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Home & Garden

Home, a place for yourself!

The pleasure of entering your home and re-connecting with your loved ones is delightful, as the place called home built with love and togetherness makes you create enduring moments in it. Being the safest place for one to reside in, the urge of waiting to get back home is never ending, while you are away. Affecting your mood, health, relationships and career; your home deserves much attention then you actually give. Depict your lifestyle by designing your home and giving it a wonderful look. Home is not just a place to keep your belongings; it’s a place for yourself, it’s a place where you ought to be yourself. Beautify your home with a unique style, give your home an inviting look and feel. Read More

Decorating your home makes your home truly beautiful and welcoming for your guests. Making simple improvements will make your home attractive. The exterior appearance of the home is equally important as the interiors. Exterior makeover of home helps you compliment your style to the outer world. Improving the garden and lawn maintenance preserves its charm. A well maintained green garden gives admiration to your home. DuringDays offers a wide choice of home and garden accessories to enhance the beauty of your home. Choose from our wide collection; buy home and garden products online.

Home, comfortable and safest place!

Being the most comfortable and safe environment, home improves our mood, making you feel relaxed and gives you physical comfort. Being a living heaven on Earth, home should be well-maintained. With our home and garden accessories, you can give the desired style to your home. Some of our products induce -

Appliances and White goods

The modern kitchen appliances and white goods help in reducing the domestic task; while helping you get some time off for your leisure activities. Adding comfort to your life, the modern appliances have refined our lives. Enjoy cooking with minimal efforts with our range of blenders and processors; fry pans; electric deep fryers; air fryers, bread makers, power juicers, microwave ovens; stove ovens and cooktops. The food preservation has become easier with dehydrators, electric food dehydrator, beef jerky food dehydrator, food sealer bags and portable cooler fridge. The white goods such as vacuum and steam cleaner; ultrasonic air humidifier; kitchen canopy and ice maker machine, add luxury to your life. Add convenience to your life with our collection of kitchen appliances and white goods.

Bedding and Manchester

Sleep being an important factor, helps revitalize your body and mind. It is important to get the appropriate bedding accessories such as mattresses, pillows, quilts and doonas to enhance your sleeping experience. Our stylish range of mattresses, pillows, doonas and quilts, is just what you need for a comfortable sleep. Enjoy a luxurious sleeping style with our collection of bedding accessories. Also select from our range of pregnancy pillows and memory foam pillows.

Home Decor

Bound to love and happiness, it is always good to keep your home beautiful and decorated. Incorporating even a smallest accessory can give a new dimension to the appearance of the home. Our collection of exquisite decoratives gives a magnificent look to your home. Add elegance to your home with the classic photo frames, white collage photo frames, photo collage, LED icicle lights, curtains, blinds and eyelet blockout curtains. Get the scandinavian home décor with our home décor range. Banquet wedding table cloth and dining chair and other wedding accessories are offered at DuringDays; giving a royal look to the ambience. Other range of home décor includes Christmas home décor, Australia flag, adjustable mannequin and female mannequin.

Storage and organization

Storage and organization being an essential part of any home, keeps the home clean and tidy. Understanding your storage needs, DuringDays offers you various storage tools to keep your home clean and non-messy. Vacuum seal storage bag, laundry storage, kitchen rubbish bin, jewellery cabinet, DVD & CD storage and watch winder box are the commonly used storage solutions at every home. Organizing your precious possession can be done with efficiently with jewellery storage, white mirror jewellery cabinet and watch winders. DuringDays has a collection of luggage set, suitcase and trolley suitcase too, to make your travel easier.

Garden and Lawn

Every home desires a lush green garden. The garden/lawn being the ultimate place to unwind yourself, gives a soothing effect to overcome the mental and physical stress. Adding on to the extra beauty of your home; gardens also increase the visual appeal of your dwelling. You no longer have to worry about the maintenance of your garden; DuringDays offers you numerous garden tools to safeguard your garden. Lawnmowers, insect killers, solar & garden lights, watering equipments and weed sprayers; help you get the perfect manicured garden you had always dreamt off. You can have a green ever-lasting garden by implementing artificial grass to your lawns and gardens. Being the best alternative for real grass, artificial grass, are easy to maintain. Install artificial grass at your resistance, enjoy greenery that lasts forever.


Kitchen being the most essential part of your home attracts guests for dining. A number of kitchenware are available at DuringDays to compliment your style; while making your work exceptionally easier. Helping you keep your kitchen clean with all cooking processes, the kitchen laundry sink facilities cooking preparations and cleaning activities. Provided with colander, these sinks with the stainless steel body will match any kitchen decor. Wrong measurement of ingredients while making food can make huge difference in taste of the food. While trying a new recipe, it is necessary to weigh the ingredients correctly. A kitchen scale will never allow your measurements go wrong. Ensure the presence of digital kitchen scale at home while trying out a new recipe.

Bathroom accessories

A hot shower after a long day work is the best possible way to rejuvenate yourself. With the bathroom accessories at DuringDays, you can now get the affluent bathroom, you always wished for. Bathroom scales, shower grates and heated rails compliment your bathroom well. With the luxurious finish, the shower grate allows water flow directly to the outlet ensuring best performance. The design compliments any bathroom décor. Enhance your bathing experience with fresh, dry towels. With our electric and freestanding heated towel rails and racks, you can now get efficient drying and warm up of towels.

Musical instruments

Music brings joy to everyone. Creating a calm ambience, music uplifts the mood while providing an soothing effect. A wide array of musical instruments are available at DuringDays such as violin, acoustic guitars, guitar accessories, 12 string acoustic guitars and other musical accessories. Other than musical instruments, you can also find acoustic foam panels to increase the acoustics of your room, while reducing the echo and enhancing the sound quality.

Gate Openers

Every new invention directs towards convenience. Yet another gadget that makes life convenient are the automatic gate openers and gate opener kits. Providing the absolute safety to your property, the lock master gate openers allows you to open the gate while you are still sitting in the car. Replace your traditional gates with the automatic gates/sliding gates opener for added safety and comfort.

Garage Remote Replacement

The stylish compact, garage remote replacement adds security and comfort to your home. This simple piece of technology can add so much more convenience to your life. Those annoying chapters of your life are gone, when you have to get down of your car after a hectic day, just to open the gate. With the garage remote replacements, you can open the gate sitting at the comfort of your car.

Gun cleaning kits and accessories

Gun cleaning is no more a critical job. With our gun cleaning kits and accessories, you can maintain the best caliber and precision of your gun. Helping prevent the accidental firing of the gun, the gun safes and other accessories, including 3 gun safe and 5 gun safe are designed for maximum safety.

Awnings covers

Depict your desirable outdoor lifestyle with our luxurious awnings. Adding a pleasant look to your home, these awnings are ideal for creating shade. With its blend of effective functionality and modern appearance it should be considered as a good shelter from sun and rain.

Add value to your home!

Adding value to your home, decorating will provide comfort and convenience to your family. With efforts and consideration, you can give a makeover to your home. Achieve the much desired beauty of your home, with our home and garden products. Offering cheap deals and free shipping Australia wide - Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Melbourne; the products are dispatched within 24 hours. All products are available with 14 days money back guarantee. Send us your reviews and queries, to serve you better.


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