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The act of sleeping is the natural way our body compensates for the work done during the day, and gives itself time to heal and repair. It is what is essential for us to keep our bodies functioning on a day-to-day basis. Not getting enough sleep can lead to various ill-fated ailments like insomnia, sleep apnea or sleep deprivation that leave you with disorienting symptoms like fatigue, daytime sleepiness, clumsiness and rapid weight loss or rapid weight gain.

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, and with people having to juggle multiple engagements at the same time, sleep is difficult to come by. What could further leave you in bother, and make it harder for you to sleep is when you use an uncomfortable mattress to sleep on. Using an incorrect mattress that doesn’t suit you or your sleeping style, is the easiest way to burn yourself out by depriving yourself of the sleep you deserve.

Mattresses are an essential facet towards achieving a good night’s sleep, even though we often never give it the importance or even, the thought it deserves. Most people are content with continually using an inappropriate mattress, just because they look at it as having bedding to crash on, and nothing more. But if you have been having sleepless nights, feeling irritable upon waking up and suffering back, neck or shoulder pains, may be it is about time that you put enough thought into replacing your mattress. 

With rapid developments in studies of the human body, and how it reacts during sleep, mattress manufacturer today produce various different styles and types of pillows, mattresses and quilts that are designed to match an individual’s age, weight, height or medical needs. The main two deciding factors that you should always check for when you go to buy a mattress are support and comfort. The amount of support your mattress offers is determined by the number of coil springs within your mattress; and the amount of comfort is usually determined by the amount of support it offers your neck and back.

Here are some of the facets to consider while buying a mattress online, right here at During Days:

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Size: Depending on the type of lifestyle you have, and whether or not you are a single user of your bed, you can choose to invest in a single or an extra-long single mattress, or a queen-sized bed that is preferred by most couples. If you value that extra bit of space while you sleep, you could also invest in a king-size mattress, which is almost similar in cost to queen-sized mattresses.

Support: Mattresses are usually designed to keep your body flat and levelled as you sleep. This is the dictating factor over whether or not your mattress will help you relieve or prevent body pain, especially back pain. You should check on how much the mattress slumps in once you are on it before you invest in one and it can serve as an indicator of quality. Most low quality mattresses slump from the middle, which puts your back in an awkward position that leads to back pain and sprains.

Firmness: Most experts would advise you to go with a mattress that is of medium firmness. Firm mattresses often offer support at the cost of reduced comfort as some parts of your body may feel the firmness too rigidly. A soft mattress consequently, may offer you high comfort, but will lack enough support for your back. Buying a mattress with medium firmness will allow you to address the issues of support and comfort.

Motion Transfer Resistance: The temperature of your body inadvertedly impacts the quality of your sleep. Your choice of mattress can have a say on your consequent body temperatures at night. Usually a memory foam mattress absorbs and retains heat and is great for winter months, whilst a gel foam mattress absorbs heat and provides a cool and pacifying space to sleep on.

Various types of mattresses sport various effects so that you can discover the one that best matches your body and individual sleeping posture or style. If you are looking to buy a comfortable and relaxing mattress online, During Days can be your trusted partner in enabling you to sleep better. We have an extensive array of innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, air beds, water beds and ultra-plush mattresses that will suit whatever your needs may be. You can just browse through our catalogue, and pick the one that meets your requirements. Happy Shopping!

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