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Machines and tools have inadvertently become a part and parcel of our lives nowadays. At domestic or industrial level, machines have definitely made our lives easier and richer. The importance of tools is directly proportional to the way its chosen, we make your choices easier by having a selection of the right tools for your precise needs. Buy the best tools online through our store whose array of collection suits your specific requirements. Read More

Automotive, DIY and other tools

Some of the important feature includes -

Auto accessories

Multi-functional bike stand: The bike stands are ultimate storage solution for your bikes. Ideal for garages, outdoor, sheds and workplaces, this space saving design helps mounting cycles on floor and wall. High quality, sturdy steel construction with extra thick tubes securely holds your bike. Weather resistant and extremely durable features help them last longer.

Bike Carrier: Made of heavy duty steel construction, this is a perfect accessory for taking bikes on trip without consuming much space in your car. It is compatible for vehicles such as cars, trucks, SUVS or minivans.

Car Roof Rack: Car roof rack is an important accessory to extend a car’s load-ability. Compatible with most vehicles, this sturdy construction offers reliable and long lasting performance. Featuring easy installation and enhanced strength and low air resistance, these racks come with anti-theft locking system and independent keys. Our car roof racks come with aluminum and graphite alloy construction.

Electric Winch: With high performance, electric winch is made of robust steel to withstand harsh weather. Equipped with alloy hawse fairlead, it makes sure not to get stuck on the road in the middle of journey. With high tensile Synthetic cable, the winch is able to pull your ATV out from most strenuous conditions. The package comes with wired and wireless remote, offering maximum comfort. Also available, are hand winches.

Ramps: We also provide ramps - ATV loading ramps and wheel chair ramps.

LED lights: We provide the best in LED technology including LED flood lights, LED spotlights, LED light bars, and round driving lights for vehicles. Our LED lights will help you stay safe at night-time so that you can see the obstacles and trail conditions that are ahead.

Water Pumps: Lightweight, compact, durable, waterproof water pumps for various applications. Water pumps for garden sprinkling; hot water system; toilet pumps, pool pumping, bore pump, stainless steel tank pressure pump, submersible water pump, automatic pressure controller, garden pump.

Tool box and storage solution: Presenting roller toolbox cabinet to protect and organize your tools. This large capacity box, sturdy, heavy duty box comes with multi size drawers for a wide range of tools. Lockable drawers features add to extra security. Also providing, aluminum under tray, portable toolbox for carrying around your tools.

Post Hole Digger and Petrol Hole Digger: This quality, heavy duty post hole diggers are easy to use, assemble and maintain. This equipment helps dig narrow holes more efficiently. Featuring lightweight design with a convenient hand grip, these post hole diggers make tough task easy.

Industrial Tools

Portable Soda Pressure Abrasive Upgrade Air Sandblaster: This machine removes rust and dust effectively from a surface. It is suitable for both soft and tough applications. Sand blasters are 100 per cent environmentally safe and additional clean up is not required. It finds wide application - rust removal, paint removal, smoke and fire restoration and wood cleaning. It is safe to use on wood, plastics, carbon fiber and similarly soft materials. Also available is dust-free drywall sander with extension tube to finish sanding walls and ceilings quickly.

Chainsaw Chain: This saw chain is suitable for serious cutting. The super tough steel chain provides excellent resistance to bar rail wear and chipping. It also features a low kick-back design which reduces the possibility of kick-back during operation.

Mini Spray Gun: With three spray patterns setting, this spray machine is designed to satisfy your needs. The spray gun has a spray adjuster so that a thin even coat can be consistently applied each time. With HVLP spray gun with easy to clean detachable sprayer; the machine evenly applies paint via high quality spray gun.

Diesel pump: This lightweight, portable pump is used for pumping diesel, oil and water. Made of stainless steel body and steel-wire-reinforced hose, this pump has a high flow of 40 liter per minute. Also providing, handy oil pump tool for home application.

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