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Industrial Tools

Machine dominated world!

Machines are one of the most wonderful creations of humans. With the technological development, machines have become an important element in today’s life. With their high efficiency and accuracy, they have replaced manual labor in most of the sectors. Industrial tools are used in an array of businesses - construction, agriculture, mining and many more. Try our range of industrial supplies for various domestic and industrial operations. Read More

Accurate, efficient and effective…

Can you imagine a day without machine? Unimaginable right? Get improved technology in our range of machines. Our industrial tools help you finish work efficiently in lesser time frame. Some of our industrial supplies are –

Portable Soda Blaster: Our soda blasters are 100 per cent environmentally safe and effectively remove rust and dust. Only granulated sodium bicarbonate is applied at high pressure on contaminated surface. This lightweight portable design has wide application - rust removal, paint removal, smoke and fire restoration and wood cleaning. Suitable for application on metal, aluminium, plastics, chrome, fiberglass, timber etc; also safe to use on wood, plastics, carbon fibre and similar soft materials.

Petrol Post Hole Digger Kit Set: Made of high quality steel, our post hole digger are perfect for heavy duty work. These diggers are fully upgraded to dual flute auger, works efficiently with less noise. Heavy-duty steel construction of the drillers with powerful 86cc commercial engine makes it very powerful. The high-capacity fuel tank helps to work long continuous hours. They feature 34:1 direct-drive gearbox.

Industrial Drywall / Gyprock / Plasterboard Panel Hoist/Lift: This is an excellent tool for raising sheets or panel materials such as sheet rock, plywood, particularly when the installer is working single-handedly. This easy to operate hoist comes with tilting action, allowing one person to handle and apply multiple sheets or drywall panels. The panel can be raised to a maximum height of 11 feet (3.35 m) for attachment to level ceilings or sloped ceilings with the lift's cradle tilted and can handle up to 150lbs (68kg). This panel lift is safe to use with brakes on each wheel for added stability. This foldable structure is easy to transport and storage.

Diesel and oiltransfer pump: These oil/ diesel transfer pumps works best for both domestic and industrial level requirements. This highly portable machine is equipped with powerful 12V DC pump featuring high performance pump nozzle fitted with a trigger lock and auto-out. Be assured of precise pumping.

Electric Wall Paint Mini Spray Gun Machine: This compact spraying machine features 3 spray patterns setting to satisfy your task needs. The HVLP adjustable gun with flow control knob comes with easy to clean detachable sprayer. Get a free shoulder strap for easy usage and a pin for cleaning the nozzle with every purchase.

i.Force Dust-free Drywall Sander with Extension Tube: Helps finish wall and ceilings much faster than with conventional methods. They don't create any mess while cleaning as they operate using an external vacuum.

Hand Rotary Oil Pump: They are featured for home applications. This smart tool quickly and easily dispenses fuel oil, lubricating oil and other non corrosive liquids from barrels and oil drums. These lightweight pumps are easy to handle.

Bar Chainsaw Chains: This saw chain is suitable to a 62cc chainsaw and would be the answer for people who are looking for doing some serious cutting. The super tough steel chain provides excellent resistance to bar rail wear and chipping. It also features a low kick-back design which reduces the possibility of kick-back during operation.

62cc Chainsaw 20" Bar Chain Saw Petrol Pruning Arborist Tool: This Super-tough 65Mn strong steel is suitable for cutting bar. With low kick-back chisel, they work well in dirty conditions. The chainsaw is designed with a super tough steel chain which provides excellent resistance to bar rail wear and chipping. The machine itself features a unique double coil system which helps users to start the engine using minimum effort, also a 6-point anti-vibration and balanced weight design which reduces fatigue during operation. The air injection carburetor not only adds power to the chainsaw, but also provides an extra option for users to select the ‘anti freeze’ mode to ensure the engine works smoothly under cold weather (0~5°C).

Upgrade your machine technology

As you saw, our various industrial tools with new technology reduce your work load by half. We provide industrial supplies, industrial air tools and other requirement at an affordable price. We offer free shipping Australia wide - Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Melbourne. Products are dispatched within 24 hours and come with 14 days money back guarantee. We would love to hear from you, please send us your reviews and queries.

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