of the mattress form

Memory foam mattress perfectly contours the body in response to heat and pressure; while evenly distributing the body weight. The mattress returns to its original shape once the pressure is removed. The health benefits of memory foam mattress include -

  • Memory foam mattress offers a comfortable sleeping posture, providing the right alignment of the spine and the neck.
  • The memory foam mattress adjusts with the body's heat and weight. As the temperature increases, the memory foam becomes softer and provides good sleep.
  • The memory foam mattress helps to relieve pain and body aches. In accordance with biological nature, the pain points have higher temperature compared to the other parts of the body. Since the memory foam mattress works according to the body temperature, they mold accordingly at the areas of pain points and help relieve pain faster.
  • The combination of memory foam mattress along with memory foam pillows are a boon to people suffering from various body aches, for providing greatest comfort.
  • Made of anti-allergy polyurethane foam, the memory foam mattress contributes to health benefits. Unlike cotton mattress, memory foam mattress doesn’t attract any dust mites.
  • Motion transfer is a major drawback of the regular mattress which leads in disturbing the other person. Designed to sleep without disturbing the motion of the entire mattress, memory foam mattress allows you to sleep without disturbing your partner.


Everyone deserves a good sleep!

With progress in technology, many innovative ideas have been implemented to improve the sleep quality. Though a number of mattresses are available in the market, not all are designed to offer you the comfort you yearn for. The best mattress choice for anyone to make is the memory foam mattress with added health benefits. You no longer have to be in a dilemma for changing your mattress type, memory foam mattress will undoubtedly be an excellent choice to make!