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How to choose which Dining Table and Chair Set suits You Best

Posted on September 15, 2016

Real-estate gurus have long since stated the dining area of any house, is deemed to be one of the most important areas of a home. In an ideal scenario, a dining area should be designed to bring people together where they indulge in not just a meal, but also in the fulfilling dialogue and companionship that gets skipped in our all too frenzied lives. Dining areas are often placed at the centerfold of a kitchen, doubling up as an eating space in a home as well as providing a happy place for your family and friends to sit down for a meal and have a good time. Whether you plan on throwing a dinner party for your friends, or wish to cook a festive meal for your family, or host a poker night, or indeed plan any other kind of social gathering, chances are, your guests will eventually end up getting together around your dining table set. This should, therefore be of primal importance to consider what purposes you will mainly be using your dining table and chair set for before settling on which type of furniture to buy.



Deciding on the right dining table and chair set can prove to be an awe-inspiring affair, especially if you aren’t in the knowhow of precisely what you’re looking for. With an endless array of options available to choose from, uninformed consumers often find themselves befuddled and end up being dependant on the judgment of the store salesman. And let’s face it, that is not the most convenient way to go shopping for one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. You do not want to bring home a dining table set that turns out to be a complete misfit, and sticks out like a sore thumb right in the middle of your humble abode.

In the not too distant past, bringing home a dining table was a relatively straight forward affair. All you had to do, was walk up to your local store-front, pick out a table based on the dimensions of your home or living room area or dining area, check if that fits your budget, and then go ahead and bring it back home. Selecting matching chairs to go with your table was not even considered an issue, as most dining tables came as a set, equipped with a pre-existing set of chairs. As time passed, our needs have evolved. We care as much about style and comfort now, as we did about functionality years earlier. Simply fulfilling the basic duties of a dining table to let people sit and eat is not enough anymore. To that end, we have been exposed to a dizzying plethora of options to ‘mix-and-match’, from various local vendors as well as online retailers. And while that was given us the option to choose whatever and whichever form or shape or style of dining table and chair set, it has also raised the importance of knowing what to look for and making an informed decision.


About the Dining Table

Dining table sets come available in an assortment of shapes and sizes and, in most homes serves as the centerpiece of the whole room. Dining Table Sets also come in manifold materials like wood, pine, plywood, and hardwood as well as many more. You should keep in mind, that whatever the design of the dining room set you opt for, it should represent your personal style. This is after all the place where your family and friends will gather around on special occasions to enjoy festive meals, and thus, you should put some thought into what would make them comfortable, as well as by all means personalizing the space, to fit the image you are going for.



Selecting the correct Dining Table shape

A modern home is all about the astonishing amalgamation of numerous different fashions, styles, textures and shapes. When added to the burgeoning popularity of the open floor plans, conventional dining room seating arrangements might seem like a thing of the past. One of the basic decisions you would be required to make first and foremost is regarding the shape of the dining table that you are going to buy. Here are some of the most common types of shapes for your dining table, you could choose from:

The Rectangular Dining Table

The rectangular dining table is widely regarded as the most popular shape amongst dining table choices. The rectangular shaped dining table is unanimously loved, owing to its structure and functionality. This table shape seems to bring together a ‘best of both worlds’ preferences, as its clean visual of distinct straight lines serve your needs seamlessly. So, whether you are aiming for a modern setting to match the modern décor of your contemporary home or you envisage a rustic charm steeped in history as your interior choice, this table can perform both roles with ease.

If you decide on a rectangular shaped table, you shouldn’t be afraid to opt for one that seems to be on the narrow side, for your space. This is because, a table as small as 28 inches wide will still allow ample room for meals and cutlery, provided you can match your space ergonomically. Rectangular tables can be squeezed into tiny spaces without taking over the entire room. In such cases, even if your kitchen is small, it will still manage to accommodate a rectangular shaped dining table that comfortably seats four or maybe even six, at a stretch. One nifty trick to fitting a table into a limited amount space is by creating an illusion that it hasn’t been squeezed in at all. In order to achieve that effect, you should opt for a table that allows at least 3 feet of empty room around it, across your room or dining area. This also works great, if you live a minimalistic lifestyle anyways. One potential drawback of a rectangular dining table might be the fact that it might give off an overly formal vibe, lending to an irksome boardroom atmosphere, rather than exude the warmth and welcome that a table in a home should emanate.

If you consider yourself an ideal host, or are in the business of entertaining a lot of people regularly at your home, you could make your system feel less like a boardroom by selecting more casual or stylish chairs, rather than the standard ones that might come with the set. If you aren’t planning on hosting regular house parties, you could also opt for an extendable table that can be tucked in to snug proportions for everyday usage. This will not only help save space, but also relieve you of the burden of having to dine with empty chairs.

The Oval Dining Table

An oval dining table is the closest relative of a rectangular table in almost all its characteristics. However, an oval shaped table visually can occupy a little less room than a rectangular table because of its rounded corners. Oval shaped dining tables bring with it a sense of occasion to any gathering, whether you’re feasting with the family or just want to amaze your guests. Oval shaped dining tables come in handy when you have a slimmer space, but need to seat more people.

Oval dining tables that come equipped with pedestal table legs can elevate a mundane looking table into a contemporary and urban piece of furniture. If your dining area doubles up as a passageway to somewhere, or lies in the pathway to another room or another area of the house, an oval shaped table will allow you or your family and friends that use the pathway to easily navigate around without having to risk a stubbed toe on a rectangular corner.

If you are working under the constraints of a confined space, opting for simple bar stools instead of traditional chair seating arrangements can be ideal for you. Bar stools can be easily tucked away under any table of any shape when not in use. This also helps release space up visually. Also, bar stools are contemporary and help your home give off an urban chic feel. Our During Days website also features an exciting array of bar stools for you to choose from, on top of traditional dining chairs, in case you thought of going down that path.

The Round Dining Table

A round shaped dining table can be deemed perfect for small get-togethers as well as intimate dinners. It is also perfect for small dining rooms and square-shaped spaces. Round dining tables let the people sitting at the table to better converse as it helps them maintain eye contact with each other at all times. However, you should remember that huge sized round tables are not practical at all. They occupy enormous chunks of space and, even though you might still be able to see the others on your eye line, they give off a mirage effect of being far away. One realistic solution for a problem of this kind can be, if you opted for a round table that can also be extended. Some round dining tables come with an extension leaf that can turn it into an oval table as and when you require it to be.

The Square Dining Table

Even though the square shaped dining table is more alike the rectangular dining table in a visual or geometrical context, they are more alike the round dining table characteristically. This is because, a square dining table, owing to its smaller size in comparison to the rectangular table, provides an intimate ambiance and dining familiarity, as the people involved can sit closer to each other and thus converse better with each other.

Square shaped tables work best with square shaped rooms or square shaped kitchen or dining areas. Square dining tables also come in handy if you don’t have a lot of guests to appease all the time. Although, some square tables come with the option of expanding with leaves that can accommodate your extra guests. Also, you could group two square tables together in order to form a bigger rectangular seating arrangement for when you have more people over, like birthdays or festive seasons.

Square dining tables have potential drawback though, in that they actually take up much more space, than what you would be inclined to believe. This is because of the edges that are sharp corners, and are not rounded up. Also, because of the sharp edges at the corners, passing food around the table is not as easy if you are seating more than a couple of people. If you do not have a square shaped room, and if the dimensions of the table are not at par with the room, it might stick out like an anomaly. Some square dining tables also have square pegged legs, which is liable to be a hindrance to people, if the table is placed near a passageway or is frequently used.

One solution to negating the effects of the square edges is if you used curved or contemporary designed chairs to go with the table. You could also add a round shaped centerpiece like a round bowl of fresh fruit or a round shaped flower vase with colorful flowers in order to balance the angular vision of a square table.

(HotTip: If you are unsure about the type or shape of dining table you should opt for, you could take a couple of regular sized bedsheets, and fold them in the area you wish to place your dining table in. Then you can go ahead and measure your wall to wall clearances from the space, and decide which shape or style suits you best.)



Seating arrangements for various kinds of Dining Tables

With so many different shapes and sizes of dining tables available for you. How do you choose the right one for you?

Well, only you know the amount of space you are dealing with and the type of look and décor you wish to go for. But, it won’t turn out well if you get yourself a fancy looking dining table, that doesn’t feel comfortable to sit on, and with no room to maneuver your hands or feet as you eat or chat. This makes getting the dining table to fit your space whilst providing comfortable seating room even more critical.

In an ideal situation, your dining table needs to allow your diners to seat comfortably while still leaving enough space to walk around it. The ideal table width should at least be 36 inches, although it can vary if you have a larger space to dealing with. The purpose of this measurement is so that there is enough space on the table top for food, and dishes, as well as any other decorative item you may have. You should also remember, as the length of the table increases, the size of the table top also increases proportionately.

As you measure your table to wall clearance whilst gauging your space around the room, you should try to leave a gap of 42-48 inches between your table and the walls. This is deemed to be the ideal space to allow diners to sit or get up comfortably between their seats.

(Hot Tip: If you have furniture accompanying your dining space, you should take the same 42-48 inches measurement from the edge of your furniture pieces instead of the wall.)

The standard height range for most dining tables is 28-30 inches tall. For the most comfortable dining experience, your dining table must leave adequate room above the knee, and must be on the level of your elbows as you sit down.

Each dining table manufacturer recommends the ideal number of people that can be seated comfortably without touching elbows while eating for each specific product. In general though, you can assume each individual needs about 2 feet of maneuvering room while eating.

When it comes to seating a large number of people, rectangular dining tables work a lot better than round or oval shaped tables. If you do have to opt for a larger table size due to the number of people you wish to host, but are working with a cramped space, you could opt for smaller sized modern designed chairs or bar stools or even a bench to boot with it. But, whichever option you choose, be aware that they can be moved under the table when not in use, so as to make the most of the space.

Lazy Susan feature for Dining Tables:

A Lazy Susan is a rotating tray or dish that is placed on a dining table or tabletop that helps in distributing food across the table uniformly.

No matter which shape of table you choose, as the size of the table increases, so does the size of the table top. One of the growing pains with the growing size of the table is that it will become harder and harder for someone to reach the center of the table. The Lazy Susan feature offers a respite in this regard. Most tables with a width of 60-72 inches or more come equipped with a Lazy Susan. This is especially true for round or square pegged dining tables. Although if you table doesn’t come pre-fitted with one, you could always get your table fitted with a custom Lazy Susan. These also come in a variety of styles and designs, and made of various materials like glass, wood, or plastic.


Choosing the material for your Dining Table

Choosing the right material for your dining table goes beyond just selecting the matching surface for your décor. The type of material you choose will also determine its longevity, functionality on top of the visual effects.

If you have your heart set on a wooden dining table, you should always go for hardwood options like mahogany, oak, maple or teak. If you are planning to own a wooden table, you shouldn’t opt for thick veneers because it might lift away from the piece with time. A quick tip for identifying a thick veneer is that it will feel like plastic to the touch and have display seams around its corners. Other types of composite wood components include options like plywood or MDF. MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard is made up of a composite of hard as well as soft wood bits which are compressed into a board figurine. MDF dining table tops are durable, even though they are not as strong as hardwood structures. In you plan to buy a dining table in the long run, opting for hardwood might be the smarter choice, as they would last far longer than an MDF composite. Often times, a table with removable legs or extendable leaves are made up of engineered materials like fiberboards—a composite made up of pressed wood scraps. Although, they are not as long-lasting as hardwood dining tables, they are of great functionality if you’re working with limited space, or need to be flexible about the placement of the table from time to time. Lighter materials are easier to move around, so if that is your primary concern you should go for an option like it.

Similarly, if you plan on placing your dining table around young kids or entertain people over for drinks a lot, you might also have to consider the spillage amounts you have to deal with from time to time. A polished mahogany table might be one of the classiest choices amongst table top materials, but in this case, you would risk destroying it with frequent spillage. Instead, you should opt for durable materials that are not prone to watermarks such as polished marble or glass.

As technology has advanced with time, so has the market for dining table materials. Contemporary manufacturers or designers have induced a modern, minimalistic approach to designing dining tables as our lifestyles keep running at a faster pace. Grand ornate styles are fast becoming a thing of the past, as flexibility becomes key. New-age materials like mirrored chrome or brushed steel make sleep additions to the modern dining space that delivers a clean-cut and simple appearance. Other options like a marble top supported by a satin framework to hold it in place, deliver a modern look without compromising on substance or stability.

Glass has also grown in popularity over the years, as glass surfaces can add an air of sophistication and luxury to a modern dining area. Glass is not that brittle anymore, as most tops are toughened by a rigorous annealed glass heating procedure to around 650 degrees that can increase the strength of the glass by up to 5 times. This toughening process also doubles up as safety feature as this fully tempered glass when broken will not shard or shatter but rather harmless fragments. This vastly improves its usability around children or elderly people and eliminates the chances of bodily harm if your table meets with any accidental damage. Glass dining tables can sport matte or highly polished finishes that can either have smooth or beveled edges. A recent favorite of modern dining table trends has been the usage of black glass as material, as they lend a sleek new mysterious feel for your dining area.


Some quality tips to check for your Dining Table

One very easy trick to gauging the stability of your dining table is checking to see if it rocks or wobbles under pressure. Ask any professional, and they will tell you the joints of the furniture are the most crucial part of the item. Dovetailed joints are traditionally used to make the sturdiest furniture, while well done dowelled joints are also an alternative. You should be wary if you are opting for a budget-friendly furniture item, as often they might have joints that are simply screwed together or stapled.

If you are opting for wooden options, you should remember solid wood materials are much heavier than the composite wooden veneer materials. Also, appearance wise solid woods portray blemishes and knots, whilst veneers deliver a more consistent look.



About the Dining Chair

Much like shopping for a dining table, when you shop for a dining chair, you need the chair to be both comfortable and stylish. You want it to reflect your style or the style of your dining area or dining room, but at the same time, much like while buying the dining table itself, you should remember that these chairs will be used by everyone to gather around to dine and have a conversation. This means, you should also be on the lookout for how comfortable they are to sit in.


Choosing your Dining Chair style

Whether you are picking out an altogether dining table and chair set or utilizing the “mix and match” capabilities while designing your dining area, you should consider the style you are going for. For more informal and modern approaches, you could pair old-fashioned chairs with a contemporary table, or vice versa. It should be pointed out, that if you do decide to go down that path, you should try to find furniture pieces that share at least one common design element. For example, if you are working with a table that has an arched leg as a design, you should try to match it with a chair with a similar arched leg look. Similarly, if you are using a square or a rectangular dining table, you should opt for chairs with a square or rectangular seat to keep up the symmetry.

Choosing your Dining Chair type

Whether you choose a table to match your interior or use contrasting looks to create a modern ambience, your dining chair choice will remain a personal one. So, you simply need to browse through the options till you find one that suits your needs and fits your style. Below listed are some of the main types of dining chairs for you to consider:

  • Solid: Solid dining chairs, much like the name suggest are made entirely of one type of material. Some commonly used materials for building solid chair types are wood, metal, or molded plastic. These are the most common types of chairs around today, and chances are you have encountered them at your local bar or pub.

  • Cushioned: A hybrid version of the solid dining chair, a cushioned chair is one with a cushioned seat to go with the solid build. The cushion can be present as either of upholstered, or attached to the seat, or it may also be removable.

  • Upholstered: An upholstered chair is the name given to chairs that are covered by some sort of fabric or seating material over the seat, back, and arms. Most of these types of chairs wrap their wooden or metal frames in padding by some fabric material or leather detailed by trimming, welting, nail heads or buttons. Some types of upholstered chairs also come along with slipcovers.

  • Benches: When you need to seat a lot of people but are squeezed for space, opting for a bench can end all your troubles. Benches are apt for seating a lot of bodies cozily and are excellent for usage with children. You should be careful that your bench can slide underneath the table when not in use, or it might cause a hindrance of space.

  • Bar Stools: If you use a counter or a table that is the standard bar height, and a little taller than the average dining table, you could opt for bar stools to up the style quotient as well as enhancing functionality. Bar stools come in varying heights and styles, and are easier to move around or tuck in when not in use on top of adding a modern vibe to your room.


Choosing between Armless Dining Chairs or Dining Chairs with Arms

This is also quite a personal choice, but depending on the amount of space you are dealing with or the kind of décor you are going for, you can choose whether you want arm rests or not. You should consider though, that armless chairs do take up lesser space than chairs with arm rests. But, chairs with built-in armrests are more comfortable to sit in. Also, if you are going to deal with elderly people, who have pain their knees, arms or chairs, arm rests can help with getting in and out of the chair.

If you are going to sit at the dining table for long periods or have an extended meal time routine, you will find arm rests a big plus. If the amount of space you have is tight and your meal time is standard, you can do without them.


Understanding your Dining Chair dimensions

If you opt for a dining table and chair set, you do not have to worry about the dimensions of your chair, as they will already come fulfilling the entire criterion. Most manufacturers also sell with detailed seating arrangement charts. The standard width for an armless dining chair is 22 inches, but if your dining table or dining space in general is larger, you can opt for higher dimensions proportionately. If you are dealing with lesser space you can opt for armless dining chairs, as you can fit more of them in a confined space. But, you should not choose a chair that is narrower than 17 inches in width, as they will not provide enough support for the average human rear. Comfort levels are maximum in chairs that are 20-24 inches deep.

In terms of height, 18-19 inches is considered the ideal height for dining chair seats, as most dining tables are of 29-30 inch height. You can follow a standard rule of thumb to keep a gap of 10-12 inches between the seat level and the table top.


Giving importance to the location of the Dining Chair

This section obviously is dependent on your personal style or preference, and the architecture of your house, but you should know the subtle differences in the setup based on where you choose to place these pieces of furniture. You should understand that although both a dining room and a kitchen are the two most commonly used locations inside a home for gathering around and sharing a meal, each necessitates a somewhat different style of furniture. Getting your head around these differences will help you dictate the design and decide on the style best suited. A kitchen is a more informal dining area, and works great if you like cozy meals in a casual setting. A dedicated dining room is usually reserved for more formal occasions where you entertain guests. Although, dining rooms can be made contemporary and classy or even homely and cozy, just the simple act of dedicating a space specifically as a place to have meals brings with it an inherent formality that you need to maintain. It is vital that you buy a chair that matches in finish as well as material that not only matches but also enhances your space.




Selecting your Dining Chair material

The material of your dining chair goes a long way towards determining its look and feel. You can use metal to give your dining room a contemporary feel by utilizing its reflective qualities. Acrylic chairs also bring modernism into your room. Wood as an element in furniture is very versatile and you can have your pick in terms of styles or finishes. Rattan or wicker are newer options and help create a tropical feel, and works great with huge open spaces or small clustered openings.


Some quality tips to check for your Dining Chair

Similar to the check for dining table, you can check if your dining chair is structurally sound by testing to see if it rocks or wobbles under pressure as you move or jiggle it around gently. Make sure that individual parts like the legs, backs or arms do not move around individually. Check for comfort by seating on them. A solid wooden seat should be made of one solid piece and not just some random pieces glued together. Also, you should check whether or not the seating surface has any snags or splinters or have any nails or screws poking out, as they can be potentially dangerous. You can also check for the tilt on your chair’s hind legs, and whether or not it would be able to support the weight of an average adult human being.



Dining room furniture purchase is perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects for our customers while deciding on the make-up of their home. If going in without the proper research, they can be expensive individually or collectively and can drain your wallet faster than you can think. Luckily though, with today’s style trends emerging in the furniture market, you have more options than ever at your disposal to pick and choose exactly what your heart desires.

In addition, if you are looking to make a dining furniture purchase online, During Days provides an impressive array of various types of dining tables and dining chairs that can meet your requirements and will allow you to buy the best product online at an attractive price. Happy Shopping!

If you need any other assistance before you buy a dining table or a dining chair or want to enquire about which furniture best suits your needs, feel free to contact us at You can let us know your queries and one of our team members will get in touch with you within the as soon as possible. We are the leading suppliers of top-notch quality dining tables and dining chair sets across Australia including Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Victoria, and other prime localities. You can also avail some of the best deals and discounts we frequently offer our customers, to get your hands on some splendid and affordable dining tables and chairs on the cheap.

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