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Simple tips to choose the right pillow for Australians

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Pillows are miracle workers for your sleep. You need a well night’s rest after a hectic day. Having a pillow that suits you is one of the vital ingredients to sleeping well. Using a right pillow can comfort your head and neck ache. You need a pillow that will serve you as the perfect headrest as you lay your head on it after the rigors of the day and fall asleep. Having the right pillow can have a therapeutic effect. Choosing a right pillow for you can however be a pain in the neck. You need to read the various benefits of each type of pillows and understand its drawbacks. Not every pillow will suit your needs.

On an average you sleep for one-third of your lifetime. That is a lot of hours spent on the bed which makes it even more important for you to put in your best efforts in choosing the right type of sleeping accessory. Read on as we help you choose a high quality pillow for your perfect sleep.

Pillows come in different sizes

At DuringDays, we strive to give you more options of the products under a single category so that you do not have to waste any effort. Just like there are a horde of options that we provide based on the different materials used in making a pillow, there are multiple options on our site while picking a pillow based on its size. Pillows generally come in four standard sizes.

Standard Pillow

  • The standard size of a pillow is 20” x 26”. One standard-sized pillow can fit a twin bed. If you are looking for pillows for a queen bed, you will need to buy two standard pillows to be adequately used in the queen bed. These pillows can fit inside a standard pillow case. If you like your bed to be aesthetic, get matching pillow case with your quilt. If you are using a king size bed, you will need to buy three standard pillows.

Queen Pillow

  • Queen pillows are a bit larger than the standard pillows. They are 20” x 30” in size. You can buy it in pairs to adequately cover the queen bed. Despite the increase in size, queen pillows can fit inside standard pillowcase which means that you can use the pillowcases interchangeably between standard and queen pillows.

King Pillow

  • If you live life king-size or at least prefer using a king-sized bed in your house, you will need to buy a king pillow. These pillows are bigger than both standard and queen pillows. It comes in 20” x 36” dimension. The added length of these pillows makes it ideal to be used in pair for your king bed. You will need to buy king pillowcases for these pillows as standard pillowcases may be too short for their length.

Euro Pillow

  • Euro pillows are squarely shaped. They are large with 26” x 26” dimension which makes them ideal additions for your bed. They offer excellent cushioning in your bed’s setup.

Why is your sleeping position important while choosing a pillow?

Your choice of pillow depends significantly on your sleeping position. The firmness of your pillow will be defined by the way you sleep. If you know your preferred sleeping position, it becomes easier for you to shop for your pillow. As a general guideline, people who keep switching between different positions during the night should choose medium-density pillow whereas you should opt for a soft pillow if you like lying on your stomach as you sleep. We have listed down the best type of pillows based on every type of sleep.

  • If you are a back sleeper: A back sleeper needs a proper cushion for the head, neck, and shoulder. It should provide them a soft cushion to relax the curving formed by their upper spine. They need a medium-density pillow which is neither too soft for the head to bury itself nor too hard in nature to cause backaches. One of the most preferred choices of pillow for the back sleepers to support their spine are wedge pillows. They are designed to support the natural curve of the body’s spine. It is a multipurpose pillow which is triangularly shaped to support the body. For the headrest, a back sleeper should opt for a pillow which is soft in the middle and hard on its edges.
  • If you prefer sleeping on your side:  Side sleepers often face neck pain due to the nature of their sleep pattern. They need adequate support for the neck and shoulder. If you prefer sleeping on your sides, you should buy a firm pillow that contours the head and gives it an even surface to rest. A good choice of pillow for a side sleeper is to use the memory foam contoured pillow which allows the head to rest properly during the night. You can also opt for a body pillow that conforms to a user’s body position.
  • If you like lying on your stomach:  If you prefer sleeping on your stomach, you need thin pillows which do not elevate your head and neck too high when compared to the rest of your body. Sleeping on a heavy pillow when you are a stomach sleeper will cause much discomfort. You can opt for a medium-soft pillow which will cushion your upper body to help you from tossing too much during the night.

What are therapeutic pillows?

Therapeutic pillows are specially designed to support the user’s head and neck when they sleep. It is the most beneficial for the back and side sleepers. Most of the sleepers who prefer sleeping on their backs prefer to put their head on the centre of the pillow when they sleep. The centre of the therapeutic pillows is specially designed to offer utmost comfort to such sleepers with an added wedge to support their back. For the side sleepers, therapeutic pillows have specially designed outward edges to cushion their head and support their neck and shoulders.

Various health benefits of using the right pillow

If you are sleeping on a bad quality, worn out, or damaged pillow, it can cause you neck, back, and shoulder aches. A pillow helps in keeping your head and neck aligned with the spine resulting in a comfortable posture. This is instrumental in thwarting shoulder or neck aches, sprains, and fatigue. Poor sleeping habits can cause many health-related issues. It has been found by researchers that the many health ailments like short-term memory loss, weight gain, diabetes, etc. can surface because of the lack of adequate sleep. Pillows can help your overall wellness. There are many long-term benefits of using a pillow as listed below.

  • For body aches: Therapeutic pillows can help you combat neck, shoulder, or head pain. These are especially helpful in providing you relief and comfort during the night from such longstanding ailments. A therapeutic pillow provides adequate support to your head and prevents it from rolling sideways. Memory foam, gel, and chambered pillows are often used for creating therapeutic pillows.
  • Spinal disorders: Pillows can offer the correct support to help you with spine-related ailments. Spinal disorders require proper rest to help give the body a chance to heal itself when lying down. A good pillow will help you keep you maintain a correct posture and keep the spine aligned to the rest of the body.
  • Combating snoring problems: Pillows can you help you combat snoring problems during sleep. Changing your sleeping pattern from sleeping on your back to sleeping on your side is a quick-fix to relieve snoring. Snoring is caused by your tongue collapsing to the back wall of your throat to create a vibrations sound when sleeping on your back. A body pillow helps you to maintain your posture when sleeping sideways resulting in reducing the chances of your snoring.
  • Battling allergies: Regular pillows can attract dust with prolonged use. This may result in deteriorating your health if you are prone to allergies. Research has indicated that pillows made from feathers and synthetic materials can attract allergens like bacteria and fungi. Try switching to memory foam or microfiber pillows which allow the air to pass through them, thereby reducing the chances of you waking up to an allergic fit. You can opt for latex pillows since latex is natural anti-microbial in nature.
  • Getting good sleep during pregnancy:  You need a good night’s sleep during pregnancy. At times sleep is hard to get during the first and third trimesters. Pillows can help you get the back and belly support that you need to feel comfortable during an otherwise sleepless night and help you go to sleep. It is recommended that you sleep sideways during pregnancy and a pillow is a must-have that can help you attain that on a regular basis. By inserting a pillow behind your back, you can help maintain that position. There are many pillows made especially for pregnancy which we will talk about in our buying guide.
  • Beating the acid reflux:  Heartburns or acid reflux is a common problem which can occur due to the sour acid from your stomach reaching your throat or mouth during sleep. It occurs more commonly after eating spicy food or a wholesome meal. It is commonly associated with pregnancy or found in overweight people. Using ergonomically designed wedge pillows can help you alleviate the problem. You can also use an additional pillow beneath your head to counteract the problem.
  • Fight against wrinkles: Can the right choice of pillow help protect you from getting wrinkles? If you are sleeping on your sides on the stomach, it can add pressure to your face. This may result in new crush lines which may cause new wrinkles to form as a result. A good pillow will help you sleep on your back and thus help you look younger.
  • Surgical uses of pillows: Pillows are used before surgery to improve the blood circulation and relax the patient. They are extensively used to help a patient recover after the surgery by providing support and maintaining the right posture for better healing.
  • Know your pillows: It can be a little overwhelming to choose one pillow from a swarm of different type of  pillows online. You may need a better understanding on the different types of pillows available in the market. Pillows are classified based on their fill type. DuringDays has a wide assortment of all type of pillows which can be freely shipped to any city in Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth.

Down Pillows: 

Down pillows are comfortable, light-weight, and durable. They differ from the usual feather as they are made from the protective covering found on the belly of geese or ducks which lies beneath the coating of feathers on their bodies. It is a natural insulator which provides warmth to the bird. It is therefore quite delicate and breezy in nature. In fact, down pillows is one of the most comfortable pillows you can find in the market. It is shaped like dandelions and offers a better fill quality than the ordinary feather or synthetic fillings. Down pillows are airy which allows convenient air flow in the pillow that leads to the moisture being absorbed by the environment. Unlike feather pillows in which the feathers may form clusters, down pillows do not face such problems. They are extremely durable. With proper care and attention, a down pillow will easily serve your purpose for many years.

Feather pillows: 

The classic choice of pillows is feather pillows. They are usually inexpensive and quite durable. They are soft and offer a comfortable cushion for your head. They may require constant shakedown to bring the pillows back into shape after constant use. The feathers used as filling material inside the pillow can break causing it to poke and add discomfort in the pillow. They can cause allergies and do not offer a great support or elevation that you may require to sleep well. Feather is often mixed with down to give cheaper alternatives of pure down pillows. These types of pillows are soft and sturdier than a normal feather pillow.

Hypoallergenic down pillows: 

Hypoallergenic down or Hypodown pillow is a variant of down pillows in which the pillows go through a stringent cleansing process to ensure that it is made allergy-free. Due to the proximity of the pillow to your head, nose, and eyes, it is advised that you opt for hypoallergenic pillows which will offer you a better level of overall cleanliness and an allergy-free slumber.

Memory foam pillows: 

Memory foam pillows are made from temperature-sensitive viscoelastic material also called memory foam. They are pressure-sensitive and react to the body heat which results in the pillow conforming to the body shape in a few minutes. It offers pain-relief to its user and good support for the head and neck region. It offers good insulation properties as it is able to retain the body heat. This gives you a warm surface to sleep. Since it can be contoured to match the body shape, it offers a better quality of sleep. Memory foam pillows have fixed height which can be a bother if you are a light sleeper who likes turning and tossing during the sleep. It can also be quite heavier than feather or down pillows. They are useful for pressure-relieving measures and can be more expensive than other type of pillows.

Latex pillows: 

Latex pillows are made of sturdy materials and can last you for a long while. It offers a very good satisfaction rate to its user because just like memory foam pillows it is able to retain its shape. This feature allows it to give you good neck and head support. It offers good pressure relief. Using it will give you a trouble-free sleep. Latex pillows are expensive to buy. If you intend to buy a latex pillow, make sure that it is of a suitable height according to your  sleeping preference. A new latex pillow will have a strong odour which will subside in a few days of using it. You can also keep it in a separate place or room till the odour has vanished before using.

Micro bead pillows: 

Are you searching for a comfortable pillow which is soft and made from synthetic materials as opposed to Goose Down or feathers? Try the micro bead pillows. They are extremely comfortable which makes them perfect to be used for pain relief purposes. It is made of tiny, high-density micro beads that you may find readily in your bean bags. These beads offer you good head and neck support when used in a micro bead pillow. It is relatively cheap to own a new micro bead pillow. It is quite durable and moldable in nature. You will need to invest in new pillowcases as these pillows are usually cylindrical in shape. One of the few drawbacks of using a micro bead pillow is the ruffling noise it emanates when you switch positions in your sleep.

Water pillows: 

While not as popular as other pillows listed here, water pillows still deserve a mention in this list. It offers customizable support. You can increase or decrease the height of the pillow by increasing or decreasing the water level in the pillow. It offers good comfort and pain relief for anyone who is suffering from back or neck ache. The water storage inside the pillow can increase its weight. It also offers good respite during the Australian summers with its effective heat dissipation. Opt for a water pillow if you need night time cooling or pain relief.

Buckwheat pillows: 

It is made from 100% natural components. It offers great support but can be deemed too firm if you like your pillows to be on the softer side. You can remove or insert buckwheat fillings in the pillow to adjust its height. It is durable compared to feathers. This pillow is airy and hence will not attract too many dust mites. It makes a slight rustling sound if you switch sides. It can be quite heavy compared to other type of pillows.

Down/Feather Mix Pillows: 

If you cannot afford an all down pillow, buy a down/feather mix pillow which is cheaper because of the feather fillings. While economical they inherit the flaws of a feather pillow. If it has a higher concentration of down as compared to feather in the pillow, it will be softer and loftier. It is useful for side sleepers who need a blend of feather and down pillows for support during their sleep. It can come in various mix of feather and down, like any of the following:

  • 50% Down - 50% Feather Pillows
  • 30% Down - 70% Feather Pillows
  • 10% Down - 90% Feather Pillows

Pillow Care

You need to take adequate care of your pillow. Fluff them regularly. Fluffing your pillows frequently will help your pillows from becoming flattened. It will also help you protect it from clumping. You can also wash your pillows. Read the manufacturer’s label to know more about the washing instructions. You can also choose to get it dry cleaned. Invest in a good pillow protector to maximize the life of your pillows. The pillow protectors or pillowcases will help you keep your pillow clean and fresh. You can change them in every fortnight. A clean pillow protector will safeguard your pillow from dust mites and allergens.

Where can you buy the pillows online?

Head to the DuringDays website— a one-stop shopping destination to find the best pillows online at a bargained price. You can choose from virtually any type of pillow listed on the website including memory foam, feather, air, hypoallergenic, and other pillows. You can also buy pillow accessories including pillow cases and covers on the website. During Days offers free shipment of pillows and its accessories to many cities in Australia including Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, etc.

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