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Yoga mat, for perfect workout!

Enjoy pilates and stretching exercise with the perfect yoga mat, providing the best cushioning between you and the hard floor. It is necessary to use a yoga mat for safety concerns, as it protects you from slipping. The pilates yoga mat and exercise mats, are intended for stretching exercise. These mats help you maintain the pose that was intended to, in case of accidental fall. Read More

With the growing awareness on health and fitness; yoga, pilates, workouts and gym are gaining popularity. Increase the effectiveness of your workout with exercise mats; don’t let your hard workouts die out due to the hard floor. Exercise mats are available in dimensions like thick and thin depending on the type of exercise being done. Thick foam mats, including thick yoga mats are also available.

Enhance your exercise equipments with the best yoga mats. Affordable yoga mats on sale, buy yoga mats online at DuringDays at cheap deals. Also available are workout mats, gym floor mats, thick pilates mats, thick foam mat, thick yoga mat and many others.

Best yoga mats!

Transfer any space to a workout place with exercise mats. Exercise mats, either yoga mats or pilates mats; will help you reduce stress caused on the body. Offering you the best exercise mats for an ideal workout –

Yoga mat: The 10 mm extra thick, 173*61 cm yoga mat is made of high quality material. Providing extra cushioning, this yoga mat provides extra comfort on wrist, back and knees. The lightweight, convenient roll up design is ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. Suitable for experts and beginners, the yoga mat features non-slip surface providing great grip. The yoga mats are available in four colors black, pink, purple and green.

Trifold exercise mat: The tri-fold exercise mat is perfect for pilates, yoga, floor workouts and stretching exercise. This exercise mat provides extra thick padding for a comfortable workout. The lightweight, durable and foldable design helps easy storage. It is also available in black and grey colors.

Comfortable workout!

Make your workout comfortable with exercise mats. You no longer have to suffer exercising on a hard floor, get the yoga mats today! DuringDays offers a wide array of yoga mats, exercise mats, pilates mats, workout mats, fitness mats and gym mats. With cheap yoga mats on sale, buy yoga mats online. We offer free shipping Australia wide - Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Melbourne. Products are dispatched within 24 hours and come with 14 days money back guarantee. We would love to hear from you, please send us your reviews and queries.


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