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Musical Accessories

Music breaks man-made boundaries!

Touching one’s soul, music is the best way to express your heart out, when you fall short of words. Breaking the manmade boundaries; music unites people of different religion, race and cultural heritage. Music is the best way to express one’s feeling such as happiness, sadness, love and anger, or defines your state of mind without conversing. Being the best substitute for conversations, music has a definite positive effect on the brain while uplifting your off mood. Read More

You need no special occasion to play music; it’s just the whole rhythm that sets in right into any place it is being played in. With suitable musical instruments you can enjoy music anywhere, any time. Increasing one’s creative ability; musical instruments help you exhibit your skills in the most unique manner. Healing the physical and mental pain of a hectic day, music provides inner peace by awakening those incredible feelings.

Anyone who is looking out for purchase of musical instruments should consider buying from the Australia’s biggest online store, DuringDays. With cheap deals on all purchases, you can choose from our wide collection of musical equipments - speaker stand, piano stand, mic stand, microphone stand and light stand.

Music is universal!

Music is universal, whether he is a true music enthusiast or someone who does not adore music much, the tunes and chores of music has its effects on everyone. Healing souls, music spreads its charm all around. With proper musical instruments you can enjoy soulful music anytime you want.

Professional adjustable speaker stand: With the 5 level adjustments, the professional monitor speaker stand allows you to put speakers on lower level and crank it. Made of quality steel, these sturdy stands are perfect for DJs and music performers. With its classic black color, the speaker stand gives an elegant look on the stage.

Adjustable Double Braced Keyboard Stand: The piano stand helps place your keyboard firmly. The lightweight of the piano keyboard stand helps the easy mobility, while the double braced adds to maximum stability. The height adjustment ensures to accommodate various pianos, while providing ease to performing while either sitting or standing. The steel construction and matt black finish provides a stylish look with uncompromising functionality.

Adjustable Stage Light Tripod Stand: The professional stage light tripod stand, blending well with the backdrop, is detachable, easy to store and transport. Made of strong steel construction and safety locking pin adjustment, the light stand has a loading capacity of up to 30Kg. Suitable for DJ rack, the light tripod stand will enhance any performance. Stage light truss tripod lighting stand rack The stage light truss tripod lighting stand is ideal for mobile DJ, rental market, band performance or any occasion that needs a quick set up. These affordable yet functional tripod stands with black finish looks exquisite and practically disappears on most stages.

Microphone mic stand boom stage tripod clip: Featuring fully adjustable microphone clip, the microphone stand is ideal for vocals, drum overheads, microphone amps and live instruments. Made of metal, the tripod base and non-slip feet make it stand firmly. The foldable design helps easy storage and transportation.

Music sheet stand: Keep your music sheets intact without having to worry about them flying. This height adjustable music sheet stand, with its large bookplate securely holds the music sheets. This tripod stand can swivel 360 degrees to ease the use by tilting. Ideal for classroom and private use, the sheet stand helps managing a number of sheets.

Benefits of music!

Music helps relieve stress, while making you feel happy, energetic and gain back the lost charm for the day. Enjoy these unlimited benefits of music with the quality musical accessories. DuringDays provides you best music recording equipments, speaker stands, digital piano stand and other music equipments. With best deals on sale, buy musical equipments online. Making your shopping easy; we strive hard to ensure that all of our products are dispatched within 24 hours and also guarantee 14 days money back if you wish to return them. Free shipping is available Australia wide - Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Melbourne. Help us serve you better, share your views, queries and feedbacks. We would love to hear from you!


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