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How to create your own home gym - a buyer’s guide to gym equipment

Posted on June 14, 2016

Do you know that people exercising just 15 minutes a day have 14% lower mortality risk than those who do not exercise. In a quest to remain fit, people often splurge a lot on gym - you too might be one of them! But, what if you can save those dollars and enjoy the benefits of a gym at the comfort of your home? Interestingly you can avoid the hustle-bustle and sweat stained walls of a commercial gym and build one for your own.

Not only does exercise boost your physical strength training but also helps aid your mental function. The benefits of having your own

Benefits of having your own home gym:

If you start working out at your home, you get two steps closer to your fitness regime (here we mentioned two steps because joining professional gym is getting one step closer). By having your own gym, you not save big on budget but also enjoy benefits like:

  • Wade off the thought of germ-infested equipment - Yes, when you are doing work-out in your home gym, you stay at a bay from millions of germs that infest commercial gym equipment. According to a recent study in US gyms, free weights have 362 times more germs than a toilet seat. The Australasian Leisure Management also refers to these studies conducted in US over recent years. By having your own gym at home, you can keep all these germs away and take proper care of your equipment.
  • Eliminate the shiver of icy winter roads - It also eliminates the travel time that you waste while going to and coming back from the gym after your total-body workout. You can work out in a bliss which will make you feel better, and at peace.
  • Step into your exercise regimen right after you wake up - With a homegym, you just don’t have to rush to the gym and waste your time in commuting. You can easily start your exercise regimen within 15 minutes of waking up. If you have a gym set-up at home, you don’t need to worry about the working hours of gym and managing your schedule on the basis of this time only.
  • Enjoy exercise for unlimited time - If you want to take the advantage of best exercise equipment in commercial fitness gyms, you have to complete with others and win the race of time. But, having a homegym will benefit you with unlimited time and control over your exercise machine. You don’t have to worry about finishing your exercise quickly because of the long queue of gym customers waiting to use the gym machine.
  • Get every member of the family moving - By having your home gym with proper exercise equipment, you just don’t have to worry about paying hefty per member fee of commercial gyms. Any member of the family can easily use the home gym equipment as per your personal trainer’s advice.
  • Privacy and comfort - In comparison to the commercial gyms, doing your work-out in a private place is more comfortable. You wouldn’t have to bother much about how your clothes look like or how you move while working out as nobody is around to observe you while you exercise.
  • Your energy booster is just few steps away - After a heavy exercise regimen, it is natural that you look for energy replenishment in the form of a healthy drink. If you make a habit of working out in your own gym, you just don’t stay away from your kitchen. Immediately after you are done with the exercise, you can skimp into some delicious health drink.


What you need to have your own home gym

Atmosphere is most important - Yes, if you are going to create a home gym, environment matters a lot. While deciding the place, you should take care of all the aspects like: will you be able to seclude yourself? Will you be able to enjoy music in that space? And most importantly, is that place energizing enough that can persuade you for total-body workout? It should also not be disturbing for other members of the family (as your equipment will make at least some noise)!

A small place which you can call your home-gym - You should look for a space in your home where you can keep all the equipment comfortably. It is better if this place is isolated. You can set the equipment in your garage (yes, your own garage gym), spare room or even your study room that you left vacant after you graduated. It should in fact be built to keep you motivated.

Don’t hesitate to make it a social gym - Yes! Don’t hesitate to invite a friend to accompany you during work-out. It is always better to do such activities in groups - it keeps your morale and motivation up.

Motivational quotes and posters - You should also hang up some good motivational quotes and posters. These will drive your passion towards fitness and keep your mental strength and focus up. You can also experiment by hanging the wallpapers / poster of your physical fitness idol. Whenever you are bored or feeling lazy about your exercise regimen, you can always turn towards these motivational posters and quotes and let the life in again!

A small investment of cash - Yes! An important factor indeed (though at times it may be the most important one)! You need to put in little investment into your home gym initially. This might sound you way much higher than paying monthly commercial gym membership fee. But, if you look at the future perspective - say for example 2-3 years down the line, you will observe that having your own gym is always profitable.

A plan to execute the best fitness regimen - Before you begin your work-out practice, it is important that you meet a physical personal trainer who can suggest which work-out will suit you and up to which intensity. Remember, your exercise highly depends on your medical condition.

Dedication and motivation - Without dedication, you cannot stick to your routine, off course! This is especially true in the case of home gym. When you visit commercial gym, you observe lots of other members who are trying hard to stay fit. But, when you work-out at home, you yourself are the one who can keep the moral and motivation up. As stated above, you can hang the wallpapers/ poster of your physical fitness idol, and guess what? You will stay motivated to reach your fitness goal. Placing mirrors on the wall of your home gym may also help. Many people also prefer to maintain a special diary to keep a track of their everyday work-out.

What to consider when buying home Gym Equipment

When it comes to personal gym training, not everyone has the same goal. Some want to tone down, while some want to increase muscle mass and bulk up, some want to increase their cardiovascular fitness while others simply want to shed pounds and lose weight. If you are planning to set-up home gym, you need to consider your budget, fitness aim, and other important factors before buying gym equipment. Yopu should consider these points carefully in order to purchase the right fitness equipment that will far less likely sit in the corner of the room acquiring all the dust.

  • Goals: Before buying a home gym equipment, you should identify what is your prime goal behind doing exercise. If you wish to increase your lung capacity and lose weight, a piece of cardio equipment would be most favorable. On the other hand, if you wish to bulk up your muscles, a free weight or resistance gym machine would be most suited. If you purchase the right equipment for the type of exercise you will be doing in order to fulfill your goal, you will get the maximum use of your home gym equipment.
  • Budget: If purchased in a random manner, buying home gym equipment can be quite expensive. However, it does not have to be such! Not all the gyms need to feature the state-of-art electronic fitness equipment that cost thousands of dollars. You can also find good quality home gym equipment online without breaking your budget. You can also invest in smaller fitness equipment that offer the benefits similar to that of the larger ones, such as thigh toner, exercise hand grips, etc.
  • Space:You should always measure the space available for your home equipment before purchasing it. You may find it really disappointing to invest money in a new gym equipment only to find out that it does not fit into the space originally designed. Most often, people also realize that in order to fit in the equipment, they have to push the equipment at the corner of room making it less comfortable to be used.
  • Interests:You should choose an equipment that interests you. If you hate cycling, there is no good in buying an exercise bike. If you love walking or running, a treadmill is perfect to go. In order to keep yourself motivated towards exercise and work-out regimen, you should make it interesting and enjoyable. After all, you would not like to spend lots of money on the home gym equipment that you would not use just because they are mundane, boring or difficult to use!

Home Gym

Essential Home Gym Equipment

Home workout is a billion-dollar industry. This guide will help the people who want their own space to achieve their goal of becoming better, bigger and off course stronger. It will also help those who love physical training, whether it is powerlifting, bodybuilding or sport. Here are some of the vital exercise equipment of a home gym, their buying instructions and their important safety tips. These will help you in deciding which equipment in your home are necessary and why.

1. Dumbbells

A dumbbell is one of the most easily found items when it comes to gym and exercise essentials. You can do seemingly endless exercise with the help of dumbbells. Owing to their usability, they justify your purchase decision immediately. Usually, a hex shaped dumbbell with black rubber coating lasts really well and is most comfortable for working out.

How to buy a dumbbell for your home gym: While buying dumbbells initially for your home gym, you should get 3-5 sets in a range of weights. This will help you in using these dumbbells for different gym exercises and for the strength training you will gain. You can also invest in an adjustable dumbbell kit. The disadvantage that you usually have to face with adjustable dumbbell kit is that you will be required to constantly remove the collar and subtract or add weight plates.

While buying dumbbells, the ones with hexagonal ends are great as they won’t roll away. Having a dumbbell rack is also a good idea to keep the weights organized and your home gym looking clean and tidy.

Some of the frequently bought dumbbells:

Here is a list of some of the frequently bought dumbbell sets:

Safety tips to consider while buying dumbbells: If you are a beginner, don’t buy heavy weight dumbbells. Start with lower weight and then gradually improve your weight training. Also, if possible seek some expert advice before buying dumbbells for your gym.

2. Kettlebell

Most of the people consider that kettlebells are not essential as many of the kettlebell movements can be done with dumbbells. But there are certain movements that are unique and work better with a kettlebell. You can try out different varieties of work-outs with them, thus kettlebells are worthwile investment that can add to your gym workout routines at your home gym.

How to buy a kettllebell for your home gym: While purchasing kettlebells, look for the ones that have big smooth handles and do not have any painted coating.

Some of the frequently bought Kettlebells are:

Safety tips to consider while buying Kettlebells: Before you start using kettlebells, seek expert advice. Don’t just go with videos and tutorials. Basically, start with kettlebells that are neither too heavy nor too light. Here are few more points that you can consider:

  • Invest in kettlebells that come with curved, smooth handles which can easily be gripped (ensure that you can grip the handle from anywhere, not just the top part). The coating should be chip resistant and smooth enough to hold. It should not irritate your hands while you work on your stamina-building work-sets.
  • Make sure that the kettlebells you buy have a high-contrast lettering. This will help you know the exact weight of the kettlebell that you are using. Also look for the kettlebells that come with a warranty or guarantee that it will not rust and can be used for really long time.

 3. Treadmill/Exercise Bike

For some people at certain locations, it is impossible to do cardio outside in winter. In such situations, having an exercise bike or treadmill is the perfect solution. If you are also one of them, treadmill or exercise bike is a must have for your home gym. It will help you to get the benefits of some good cardio during the winter, that too without moving the snow every day.

If the case is not true for your location, we recommend brick walking or jogging in natural air. This will help you enjoy fresh oxygen and great health benefits together.

Some of the frequently bought Treadmills and Exercise Bikes are:

Safety tips to consider while buying Exercise Bikes:

While most of you do thorough research before buying an exercise bike for home, here are some important considerations to check:

  • How much money you are planning to spend on your bike or what model you are interested into do play an important role. But, there are some basic features that you should look for while buying exercise bikes. To ensure your safety and provide different levels of training, your bike should have various resistence levels.
  • The seat should be comfortable enough because you spend a lot of time on it. Moreover, if you are not average-sized, look for the adjustable seats.
  • If you have already planned which exercise bike you want to buy and it does not have comparably comfortable seat you can always invest in a good quality seat cover with padding or gel. This will ensure that you are comfortable during the work-out. Comfort should be your priority irrespective of the budget as it counts on the long term safety.
  • To ensure that your feet don’t slip while peddling, make sure that the pedals are not only wide enough but also have some sort of strapping or smooth surface.
  • Though this is not covered into safety features but is worthwhile to be mentioned: the built in computer should show basic details like time, speed, and the number of calories burnt.
  • Monitoring your heart rate while doing exercise is really important, so if a heart rate monitor is not incorporated in your exercise bike, you should buy a separate monitor for the same.

Safety tips to consider while buying Treadmills:

  • While buying treadmills, you should look for basic safety features like belt speed and safety key - this helps you start and stop in small gradual increments.
  • Ensure that the console grips or handrails of the treadmill are comfortable enough without being obtrusive.
  • Look for warranty - Your treadmill is a one-time investment and it is costly too. Look for a treadmill that offers lifetime warranty on the frame, 1-3 years warranty on parts and minimum of 1 year of labour coverage. Also, ensure that your warranty includes: deck and belt, motor, and electronics.

4. Rings

They are lightweight and take you to the next level of exercise. It also works well in maintaining a healthy lifestyle if you travel a lot. With the help of rings, you can also add a whole range of gymnastic exercises and enhance the variety in your gym workouts.

How to buy rings for your home gym - While buying rings for your home gym, try to look for brands that are light in weight and easy to hang.

Some of the frequently bought Exercise Rings are:

Safety tips to consider while buying aerobics rings:

  • The straps that are included with aerobics rings is really important. They need to be strong and easy to use and bear the desired weight.

5. Pull Up Bar

When you hear pull up bars, remember - they are not just pull-ups! You can practice a number of basic gymnastic exercises if you have a pull-up bar installed in your home gym. While installing them, you can opt for systems that are built for doorways (ideally you would have a part of wall or an archway where you could mount a bar. But still, if you are facing difficulty in doing the pull ups, you can also buy some resistance bands for assistance.

Some of the frequently bought Pull up Bars are:

Safety tips to consider while buying pull up bars:

  • Always check the weight limit of pull up bar that you are going to buy. You should not be heavier than this weight or else your pull up bar may start bending from middle.
  • Kipping is not possible with door pull up bar, so it is not recommended to even try that! Since the design of over the top leverage bars is such that if you try to swing too far, it will be pulled tight into the wall and will no longer stay in place.

6. Jump Rope

Most of us have sweet memories of jumping rope since we were a kid. With no surprise, you must also be one among them! It is an excellent cardio which will help you strengthen your muscles and build health. It also helps in your coordination in a really big way.

How to buy a skipping rope for home gym - If you are a beginner, make sure that you buy a durable rope and are not too conscious about the details. If you are well acquainted with this exercise, you can look for weighted rope to work on strength training or a wire lightweight rope that will help you to work on timing and speed.

Some of the frequently bought Jump Ropes are:

Safety tips to consider while buying jump rope:

  • Look for the ropes that have large handles. You may lose grip on smaller handles which may lead to probable injuries. Though, this check sounds quite trivial but if not conducted properly, it may hamper you or your gym room.
  • As a safety precaution and also to enjoy wholesome benefits, try skipping the rope in outdoors. It will not only provide a free space for your movement but also enrich you with natural and fresh air.

7. Aerobic Step

If you love aerobics and are planning to include this entertaining activity into your workout routines too, pull your stamina up and get ready for some engrossing aerobics moves! For this you require a good quality aerobic step with which you can take your aerobics to the work-out level. Your step aerobics session will typically include sets of choreographed movements performed on a raised platform. These movements are usually accompanied by music and works exceptionally well for the cardiovascular system, upper body and the lower body. You can create your own gym workout routines with the help of a certified personal trainer or simply follow a tutorial video for some engaging moves.

Some of the frequently bought Aerobic Steps are:

Safety tips to consider while exercising on aerobics step:

Some of you might be really concerned about step aerobics being really hard and high impact on your joints. But if taken up in the right manner, it can provide multifold benefits. Here are some important considerations that you should think about before buying aerobics step:

  • Start up with an aerobics step that is not higher than 4 inches. Also ensure that you are not using the one that requires you to bend your knee more than 90 degrees.
  • Be careful about the techniques you are using and the correct bench height for you. If these two combinations go wrong, you may face some serious injuries during this workout.
  • While stepping on aerobics step, just don’t hop or bounce of or onto the step. Place your foot entirely on the step.

8. Box Jumps:

Nothing can be more fun than having something to jump on boxes that are great for building fiery quickness and power. You can also use them easily for bench dips, squatting or for other non-jumping exercises. If you have the ability, you can make a DIY jump box and with wood. To add more details, you can visit your nearest hardware store and purchase an irrigation box.

Box jumps can help your nervous system gain size and strength, assuming that you do it right. Here are some of the safety tips that you must consider while doing box jumps:

  • Quality is more important than quantity, and the same is true in case of this work-out too! Instead of focusing on the number of jumps, you should maximize your land and hip extension with the right technique. If you are not concentrating on full hip extension, your box jumps are utter waste of time.
  • Many people throw their arms behind their bodies as they jump. In order to gain the maximum and off course correct benefits, your arms should shoot overhead like you are catching a basketball rebound. With this motion, the energy is transferred throughout your body helping you jump as high as possible.
  • You should ensure to treat each rep as its own set. You must rest between reps and should not do more than 6 box jumps in a row.

9. Barbell:

Barbell is an essentially important item to complete your home gym. Just like other free weights, barbells are better than the gym machines and high-end equipment used in gyms. They bring the coordination and stabilization aspects to your workouts.

How to buy barbell for your home gym - If you are planning to buy a barbell for your home gym, look for a sturdy, firm and not so cheap nor too expensive barbell. If you are one among those who have small hands, make sure that you buy a barbell with smaller diameter. You can also consider purchasing a women’s barbell.

Some of the frequently bought barbells are:

Safety tips to consider while buying barbells:

  • Before buying barbells, make sure that you are well acquainted with the lifting techniques and the ways to secure the weights.
  • Weight Plates: After buying the bar, you need some more weight to put on the bar. You can buy a variety of weights - 25#, 10#, 5#, 2.5# (don’t try to go for higher ones if you are just a beginner)! If you are planning to train yourself for the Olympics, Just ensure that you get rubber bumper plates.
  • Be careful if you are buying free weights. 90% of the injuries are caused by lifting up free weights improperly.

10. Exercise Ball:

Exercise ball is one of the greatest tools for core strength movements as well as plyometric exercises. It is an essential purchase and can be used in multiple manners. You can carry it, throw it or use it for abdominal exercises, in fact it provides you many, many options.

How to buy an exercise ball for your home gym:

If you are looking to make the purchase of an exercise ball, ensure that it is soft enough to provide comfort to you while you do exercises involving catching or throwing it. If you are unsure about the weight, you can try out the lighter ones as most of the medicine balls focus on power and speed.

Some of the frequently bought exercise balls are:

11. Yoga Mat

Started gyming and left Yoga? Yoga not only pacifies your mind but also provides new energy to your life. Moreover, to stay fit you need to experiment with various kinds of gym exercises, and Yoga is really important one in your must-do activities for fitness.

Some of the frequently bought yoga mats are:

12. Foam Roller

It is important to give your body some relief after you work out. A foam roller helps you in that. It is actually one of the most affordable ways of getting a deep tissue massage. You can slowly roll over various areas of your body over the foam roller in order to break up the scar tissues and adhesions and speed up the recovery and healing process after you work out.

Some of the frequently bought foam rollers are:

13. Stereo System:

For most of the people, total-body workout is incomplete without some loud and really fast music. Invest in a good stereo that will keep you moving!

We have included the most prominent must-have gym equipment in this list. It is advisable that you visit an expert first before making the purchase. All these equipment may not get a place into the recommendation list as per your requirements. Some of them may even be out of the list while you decide to make a whole new fitness-world for yourself in your home. So, make your decision wisely.  

Some of the frequently bought stereo speakers are:

Home Gym

Moving on to the next step - the additional equipment:

If you are at an advanced level of physical training, your requirements may differ and you may require some more equipment to follow your passion of fitness. Here is a list of not so necessary items, but you can surely give a thought on them in order to get a holistic and comprehensive gyming experience.

  • Suspension Trainer: The suspension trainer is pretty compact and takes up minimum space in your home gym. The size advantage makes it quite easy, you just have to fit it up to your rack and you are done! Suspension trainers from good brands allow you to build your core. It also helps you to work on you functional range movements, which you wouldn’t have been able to do with free weights alone.
  • Spin Bike: If your preference is low intensity heart rate training, you can always choose to get outside and walk. You can make use of spin bike which will provide you similar benefits (as of walking) at the comfort of your home. But, remember natural ways are always better and more beneficial.
  • Punch Bag: Love punching or boxing? Great! Make your love an exercise and you will enjoy it to the core! You can add a punch bag to enjoy the benefits of high intensity total-body workouts and stress-busting. But, before placing this bag, make sure that you leave enough room in every direction so that you can really work on it. It is in fact one of the most entertaining upper-body exercises.
  • Rowing Machine: Most prominently used for lower bodybuilding exercise, a rowing machine involves the main leg muscles. The upper front of the thighs experience most of the benefits while glutes (buttocks) and calves also feel the burn. So, if you are planning for a lower bodybuilding workout, rowing machine might be one of the best picks.

If you want to go for the advanced versions or to have a corner gym, a multi-gym equipment can be the best pick for you. Multi-gym equipment are available in various combinations and are embedded with a number of features. Apart from these, if you are a seasoned fitness freak, you can also invest in a range of motion equipment like elliptical machine, gym bench leg press, and weight benches.

Adding value to your ‘Gym’ knowledge:

At the initial level, you should avoid purchasing ultimately faddish and overly expensive fitness equipment for creating a complete home gym. Once you have your complete home gym, it’s time to get working on it - be it upper-body exercises or simple strength training ones. But, before you do that, you should also consider the following factors:

  • Make sure to set the right schedule and program. Always consult a professional trainer before beginning a specific exercise. If you do not follow a well-planned and professionally sound routine, you may mitigate a risk by practicing a work-out plan that deliver the results by putting your health at stake.
  • While handling weights at the initial level, make sure that you don’t invest into any heavy duty weight stacks. These weight stacks should be used once you understand the requirements of your body.
  • Have you heard about 6X6 training? It is one of the most brilliant programs for recomposition, muscle gain or fat loss and work well by tweaking the nutrition that you intake. It basically involves 6 sets of 6 reps. These reps are reasonably light and the main focus of this training is of density of reps rather than the weight.
  • German Volume Training or HST Training is a great way to deliver gaining great muscle mass without really having to use heavy weights.
  • Get the technique. Remember, it’s about your health and your body. Once you have taken a professional advice, you will be training all alone without anyone to keep a check on your technique or notify you if you are using a wrong method and putting yourself at risk. Make sure that if you are confused about any of the gym exercises in your regime, you can invest in just one session with a really good trainer. This professional will show you the right way to exercise and train you for the same. This will pay dividends later on if you consider the cost of picking up an injury.
  • Gym Flooring - There are a variety of home gym floorings available in the market. Choosing the best one depends on your usage and personal preferences. Some of the common ones are: carpet floor tiles, rubber flooring, foam floorings and vinyl floor tiles. The most common one is rubber flooring, though being heavy to move around. Rubber flooring is also a bad insulator which acts against temperature transmission. You can also find some inexpensive rubber floorings if you opt for the ones that are made with recycled rubber. With rubber gym floor, you can avoid the chances of probable accidents and mishaps during your workout routines.
  • Consult your personal trainer before buying advanced versions of leg press, gym bench, elliptical machine, and weight benches.

Exercise is important for both women’s and men’s fitness. After this comprehensive knowledge about complete home gym and the equipment that form a major part of residential gym, you are all well prepared to have one for yourself and stay fit within budget. Afterall, you don’t have to pay hefty gym membership fee once you have a gym at your home. If you need any other help regarding the purchase of a home gym for yourself, feel free to speak to our experts. You can write to us at or leave your query in the ‘Contact Us’ form. One of our team members will contact you as soon as possible.

We are leading suppliers of home gym equipment across Australia and our range of service includes Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Springvale, Newcastle, Queensland, Auburn, and all other prime areas of Victoria. You can find a range of new-age and technologically advanced gym equipment on our website.

Happy gyming and stay safe!

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