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Acoustic Guitars

Guitar, convenient musical instrument

Music maketh the man. And what better way to go about it, other than the friendly old guitar. Preferred by all age groups, guitar is the most popular instrument around the world.Guitar is one of the most fundamental and most convenient musical instrument, easy to carry along where ever we go compared to other musical instruments. You can get the best guitar and other related accessories like string etc, from us. Check out our range of guitars and some of their unique features. Read More

Different guitar for different generation!

Sitting around the campfire and singing? Where is the fun without a guitar? Playing guitar can uplift your mood when sitting alone or in a group. Are you one of those who are in love with guitar? You must try out our wide array of guitars – acoustic and electric.

Wooden Folk Acoustic Guitar: With hard wood neck and maple wood fingerboard, this acoustic guitar is made of laminated linden for its top, back, and side. The cutaway delivers beautiful sound providing a real pleasure to play. 38 auditorium acoustic guitar with its sleek lacquer finish, narrow waist design and great tone balance comes with extra 6 steel strings, a clip-on electronic tuner and a black capo for richer sound. These acoustic guitars come with a shoulder strap and durable carry bag for easy transportation. Get a portable guitar stand with every purchase. Pick your choice of color - blue, nature wood, red and black.

Electric Acoustic Guitar: This electric acoustic guitar is suitable for guitar performers at all levels. With hardwood neck and fingerboard, the guitar is made of laminated linden for its back and side. The cutaway delivers beautiful sound. Also, there is a 3m cable and extra steel strings included in the set. Being amplifier compatible with sleek lacquer finish, wide waist design, excellent acoustic resonance, 21 fret positions, adjustable truss rod, extra 6 steel strings, our guitar also includes picks and battery, shoulder strap and durable carry bag for easy transportation.

Add fun to music!

Are you a music enthusiast? Looking out for guitar sale?. Here we provide wide range of guitars - vintage guitars, acoustic or electric guitar. Shop your guitar with us, providing you best guitars at affordable price. We offer free shipping Australia wide- Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Melbourne. Products are dispatched within 24 hours and come with 14 days money back guarantee. We would love to hear from you, please send us your reviews and queries.

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