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Solar & Garden Lights

Encourage green technology

With growing concerns of global warming, world is facing an energy crisis. We all have to put in our efforts to tackle this problem. Green technology is gaining attention nowadays. Green technology focuses on using the conventional energy. Solar energy being one of them, is themost clean and unlimited source of energy. We welcome you to join our hands to promote this green technology through our wide range of solar lights. Read More

Try solar LEDs over traditional LEDs

Switch to simple and greener life. Support the green technology, use our varied range of solar lights -led spotlights, solar garden lights, flood lights, outdoor solar lights, motion sensor lights. These solar lights acts light on your electricity bill. You can recharge them at the day time and use it later. The advantages of the solar LED lights over the regular LEDs include-

• Highly energy efficient
• Light production does not depend on weather fluctuations
• LED solar light needs very low maintenance
• Solar LEDs are water proof
• 6 - 8 hrs charging time gives 8 - 10 hours working time

Solar LEDs – Solar LEDs are a replacement for traditional LEDs. Replace your regular LEDs with solar LEDs. Its a onetime investment, you need not pay those electricity bills anymore. Your new LEDs will get charged from sun. Solar fence lights help you on your driveway. Just charge the batteries during day time and it is ready for overnight driveway.

LED solar sensor lights – LED solar sensor lights are the revolutionary lights which sense/detect the movement of a person. The Passive Infrared sensor of solar sensor lights can detect upto 18m within a 180 degree radius. Light glows when you enter the room and goes off when you move out.

Replace your LEDs today!

We offer you new solar chargeable LED lights. These cost effective lights work at any weather condition. Chargeable with the solar energy, the new LED lights cuts your electricity bills. Order your solar LED lights today. We provide quality products at a cost effective price. Try out all our Solar LED ranges.

We provide Australia wide shipping - Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Melbourne. All our products are dispatched in the next 24 hours and come with 14 days money back guarantee. Don’t forget to share your views on our products.

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