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Top 3 reasons to furnish your outdoor

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Nine latest trends in outdoor furniture to enhance your home decor

Having stylish outdoor furniture is a great way to enhance the décor of your  home. They are available in a variety of designs and styles. When your personal preferences and design probabilities sync with the latest styles in the market, outdoor furnitures can enhance your home décor considerably. You can definitely experiment with the choices and can try out new styles that will fit your alfresco space. Many buyers prefer to customize their patio design as it can easily reflect their own taste in design. Though outdoor furniture can clearly make a design statement, its practical purposes cannot be overlooked. While looking for trendy designs, you need to consider the durability, functionality and suitability of your patio furniture as well. The design enhancement that you look from a stylish piece of furniture becomes a reality only if it scores brownie points in other functional aspects, including comfort. Let us look deeper into some of the latest trends in outdoor furniture:

Simplistic designs are still a popular choice

Simplicity still ranks high among furniture enthusiasts when it comes to designing outdoor space. These specimens of furniture are most often sleek in appearance while maintaining the minimalistic charm. Wood and metal are popular choices when it comes to contemporary designs. The urban buyer prefers the outdoor décor to be a natural augmentation of the interior décor. This design elements and aesthetics are thus more emphatically reflected, while maintaining the fresh appeal.

Luxury surely has its charm

Luxurious contemporary designs tend to tread into the stunning glory of platinum and bronze finishes, though mostly seen only in posh households. Contemporary designs elsewhere focus on functional minimalism where usefulness is preferred over visual appeal. The design  exercises of today’s world concentrate sharply on innovations with space rather than the creative placement of decorative elements in the space. Thus space itself is intelligently objectified in the balcony, garden or patio; and that can have exceptional outcomes in your body and mind mechanics.

Earthy designs and green spaces are growing in prominence

Incorporating the elements of nature into everyday scenarios is a continuing trend in the design world. This is quite evident in  outdoor furniture as well. Green spaces are slowly coming back to our consciousness. When complemented with themes like fire and water, they emanate an artistic charm to your outdoor setting. Fire tables are widely purchased by many as it can infuse artistic uniqueness and efficient functionality at the same time. The presence of fire in an outdoor setting will undoubtedly add warmth and friendliness, while keeping up the luxury quotient intact. It will also provide the ancient pleasure of gathering around a fire and enjoying a wholesome barbecue.

The charm of wicker is the norm for nature lovers

The appeal of wicker and rattan furniture is sort of an evergreen one. Though wicker furniture has been in use for many years, the recent technological advancements have helped a lot in improving its durability. This increased efficiency is complemented well with new age designs to help you create a stunning contemporary  outdoor space at your house. A large variety of furniture, from lounge chairs, sofas, stools and dining tables, are available in wicker and rattan. Accessorizing with the right elements can dramatically transform your wicker furniture. Bright color tones can add a Mediterranean sensibility to your rattan furniture, while earthy colors and white can provide a minimalistic ambiance. The versatility provided by its light weight, along with budget friendly pricing, makes wicker furniture a preferred choice in the present time and age.

The design extension from indoors to outdoors

An increasing trend that is noticed in the latest décor styles is the harmonious transition from indoor styles to outdoor styles. This is noticeable in color tones, materials used and design aspects. This trend can be seen in both urban and rural settings across Australia. Many houses are designed such a way that the outdoor space forms an integral part of the overall décor. Designers look for color schemes and design elements that help with the smooth transition of interior décor into the outdoor space. Coffee tables and barstools can definitely be the versatile props for your alfresco dining when needed.

Modular styles are an emerging trend in outdoor furniture

Flexible furniture, in terms of size and functionalities, are also rising in popularity in today’s  outdoor furniture market. These furniture pieces can transform to allow more people to gather around it as the size of the party grows. This is fast replacing the existing style of having sets of dining furniture. The aim of this style is to provide a conversational seating arrangement where you can modify the space according to the size of the party. High bar tables and comfortable chairs around it are gaining popularity among households across Australia. Experiments with the shape of the table are also commonly noticed. Circular and crescent shaped tables are preferred by many over the traditional rectangular shape. These shapes allow more flexibility to the design, compared to the rather rigid décor styles of the past.

Personalized styling is the ‘in’ thing to do

More and more buyers are focusing on ways to customize their outdoor space according to their own stylistic choices. Thus even while following the accepted norms in interior  décor, they can unleash quirky design ideas while creating their outdoor space. This has improved the scope of work for designers as well, as customers invest more in designing an outdoor space that suits their personal likes and dislikes. The fact that you can customize your patio or balcony to reflect your personal choices and requirements can provide a definite sense of entitlement to customers.

Blending in materials to derive the benefits of both worlds

Many outdoor furniture designs today intend to blend multiple materials to create superior products. This provides the fusion and ambiance that effectively helps in the smooth transition of décor from indoors to outdoors. Wood is merged with other different materials like stainless steel, iron, aluminum, resin and stone to produce stunning contemporary pieces. These combination furniture styles provide a unique appearance along with providing increased durability and functional efficiency. Upholstered furniture is also being widely used in outdoor spaces by the urban crowd looking for relaxation and comfort. 

Introducing color to enliven the outdoor décor

Though traditionally outdoor décor is seen to be laden with neutral color tones, today’s buyer choices show a preference for color. More people are willing to experiment with bright colors in their backyard as opposed to the conventional wisdom of grey. The abundant use of colors like blue, green and yellow has infused energy into the design sensibilities of the average Australian householder. This way the customization element is asserted better and people naturally find it more relaxing to find a splash of their favorite colors in their patio. The minimalist design elements, with metallic or wooden frames, can dramatically transform when complemented with vibrant colors.

Five reasons why wooden outdoor furniture never goes out of fashion

Historically wooden furniture is preferred in indoor and outdoor spaces due to their natural elegance and sturdy appeal. Even in today’s scenario, with large variety of synthetic and processed alternatives available, wooden furniture has not gone out of fashion. This is due to the immense natural benefits accorded by wood on to the  furniture. The timeless elegance and the superior durability are only some of the reasons for wood’s relentless popularity as furniture material. Let us look into a few of the aspects that make wooden furniture a universal choice for outdoor furniture:

The natural elegance of wood is priceless

Nothing can provide a sense of elegance and charm to your outdoor furniture like wood. The stunning natural patterns and lines of wooden furniture can be easily accentuated with appropriate finishing touches. Oil, varnish or sealers can consistently keep the natural elegance of wood for long periods of time without blemishes. It is widely accepted that no alternate material can provide the class and sophistication provided by good quality wooden furniture.

Sturdiness and durability set wood apart from other materials

Because of the trademark steadfastness and reliability of wood, enthusiasts vouch for wooden furniture in indoor as well as  outdoor spaces. This will enable you to keep your outdoor furniture intact for years to come without being compelled to replace them. Wooden furniture can endure the everyday assaults it is subjected to including spillages, scratches and extreme weather.

Maintaining wooden furniture is not a tough job at all

Wooden outdoor furniture requires only the simplest of maintenance procedures. Just an annual maintenance procedure would help you reclaim any lost shine from your wooden furniture. You can simply wipe the wooden furniture with a cloth dipped in the recommended wood cleaner and not worry about deterioration at all. Even when appreciating the resilience of wooden furniture, care should be taken to keep it free from excess moisture, the worst enemy of wood. If spillage occurs on your wooden outdoor furniture, you should immediately wipe it off with a dry cloth. If moisture is allowed to retain on wooden furniture for extended periods of time, there are chances of developing mold and mildew.

Wooden furniture is a good investment at all times

The value of wood never diminishes and that is why investing in good wooden furniture is never a bad idea. Compared to some of the commonly used synthetic materials, wood is probably slightly on the expensive side. This will easily be compensated by its lengthy existence that would span years, if not generations. Economically, wood offers some flexibility as there are a range of choices starting from cheaper ones like pine. If you are willing to shell out large sums of money, wood has exotic choices too like redwood or teak that would provide unrivaled elegance.

Wood provides flexibility and versatility to your furniture  

Wooden furniture is flexible to adjust itself to various décor elements. You can always experiment on different styles on your wooden furniture by changing the upholstery or splashing some color on the cushion covers. You can even try new finishes that would give an entirely new appearance to your wooden furniture. Thus wooden furniture treats to you to its timeless appeal quite effortlessly. In addition, wooden furniture can easily fit into your indoor as well as outdoor space to provide you with the necessary versatility too.

Five types of wood that will make excellent outdoor furniture

By now we know why wood is such a favored choice when it comes to making furniture. Here is a look at some of the common types of woods and their properties.

Lightweight and durability make Cedar a natural choice

Cedar is a natural choice for making outdoor furniture owing to its lightweight, durability and amazing surface patterns. It has natural oils that help to resist cracking, compared to other woods. Red Cedar is a good option to use in very hot areas as it can naturally maintain its cool and is so comfortable to sit on. It is naturally resistant to bacteria, fungus and other pests. An oil finish would very well enhance the visual appeal of your cedar furniture. Due to its relatively low price, Cedar is widely preferred in making outdoor furniture.

Teak is highly durable and low maintenance

A very popular choice for outdoor furniture, teak scores high when it comes to durability. Teak wood is especially strong and can easily adapt itself to different designs. The oily nature gives it resistance to moisture, pests and fungus. It should be noted that Teak is not a great choice for painted finishes and the relatively high pricing prevents many buyers from getting teakwood patio  furniture. The manufacturing process is also slightly complicated due to the hardness and unrelenting nature of the wood. Still if you have the budget and space for a set of teak furniture, you can go ahead without doubt. The classy elegance it exudes will clearly not make you regret the expensive choice.

Mahogany is a budget friendly option

The weather resistant aspects of Mahogany match with that of teakwood and it is not as expensive as teak. Thus Mahogany is widely preferred for making outdoor furniture. One thing to note about Mahogany is that only the heart wood of Mahogany possesses the durable properties. The lighter sap wood is not normally as durable and weather resistant. The processing of the wood also is much simpler than teak and hence it can be made at a lower production cost. Mahogany has widely been accepted as a good alternative to teak.

Acacia is renowned for its smooth finish

Acacia is gaining popularity as a natural choice for outdoor furniture. It is sturdy, stable, durable and visually appealing. The smooth finish of Acacia makes it a good base for decorative work. Oil finish would naturally bring out the characteristic patterns to the surface. Though not as durable as teak, Acacia is a good alternative for teak to make high quality outdoor furniture.

Eucalyptus wood is water resistant and durable

Another popular choice of wood to make outdoor furniture is Eucalyptus. Like most other options discussed here, Eucalyptus also ranks high in durability and weather resistance. It is considered as a renewable resource and that adds to its value as a furniture material too. A rich oil finish would bring out beautiful patterns in Eucalyptus wood and it would definitely add a sense of elegance to your outdoor furniture.

Four reasons why wicker is a preferred material for outdoor furniture

Wicker has suddenly grown to be one of the most preferred materials to make outdoor furniture. The malleable synthetic material is fast replacing sturdy options like wood as the natural choice of outdoor furniture. Some of its features like being light weight and low maintenance are reasons for its ever growing popularity. Let us look further to see what sets this material apart from others in the world of outdoor furniture.

Wicker has durability standards almost matching wood

Though it looks much simpler compared to wood, wicker furniture is made of rattan and has set very high standards in terms of durability. It melts in high temperature and possesses the necessary malleability to be designed in innovative shapes. Outdoor furniture made of wicker can easily last for 10 years or more. Natural wicker, if not treated with water repellent paint, cannot withstand the assaults of nature. Combined with materials like resin and aluminium, they can provide added durability to wicker furniture.

Wicker outdoor furniture is easy to move around

Another aspect that makes many buyers love wicker furniture is its lightweight nature. This provides an especially convenient portability to wicker furniture that is conspicuously absent in materials like wood. Though this may prove to be an inconvenience in highly windy areas, as the furniture tend to get blown away. Using heavy cushions on wicker furniture may partly solve this problem and provide added comfort. Due to its lightweight nature, you can regularly take it back indoors and thus protect it from harsh weather.

Wicker furniture has the flexibility to go with traditional and modern décor

One of the most important qualities of wicker outdoor furniture is that it goes well with any décor. Be it a casual, contemporary décor or a simple, traditional setting; wicker outdoor furniture will rise to the occasion if you accessorize them well. You can add a dash of color to the  cushions and wicker furniture will lighten up your backyard quite brightly. You can also apply a coat of white paint to your wicker furniture to create a classic ambience in your  garden.

Wicker furniture is easy to maintain

With its lightweight nature, wicker furniture is quite easy to maintain. Naturally they don’t have the extreme resilience of wood to resist the consistent assaults of nature’s elements. But when treated with repellant coating, they can withstand sunlight and rain effectively. Another advantage is that, due to its light weight, wicker furniture can be moved away in storage when not in use. You can always take it out when guests pay a visit. Wicker furniture can be cleaned regularly with just soap and water and will retain its shine for years to come.

Why buying outdoor furniture online is a good idea in Australia?

The online shopping scenario for patio furniture in Australia is quite big with plentiful options. Most of the time Australian online shopping websites assure high quality products along with exclusive deals at factory prices. Another advantage in choosing online shopping is that you can get detailed product descriptions to help you decide on the best one from numerous options. The product catalogue will give you a clear idea on the suitability of certain materials, taking into account your requirements. Customer reviews also help online shoppers as you can evaluate a particular product based on actual descriptions by other buyers. These reviews provide practical insights into various aspects of outdoor furniture. You can assess the layout of your patio or garden in accordance with the accurate dimensions of the product provided on the website.

Why During Days is a preferred choice for outdoor furniture in Australia?

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