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Electronic world!

Technological advancement has drastically changed the entire world, giving way to modernization in every field. Every new innovation gives the assurance of revolutionizing some area of our lives. They being connected to all different aspects of life, our existence without electronics is unimaginable. Surrounded by high-tech gadgets, technology has given us a heap of opportunities to make our life efficient, convenient and comfortable. Read More

Powered by technology, the world’s population has been dominated by the use of electronics. With ease of accessibility to information, convenient storage of data and easy mode of communication; electronics have spread over all areas of our life – business, education, transportation, health and relationship. Made to simplify our lives, use of technology is immeasurable.

With huge collection of electronics at DuringDays, we are the ultimate electronic zone you are looking for. Computers, phones, cars, tablets and with many other options, you can now buy electronics online at cheap deals.

Making lives better!

Making our daily routine convenient, electronics have become an integral part of our lives. From time immemorial, the main aim of man has been to make life simpler, easier and comfortable. This journey towards convenience has led to invention of a number of electronic products, leaving us awestruck. The non-existence of them cannot be even imagined now. Some of the electronics have a huge impact on our lives, these electronics include -


With the vast collection of our audio speakers, you can now enjoy parties like never before. Adding life to music, these speakers are suitable for cars, outdoor space, home theatre and other entertainment activities. We also offer wireless and blue tooth speakers for added convenience. Boost up your audio system with our range of audio speakers. For a professional, exceptional sound quality with high performance, for indoor and outdoor entertaining area, opt for our indoor/outdoor waterproof sound speakers and indoor home theatre speakers in-ceiling. To enjoy quality music on the go, you can select speakers audio stereo entrainment and portable wireless stereo speakers, without any compromise on quality. Along with speakers for road journey or home entertainment, we also provide speakers for boat journey, designed to withstand harsh environmental challenges. The marine speakers are best suited for such circumstances. Equip our audio speakers to experience great music.

Mini PC

With the new 5th generation Intel Core i3 processor, the Mini PC comes with space-saving compact design. The USB3.0 Mini PC features 10 times faster transfer rates. The mini PC supported by Microsoft Windows 7 is optimized with premium 64-bit pre-installed. With its all-around performance, this PC fits in home, office and other industrial use.


With our range of tablets, including Nextbook quad core tablet with HDMI output and Nextbook premium factory refurbished multimedia tablet; you get highly portable and attractive notebooks with best performance. These newly introduced Nextbook gives you everything in a notebook but in faster, smarter and sharper looking package. The IPS screen provides a vivid and vibrant color display and built-in display. Enjoy reading your favorite book with our amazing tablet range.

Camera and accessories

Everyone wishes to take good quality picture in this photo enthusiastic world. Our range of cameras and accessories will help enhance your photo quality, while adding a professional touch to your photos. Our Aiptek waterproof camcorder is the ultimate tool for all outdoor activities like diving, surfing, climbing and biking. Equipped with a wide range of mount plates and full HD wide-angle lens, you can record with uncompromising quality.

Adding to our collection of camera accessories is camera tripods; providing stability to your camera. With the camera tripod range, you can now even take the picture of a moving object, beautiful sun rise and sun set. Enjoy photography with our tripods.

Coin counter

Get off the monotonous task of counting cash or coins. With our coin counter and cash counter, your job of counting money is done in minutes, while adding to absolute accuracy without any error. Designed for Australian currency, these counters are suitable for banks, business and other commercial establishments involving piles of money. Apart from coin counters and cash counter, we also provide counter sorter machine. This is an error-free and convenient method of sorting out Australian coins accurately.

Computer accessories

Computer accessories have become a necessity with increasing usage of computers, while making task easier and faster. We offer a variety of computer accessories to add more fun to your computer experience. Our range of flash drives helps store and transfer data within a blink of an eye. Sandisk USB flash drives provide enough space to store huge data. With our high-performance 32gb usb drive, USB 3.0 flash drive, you can easily store and track your favorite list.

For a better movie experience you can get to watch movie on a big projector screen, enjoying vivid colors and acute details, making the images come alive. We offer electric motorized HD projector screen, portable multimedia pocket projector and portable projection tripod screen, for use without drilling the wall.

Memory cards

Being the most common storage, memory cards/flash cards are popular for their high storage capacity and compact size. Our range of sandisk compact flash card, compact flash cards, flash memory card and 32 gb memory card provides fast data rates and reliable performance. Store data captured by camera, camcorders and other devices efficiently, with our sandisk memory cards. The range includes sandisk 32gb micro sdhc memory card, 32gb sdhc memory card, sdhc memory card 32gb and sdhc memory card, that are designed for high performance. The highly durable and reliable memory cards such as micro sdhc cards, sandisk sdhc cards and 32gb sdhc class 10 memory cards are also available at DuringDays. With plenty of storage space for full HD videos and RAW photos, you can now enjoy efficient workflow with high transfer speed.

Mobile and tablet accessories

Increase the use of mobile phones and tablet by complimenting them with the necessary accessories. With accessories like power banks, tablet stand, ICY box and USB desktop charger, you can upgrade the use of your mobile phones and tablets.

Car electronics

Being personal means of transportation, cars are mostly used for short and long trips and pleasure drives. Enjoy your car journey with added electronic accessories. A car journey is incomplete without sweet music playing on your audio player. Add our range of speakers and subwoofers to get the best quality music. Also recommended are car amplifiers to deliver better audio performance. The car amplifiers, cuts off the external noise interrupting the audio, giving a safe, uninterrupted music experience. Another added car electronics are the camcorders. You can now record your entire car journey, providing details of your whereabouts making it safer and responsible.

Get the best electronics!

With the availability of a vast collection of electronics at DuringDays Australia, you can now change your lives for better, literally. Providing you best deals on computers, phones, cars, tablets and all other accessories, buy electronics online. We offer free shipping Australia wide - Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Melbourne. Products are dispatched within 24 hours and come with 14 days money back guarantee. We would love to hear from you, please send us your reviews and queries.


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