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Chair Mats

Reduce fatigue caused by prolonged sitting, add floor mats!

Office chair mat is a must have accessory used with chairs under conditions of prolonged sitting. Chair mats help in reducing stress caused by swiveling and wheeling of chair over the floor; making it easier to move within workspace. With most of us spending maximum time in office glued to the computers; health issues like neck pain and back pain are common. Undoubtedly, a good chair will help reduce the associated symptoms; but a chair mat will add value to a good office chair. Read More

Mostly used to extend the life of the carpet; office floor mats prevents the damage on the carpet caused by rolling and spinning of office chairs. Office chair mat for carpets help you roll effortlessly; it takes less efforts to roll around with chair mats, which in turn reduces fatigue. Easier rolling around workplace will also lessen back and leg strain.

Designed to withstand heavy use, the sturdy and durable office floor mats are what you should add to the floor. DuringDays offers you best deals on sale of office chair mat for carpets and plastic floor mats. Shopping is just a click away, buy chair mat online.

Protect your floor!

Chair mats are easy solution to protect your floors from damage caused by rolling chairs. Office chair floor mat protects the floor by acting as a barrier between the floor and the chair wheels. Our executive office chair floor mat offers you the best results. Important features of carpet chair mat include -

• Polyvinyl chloride material

• Ideal for protecting your floors

• Smooth surface on both sides of the mat

• Suitable for hard flooring

Grab a floor mat today!

Protect your office floor by simply adding a floor mat. It helps reduce repetitive stress and lowers fatigue related to office chairs. DuringDays offers you sale of office chair mat for carpets, plastic floor mats and hard floor chair mats. For more convenient shopping, buy chair mat online. We offer free shipping Australia wide- Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Melbourne. Products are dispatched within 24 hours and come with 14 days money back guarantee. We would love to hear from you, please send us your reviews and queries.


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