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Baby Gates & Playpens

Baby care, the priority

Baby care is a huge responsibility, especially when they start crawling. These little curious explorers are unaware of the dangerous place around them. They tend to crawl around entering unsafe areas. They are not even aware of the food taste; hence eat off something not edible or yucky. It is very important to look after baby’s safety when you are not around them, like perhaps when you need to visit bathroom when you need both hands free to cook a meal or clean up some mess. You can opt for a baby playpen at such times which would ensure complete safety. Our baby playpen and baby toys restricts your baby’s access to unsafe areas. Read More

Protect your baby with our Baby Playpen!

Crawling babies should always be under supervision. You don’t know what danger they land up into. A fraction of second we are away could also be risky; hence it is our duty to safeguard them, both in our presence and absence. Buy baby playpen online to keep your baby off stairs, kitchen and other unsafe spots.

Our product and its important features –

Natural wooden playpen safety gates-6 Panel: Keep your highly mobile baby safe with our wooden playpen. These six sided baby safety gatecomes with a lock for extra safety. It is easy to dismantle them making it easy for storage and transportation. The firm rubber feet supported playpens come in various shapes - hexagon, rectangle or square. Certified by CE Certificate and European Standard, gives you quality assurance.

Natural wooden baby playpen - 8 Panel: New Zealand Pine Wooden Frame of these baby safety gates makes them sturdy. These play pens have 8 interlocking sections and 8 rubber feet for extra stability. These baby playpens have one gate and a lock. It is easy to dismantle them making it easy for storage and transportation. These CE Certificate and European Standard certified child gates come in various shapes - octagon, rectangle or square shape.

Get the best baby playpens & Baby safety gates

Ensure your baby’s safety with our baby safety gates. These easy to use portable playpens are designed for easy storage and transportation. If you have got crawling babies at home and worried of their high mobility, then Buy Baby playpens online at DuringDays. We offer free shipping Australia wide - Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Melbourne. Products are dispatched within 24 hours and come with 14 days money back guarantee. We would love to hear from you, please send us your reviews and queries. We also provide breastfeeding rocking chairs to bring you comfort while feeding your little one.

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