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National Flag, symbolizing patriotism!

Symbolizing the unvarying characteristics of a nation, the National Flag has significant importance. National flags are not just a piece of decoration or an object of honor; they are an indication of patriotism. Connecting to the country’s history, identity and ideals; flags are a way of depicting the country symbols to the rest of the world. Reflect your true Australian identity by owning the national flag, an expression of pride. Helping you showcase your nationalism, DuringDays offers Australian flag pole kits, perfect for any public place. Read More

Express you love for Australia, with the Australian National flags. Providing cheap deals, buy Australian flag online.

National Flag, Nation’s pride

Uniting the citizens of a country, National Flag touch the sense of one’s pride. Being an important way to identify a country’s possession, National Flags represents ethnicity of its citizens. Exhibit your proudness of being the citizens of Australia, show your patriotism with flags and flag pole kits at DuringDays.

Australian flag pole kit

Made of elegant, durable and maintenance-free aluminium, this flag pole is perfect for garden, exhibition centre or any public place. The easy to assemble flag pole uses halyard system to house the flag by rotating the finial. Provided with finial, cleat and chord; and made of light weight durable polyester, the flag pole stands against strong wind. This 17 feet Australian flag pole is suitable for different sizes of flag to be flown at any position of the pole.

Australian Flag

Made of lightweight polyester material this Australian flag is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These flag have sewn hems on top, bottom and edges; the hems are constructed with two lines of stitching. Two brass eyelets are punched into the hoist edge for a choice of fixing option. With the dye penetrating both the sides, the color is visible on both the sides. Show the world your patriotism with our large 8*5 feet Australian Flag.

Online shopping!

Being Australia’s foremost national symbol, make an effort to display the National Flag on special ceremonies. DuringDays offers sales of Australia flags at cheap deals. Offering you free shipping Australia wide - Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Melbourne; the products are dispatched within 24 hours. All products are available with 14 days money back guarantee. Send us your reviews and queries, to serve you better.


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