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Auto Accessories

Automobiles, greatest innovation by mankind!

The impact of automobiles on human life is enormous; probably no other invention has had such a huge effect on the way of living, as those created by vehicles. Giving the freedom to travel at your convenience, automobiles have become a prominent part of our lives. Once, confined to the use by rich, automobiles today have become a major necessity to all. Having influenced urbanization to a greater extend, automobiles have become an important part of today’s society. Read More

Gone are the days where one would just choose a vehicle to suit their needs, as in today’s gadget freak world, people are constantly looking out to upgrade their vehicle with a number of accessories. With the market flooded with numerous automobile accessories, it gives us a wide option to select the required accessories to update your vehicle with modern elements.

Different accessories perform different functions; some accessories add cool looks to your vehicle, while others may offer hands on road side emergencies; some may make your ride easier while some other make your ride enjoyable. Ultimately, these accessories are helping you in some or the other way.

Automobile maintenance made easy: When it comes to fixing the mechanical issues of an automobile, one cannot forget the winches and ramps. Offering a great deal of help at difficult situations, winches and ramps are the best piece of equipment for ATV trails. A boon to off-road enthusiasts, winches and ramps are the best companion for heavy vehicles. The off-road adventure also associated with bike rides are popular among many people. The best accessories to complement the bikes are the bike stands and racks that help to secure the bikes when not in use. Do not forget to get the kayak racks if you want to safely store your kayak.

LEDs, lighting made better: LED is considered as one of the most exciting technological innovation is field of lighting. With its high efficiency and exceptionally longer life span, LED lighting have found to be useful beyond just residential lighting. LED lights have flourished in the industry of aerospace, defense, architecture, automotive, broadcasting, entertainment and many others. The LED lights that suit residential applications include, LED light bars, LED driving lights, LED flood lights, LED light bulbs, LED lights for cars, LED camping lights, LED Christmas lights, caravan LED lights and LED solar lights, an eco-friendly alternative.

During Days offers a wide array of automobile accessories on sale that includes winches, ramps, LED lights, bike stands and kayak racks. For quality products with greater performance at an affordable price, buy automobile accessories online.

Accessories that extend your drive!

Automobile accessories play a key role in maintaining the performance of the vehicle while improving its capabilities and over all process of auto care. To have your automobile in good condition, one should invest in the necessary accessories to complement its use. Some of the automobile accessories at During Days include -

Bike racks and stands: Being the most preferred vehicle for those who seek adventure, bicycles are the perfect partner. Your first ride maybe the most exciting one, to keep the ongoing excitement alive you will also have to look for ways to maintain your bicycle in good condition. Bike racks are the best accessories to secure your bicycle for future use. The bike accessories available at During Days are wall/floor mount bike rack, bike strap-on carrier and GIANTZ hitch bike carrier. The wall/floor mounted bike racks with its sturdy construction are ideal for bike storage in garages, outdoors, sheds and work places. The bike-strap and bike carrier are designed to carry your bike on your adventure trips. These bike racks are suitable for carrying your bicycle on many vehicle types from cars, trucks, SUVs or minivans. Along with the bike storage racks, During Days offers you to select from kayak racks too. The kayak storage rack is available as kayak wall rack and roof rack for kayak, while for transporting a kayak you can use kayak racks for cars.

Cross bar: Cross bars are an extremely useful accessory to increase the load-ability of a car, supporting a huge luggage to carry with. With its universal fitting system, the roof racks provide sufficient space to keep all your belongings. The roof-racks available with us are universal aluminium car roof rack cross bar with security lock; Giantz graphite alloy car roof rack; universal fit soft pair roof rack; and universal arm canoe saddle kayak carrier roof rack V-Shape. With its sturdy alloy construction, they are designed to last long. Compatible with most of the vehicles in the market, the roof racks are suitable for off-road trips.

Winches: With its advantages ranging in various fields including, transport, marine, mining, construction and other industries; winches have been modified from time to time to meet the modern needs. During Days Australia provides you the best winches for smooth off-road adventure; winches available are ATV 4WD steel wire electric winch with remote; wireless synthetic rope electric winch; electric hoist; hand winch and universal winch. With its great performance and quality, winches also increase the versatility of the vehicle. Winches available at During Days include 12 volt winch, boat winch, electric trailer winch, boat trailer winch, electric anchor winch, boat winch rope and other winch accessories.

Ramps: Ramps have eased the loading and unloading of ATV or motorcycle for an outdoor adventure. With its benefits, ramps are of huge help to the frequent outdoor sports enthusiasts. It is suggested to choose the ramps based on the capacity of the vehicle. Various model of ramps available at During Days are - fully adjustable wheel step stair folding lift ladder van truck 4wd; multi-purpose aluminium folding loading wheelchair ramp; and 2*multi-purpose aluminium folding loading ramps. These portable ramps have high storage capacity offering you enough space to load your vehicle. The wheelchair ramp with its portable design and excellent stability are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. The ramps available are trailer ramps and ATV ramps.

LED lights: Made to withstand shocks, weather extremes and water, these LED lights are designed for low energy consumption. With its bright illumination they are considered superior to the traditional lights. The major LED lights offered at During Days are Beamax LED bar lights, CREE LED light bar, LED flood light and off road LED lights.

Make wise investment!

Automobile accessories are the worthy investments to make for improving the capability of your vehicle. Giving it an elegant look, the automobile accessories add to the efficient functionality of your vehicle. Don’t delay or give a second thought, buy the necessary accessories for your vehicle to enhance its functionality and life. Buying of auto accessories has just got simple in this internet world, as During Days offers you to buy the best automobile accessories online. Offering you winches, ramps, LED lights, bike stands and kayak rack for sale, shopping has got easier than ever. Making your shopping easy; we strive hard to ensure that all of our products are dispatched within 24 hours and also guarantee 14 days money back if you wish to return them. Free shipping is available Australia wide - Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Melbourne. Help us serve you better, share your views, queries and feedbacks. We would love to hear from you!


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