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Compressors & Air Tools

Air compressor, popular DIY tool!

Don’t let flat tyre hinder the fun of your journey. Inflate the tyre to normal in no time with the air compressors. Being popular as the best DIY tool, portable air compressors with its convenient and versatile design, easily and neatly does the job of inflating. With the growing technology, many new models of air compressors are available. Providing an effective, extremely versatile solution, the air compressors help to compress air when needed. Read More

DuringDays Australia offers cheap deals on air compressor, air compressor tools, including 12V air compressor. Also available are car tyre pressure gauge. With the cheapest deals available, buy air compressors online.

Variety of air compressors!

Airing down being the key part of the off road trip can be controlled with proper air compressors. Often, with tyre pressure, the journey sucks; with proper air compressing tools and air compressors the flat tyre are back to normal in no time.

Some of the important features of our air compressor are -

Air Compressor with Bonus 1 x Tyre Plug Kit + 3 x Multi-purpose Head Attachment: The GIANTZ Premium Air Compressor has a powerful 540W air compressor delivery. Equipped with precise deflation valve, it also comes with 3 additional multi-purpose head attachments for extra functionality. Other features include top quality NPT fittings; accurate dual pressure gauge, power overload protection and auto reset thermal protection. This air compressor comes with a durable car bag and bonus 1*tyre plug kit for handy tyre repair. These heavy duty potable air compressor are available with capacity of 12V 180l/min and 12V 250l/min.

Dual cylinder air compressor: With its heavy duty construction, the dual cylinder air compressor inflates the flat tyre just in few seconds. Equipped with double alloy steel cylinder blocks, it is suitable for use anywhere including garage, emergencies, motorbike riding or any other outdoor events. It features chrome plated connector, quality PU coiled hose with pressure gauge and deflation valve measure PSI and BAR.

Tyre gauge and deflator: With durable, corrosion resistant rubber housing and stainless steel shaft, the GIANTZ 2-in-1 tyre gauge and deflator allows to quickly deflate large tyres to very low pressures, while monitoring the pressure on the gauge. It also features premium quality brass deflator, rapid deflating speed, convenient hands-free deflation and large white display panel. These tyre gauge and deflators are suitable for all tyres with standard valve and comes with a storage case.

Portable air compressors for off road trip!

With its advantages, air compressors are an important part of an off road trips. With the availability of portable air compressors, it is handy to take air compressors on a trip to have a check on your tyre pressure. DuringDays Australia offers a wide range of air compressors, including air compressor tools and tyre pressure gauge. With great deals on sale, buy air compressors online. We offer free shipping Australia wide- Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Gold Coast and Melbourne. Products are dispatched within 24 hours and come with 14 days money back guarantee. We would love to hear from you, please send us your reviews and queries.


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