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A comprehensive buyer's guide to purchasing office desk

Posted on August 29, 2016

There are many factors that can help you increase an employee’s morale at work. You can increase their productivity by giving them a hygienic work environment, facilities, perks, etc. which will keep them motivated at work. One of the most understated productivity-boosting measures for an employer to undertake that has a significant impact on the employees’ output is giving them the right tools of the trade, for example, an ergonomic office table. Most employees have a standard 40 working hours schedule in a week and most of it is spent behind the office table.

Buying the right type of office furniture boosts the overall productivity of your employees. It helps them alleviate postural injuries, enhance the visual appeal to the office’s work environment, and helps you add an extra layer of security in the office. A good office desk also serves the purpose of a personal safety locker where the employees keep their valuables locked in. There are multifold benefits of using a good office desk. It is why we have invested ourselves in offering you a comprehensive buying guide that will tell you all that you need to know about choosing the right ergonomic desk.


 Why do you need a new office desk?

Out with the old and in with the new! The decision of buying a new furniture item is an imminent decision for any business. Sooner or later, a business will need to change its old piece of furniture. There could be many reasons for changing the furniture. Maybe, the company is switching its base to a newer office or it could be because the office is switching to an open office culture to promote collaboration between the employees. It could be also because of the expansion plans of the company or just because the old piece of furniture has served its purpose.

You can still salvage some value from the old furniture by refurbishing or repurposing it while new furniture could be bought to accommodate the office’s current need. The answer to when should a business buy a new furniture lies in understanding the benefits associated with a buying new furniture. To save you the tedious process of researching the benefits of buying new furniture, we have listed it down for you.

Lend a fresh appeal to your office

  • Outdated furniture gives the impression of a company’s reluctance to change to a client. If you have been using the same furniture since your office first opened its door to the public, it is time for you to finally change the furniture.

Easier to shuffle

  • You do not need to be a weightlifter to move your office furniture. Modern furniture is easy to install and dismantle when you have to reconfigure your office space as it grows over time. Most of the modern furniture can be dismantled easily by a person and reassembled again within a short time.


  • Contemporary furniture will be technology-friendly. In the era of social media, smartphones, and cloud computing, you can get a smart, connected office desk. If you are not ready for the office desk to automatically record your preferred sitting and standing height, you can still opt for modern tables that come with hidden cabinets, secure lockers, and easy maneuverability.

Confidence booster

  • Nothing says that you are invested in your business’ success than by showing confidence in your purchase measures. Buying new furniture is a big investment. It shows confidence in your abilities and shows your foresight.

Shows that you care for your employees

  • Investing in good furniture is a morale booster for your employees. It shows that you care for the long-term health benefits for your employees. They will appreciate the investment that you undertake in buying new furniture for them. Ergonomic furniture will put those sprained necks and aching backs of your employees at ease. 


  • All new furniture comes with a warranty. You will no longer have to spend a fortune for refurbishing your old furniture every time it breaks a leg or loses a screw. You can enjoy leaning against your desk or putting the heavy printer on its sturdy legs without half-expecting a creaking noise before the table starts to crumble under the weight.

Tax savings

  • Yes, you’re reading it right! Buying new furniture can result in tax savings. The purchase of new furniture by small businesses is tax deductible in many countries. This is an added incentive in buying new furniture. The expense can be tax deductible to a certain extent or its depreciation can be included in the account books.

Office Desk

Office Desk


What are the important factors for you to consider while buying a new office table?

There are many important considerations for you to make when opting for a new office table. Purchasing a new office desk is a mid-to-long-term purchase. You do not want to keep revisiting the market to purchase new office desks unless you are expanding your workforce. A few important purchase considerations to consider while buying an office desk are as follows:


  • In the ever-changing world of computers and other technologies, it is hard to predict the size of the gadget that we will be using after five years. It is hard to fathom a return of the desktop or printer after a few years. With the improvements in technology, we will continue to see a miniaturization of the devices. Buying an office table symbolizes more than just buying a resting space for our workstations. It is also a place for storage, writing table, printer stand, file cabinet, etc. Buy an office desk that has a good longevity and will serve your purpose for the next few foreseeable years. In order for the table to do so, you will need to estimate your future requirements from the office table. Will you be using it as a printer stand too? Will you need an uncluttered writing table instead? How many pedestals would you require for storage purposes? Do you need a compact or a large table? Will you be shifting your office equipment a lot in the next five years or do you have a permanent office address? All these factors will play an instrumental factor in helping you decide the best office table which is both durable and functional.


  • Not all office days are alike. Depending on the workload, an employee can be working in the office for long and short hours in a day. Tables are a constant companion for the employees during their working hours. It is therefore important for the table to be ergonomically designed to offer the maximum amount of comfort to its user. The tables may come with adjustable feature allowing the height of the table or the tilt of the keyboard tray to be adjusted based on the needs of the user. Such small features can add wonders to the overall comfort level of the table user.


  • A desk is supposed to address the storage needs of its user. It should be able to store the supplies, work essentials, files, etc. The storage requirement of your office’s workforce will define the length and the storage space of the table. If you are going to place more equipment (like printer) on the table’s surface, you will need an added dedicated space to house your equipment. Similarly, you will need to check if you can fit in all your daily needs at work within the table’s periphery so that you do not need to waste your time in running errands to get your office supplies. While searching for an office table to buy, check for the number and size of the drawers that you require and if you will require additional storage in the future. If you are surrounded by paperwork throughout an average working day, a right pick of table which has multiple drawers will help you become more organized and improve your productivity. Similarly, if you are going to be spending the most of your working hours on a computer, you can opt for an ergonomic table with a keyboard tray and hidden holes and pockets to stowaway the mishmash of wires.

 Do you need a computer or a laptop table?

  • Buying tables in the earlier days was quite simple. You just had to know if you needed a writing table or a computer table. You could then go on to choose the style and size of the table. Nowadays, with the advent of laptops, you need to invest a little more time in figuring out if you need a laptop or a computer table. You will then need to make provisions for the extra display. Choosing between laptops and desktops shouldn’t be a tough task. Computer desks are larger in stature. It will have a dedicated cabinet to store the computer’s CPU, pull-out keyboard stand, monitor storage, printer stand, etc. It can also have a storage hutch in the leftover space to store your valuables.
  • Laptop desks have a more open design. It is also sleeker in appearance as compared to a computer desk. They borrow a few features from the computer desks like pull-out keyboard trays which are designed to house an entire laptop on a laptop table as opposed to just keyboard and mouse in the computer table. It is also more technologically equipped as compared to the computer table. You will find many modern features on a laptop table such as mobile charging stations, etc.

Factory-assembled or ready-to-assemble?

  • There are two ways in which you can buy your table. It can either be factory-assembled and shipped to your address or you can buy a desk that is ready-to-assemble at your office. Factory-assembled desks are usually sturdier than the ready-to-assemble desks because they are made mostly of solid components which do not have to be disjointed for transportation whereas ready-to-assemble desks are usually made of individual parts which are screwed together to form the table. Because of the higher quality of materials used, the factory-assembled desks can often be more expensive than the ready-to-assemble desks. Factory-assembled desks come ready to use out of the box and therefore save you from bearing the labor cost. At DuringDays, we offer a complete range of desks that come fully-assembled and ready to ship.
  • A ready-to-assemble desk has its own advantages over the factory-assembled desk. It is more affordable and easier to transport. You can easily dismantle the desk within minutes and shift it to a new office. It is also easier to store the ready-to-assemble desks. It can be easily ferried across narrow hallways and smaller lifts whereas a factory-assembled desk may need a service lift for transportation across different floors in a building. If you do not have a permanent setup in the office, ready-to-assemble desks offer a better alternative as compared to the factory-assembled desk. Visit the DuringDays website if you are searching for ready-to-assemble desks for your office space. We offer free shipment to almost every major city in Australia including Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Rockhampton, etc.


  • From large U-tables to complete workstations, office desks can come in varying size and configurations. You should carefully measure the space available in your office to find the office desk that matches your requirement. For larger office spaces with less space constraints, buying a U-shaped or L-shaped desks makes more sense as it offers a generous amount work space for co-workers and storage room to fit the valuables. If the space is a precious commodity in your current office space, look for utilitarian tables like multi-purpose compact desks, or computer tables. They will include multiple features in a compact design.


  • Buy an ergonomically designed desk to improve the long-term health benefits of your employees.  Ergonomically designed desks will reduce the chances of sore necks, backaches, and spinal injuries. It will also help increase the productivity of the employees. A few ergonomic features to consider while buying a desk are pull-out keyboard or laptop trays, height-adjustable work surface, wire management chambers, and elevated monitor shelves.


 Can the nature of your work influence the type of table you should buy?

Yes! How you work can have a significant impact on the type of table you require. If most of your working hours spent making phone calls and sending emails, you will require a smaller table as opposed to someone whose work requires a lot of paperwork.


  • Office desks come in various configurations. You will need to be precise about the size of the office table so that it matches with other tables in the room while still serving all your basic requirements. Measure the size of the table that you require. While approximating the size of the table that you require, it is always beneficial to add some more surface area to your initial approximation. This way, you can future-proof your table. There should be ample space underneath the table for your legs to move freely. If you like to cross your legs while sitting down, you will require enough space in between your thighs and the table’s surface. You will need some free space in front of the table for any visitor to sit down. Also, ensure that there is free space of 3 feet behind the table for the chair to fit.


  • Tables come in different shapes and sizes. The most commonly found table is rectangular in shape and it will fit easily around in every office. Depending on the size of the room and the positioning of the desk, you can also explore a few more viable options of office desks. For example, a U-shaped office desk can be a good addition for a large room so that you get enough storage and surface area at your disposal. Similarly, you can use an L-shaped desk if the desk is placed at the corner of a room. You can use round tables if it is positioned at the center of the room with multiple people using it simultaneously during a meeting.

Furniture material

  • You can opt from a variety of materials that can be used in building your office desk. Traditional desks are made using wood. A lightweight alternative to wooden desks is using desk made of veneers. If you are looking for a sturdy table, you can use a steel table. Steel tables come in various shapes and sizes. You can also use a combination of wooden top and steel base for your next table. If you are looking for an upscale looking table, you can opt for glass table.


What do you need to know about the different type of tables?

Desks can be made using various types of materials like wood, veneers, steel, etc. The choice of material used in making a desk is an important factor to consider. It is important for you to know the material used in building the table so that you know what to expect in terms of weight, size, price, durability, etc.  For example, a solid wood table made using mahogany can be expensive and heavy whereas table made using particle wood will be lightweight and less sturdy. If you’re using a temporary office space, you will need a compact piece of furniture which is lightweight and can easily be dismantled or assembled. Check for the weight load capacity of the table if you intend to keep heavy equipment on it.

Wood and veneer

  • The traditional office table is made using wood. A wooden table will not be pocket-friendly or light-weight. A table made of mahogany and cheery wood will give a vintage appearance. A wooden table will easily last over a decade if you take proper care of it. It will also give a classy overall appearance to the office. Wood veneers are also very popular choices for wooden tables if you want a wooden table without its customary bulkiness. There are different types of wooden tables in different price ranges depending on the choice of wood used in making them.


  • A steel desk is an extremely low-maintenance desk. It is also durable to use and comes in a wide range of colors and designs, including traditional and modern, to match the overall aesthetics of the office space.  Steel desks are generally more affordable than the wooden tables. They offer good durability and a wide variety of design options for you to choose from. Steel frame desks also offer secure storage for the employees to store their valuable. Opt for a double storage pedestal steel frame desks if you are looking for secured workstations that can also be used to store valuables like laptops, office stationaries, etc. If you do not want the added storage, you can opt for simple writing steel frame desks which come in sleek designs. The plethora of options available in buying a steel frame desk makes it an ideal pick to match your existing office setup.

Wood and Steel Frame Desks

  • Cannot decide between choosing from contemporary and traditional desk? Bring the best of both the worlds when you buy a wooden table top fitted to a steel base. These hybrid tables offer you a perfect blend of aesthetics and sturdiness. It is both beautiful to look at with the standalone wooden top and extremely durable because of the steel base. Another added benefit of the using the metal frame table is that it offers resistance to scratches that are commonly inflicted with prolonged use.

Glass tables

  • If you are looking for a suave addition to your office space, you can opt for a glass table. The smooth glass surface of this type of tables can be a dust magnet and may require constant upkeep.  Glass tables can be heavy depending on the thickness of the glass top. They are usually made of tempered glass which makes them durable and safe for heavy use.

Laminated tables

  • Laminated tables are made using two or more layers of materials compressed together. Laminated tables offer increased strength due to the amalgamation of two materials. They come in various designs, colors, and sizes to be used across in various offices. They also offer a great degree of customization. You can include keyboard shelf and other racks based on your requirements.

Office Desk

Office Desk

What are the different styles of office tables?

You will need to understand the different styles of tables that are available in the market today. Each style of table is designed for a specific purpose. Read on as we list the varying styles of office tables available in the market today.  

Teacher and Instructor Desks

  • Teachers require a durable desk that doubles up as a projector stand, computer table, handrest for lectures, etc. Teacher’s desks are usually standalone desks placed at the main section of a classroom. It is used by instructors for classroom trainings in offices. Such type of desks can usually be found in the wings of the offices where the furniture are occasionally moved.

Executive Desks and Suites

  • Most executives require bigger desks than the average office desk because of the added work responsibilities they endure. From traditional desks to vintage and statesman desks, there are many different types of executive desks to choose from. They can be made using different type of materials including veneers, laminates, wood, etc. They are handpicked to offer a chic appearance to complement the office layout.


  • Credenzas were initially developed as side-drawers. Nowadays, they offer an extra layer of writing surface apart from the main table to the executives. They also help with added storage to store files, books, etc. They are beneficial in an office if you require more added storage space and a secondary table within your arm’s reach.

U-shaped desks

  • U-shaped desks or U-desks give you different work areas in a single table. It offers efficient space utilization for people with space-hogging equipment like dual-monitors and printers. It often serves as a shared office table between two people. A U-shaped table is formed by adding a credenza to an L-shaped table. The extra cabinets give you additional storage option. One of the constraints of using such tables is the permanency of its structure. A U-shaped table for one room may not fit easily in another room because of the space constraint.

L-shaped desks

  • L-shaped desks or L-desks are one of the most versatile types of office desks. You can use the extended space as a secondary workspace. The extra length of the table is often used with pedestals to offer extra storage. It is also commonly called as corner desk because of its shape which makes it ideal to be placed at a corner of a room. It offers a perfect blend of space and utility due to its unique design. It has multipurpose uses. It can be used as a computer desk with storage, file cabinets, and bookshelves at the same time. They come in various designs including traditional wooden desks and modern executive desks. It is ideal for use in a small office room where every bit of the space counts. You can choose from a wide variety of materials as the desk’s surface to customize it to your requirement. It also offers a lot of room customization options. The L-shaped desk can easily slot in a corner to the left or the right of the room. If you do not want to place it in a corner, you can rest one corner of the desk against the wall while the other half of it can face towards the center of the room. You can also arrange them in clusters of four L-shaped tables to create multiple workstations.

Computer desks and tables

  • Computer desks are designed with dedicated racks and storage for large workstations to easily fit inside it. They are designed for a computer and its entire peripherals. It has a large surface for the monitor to be placed on, cabinet for the CPU, shelf for the printer, slide-out keyboard tray with hidden compartments and holes to hide the mesh of wires. It is simple, efficient, and the most practical design of table to choose if you are working on computer systems larger than the size of a laptop.

Writing desks

  • Writing desks are simple, elegant, open desks with minimalistic design to offer you an uninterrupted workspace. Its conservative styling makes it an easy fit in any type of office. These types of desks are better suited for working on laptops than desktop. If you do not need a burly computer table, you can easily opt for a writing desk. You can place it besides a wall or at any part of the room and it will still look elegant in the current office setting.

Reception stations

  • Reception stations are stationed at the front desk of the office. It is a vital piece of office furniture because it offers the first impressions of your company to a visitor. Most offices pick a standing height counter at their reception stations. It helps them to form a small barrier of privacy for their employees at receptions while interacting with the visitors. It also serves as a good showcase to put a few marketing collaterals, PR coverage, visitor forms, sign-in sheets, literatures, etc.

Wave desk

  • Wave desks are large desks which are wider at one side than the other. They were initially conceptualized to hold the CRT monitors. While the CRT monitors may have become obsolete, these desks are still quite popular in large offices. It provides the office employees with plenty of leg room, work space, and storage space. It is ideal for large offices where space isn’t a constraint as it hogs a lot of space. If you have a small office space, you should prefer other alternatives to wave desks.

Bench desk

  • Bench desks are inexpensive options to consider if you’re low on budget or office space. They are rectangular in shape. They have gained in popularity in the recent years with the widespread use of laptop and the miniaturization of computers which has resulted in reduced storage space. They are relatively cheaper than the wave desks. The modular nature of bench desks make it easier for you to add more desks in the mix at will. It is an essential ingredient to building a modern office space with open office space.


Okay, what about standing desks?

If you are anxious to know more about standing desks, they are the new “cool” right now. You must have heard a lot about the benefits of using standing desks. It is partly because of the new saying that is doing the rounds in the office corridors which suggests that “sitting is the new smoking”.  It is quite true to an extent. Working in this digital age has got us hooked to a PC, mobile, laptop, iPad, or basically anything that is a screen wired in to the internet almost all through our waking hours. Imagine what are you mostly up to when you are working more than eight hours in a day at work? Yes, most of our time spent in the office is spent sitting behind a desk.

It is why we are witnessing a surge of users who are opting for standing desks. Standing desks or stand-up desks are specifically designed desks that allow you to comfortably stand while working. They are height-adjustable so that you can customize it to your preference. There are many variants of standing desks available in the market including sit-stand desks which can help you alternate between sitting and standing during your work hours. Use of these desks can allegedly have a few health benefits. Some of these health benefits may include the following:

It can reduce obesity:

  • Most of the workforce hardly burns any calories while sitting during the office hours. Obesity is a result of the accumulation of more calories than what you burn during a day. A simple physical activity such as standing can help you burn more calories than sitting. Research has shown that a person can burn nearly 170 calories by opting to stand during a normal afternoon. While these 170 calories may not be a whopping amount, it can certainly add up over the course of a month and help you at least fight the weight gain more effectively.

It can help lower blood sugar levels:

  • The blood-sugar levels in a body are increased after meals. Being deskbound after having your meals can result in 112% risk increase of getting Type 2 diabetes. An 'office-based' study of 10 participants revealed that standing for 3 hours after lunch could help reduce the blood-sugar surge by a staggering 43%.

Standing can lower the risk of a heart disease:

  • Sitting sedentarily for long hours has been long believed to increase the risk of developing heart disease. In fact, it has been found in studies that prolonged sedentary time spent behind the desk could increase the risk of heart disease by up to 147%. It also carries an additional risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Standing desks can help you reduce backache:

  • Sitting behind the office desk throughout the day is ubiquitous in modern society. Back pain is one of the most common ailments to trouble an employee nowadays. A study entitled ‘Take-a-Stand Project’ found out in its research that by using sit-stand desks and by reducing the sitting time by 66 minutes per day, its research group exhibited 54% improvement in back pain. It also showed that by taking away the sit-stand desks from the research group, most of the earlier-noticed improvements were negated within a two week span.

It helps in improving the mood and energy levels:

  • Standing desks can have uplifting effect on the overall mood and energy levels of an employee. This has also been supported by the findings of a seven week experiment. The experiment showed that 87% of the users of standing desks exhibited increased energy levels over the course of a day.They felt lower stress levels and fatigue while using the standing desks. The effects were directly linked to the use of the standing table and the effects subsided after the target group reverted back to sitting behind their old desks.

Standing desks can boost productivity levels:

  • Standing desks can improve the productivity level of an employee. With no direct link to fatigue or typing errors found in a research conducted to determine if using a standing desk could result in decreased productivity or increased typing errors. Using a standing desk may take some getting used to initially. But with prolonged usage, the standing table can bolster the productivity levels of an employee.

Better engagement rates:

  • By sitting on your desk, you can often miss out on the chance of mingling with your co-workers. Standing desks give you more opportunities to mingle with your colleagues at work. You do not feel compelled to get up and walk through the aisle to interact with another team member.

Improved posture:

  • By standing through the majority of the day, you increase your posture. Acknowledge that we all do slouch on our chairs behind the desks when we lose our interest in the work during the day. Maintaining the posture can help improve your core muscles.

Office Desk


Handy tips to keep your desk clean and organized for better productivity

The office desk is your personal space within the office premise. You need to keep your desk clean and organized or you would be doing sit-ups for the majority of the day to fetch essential supplies. You may end up neglecting the desk’s cleanliness during tight deadlines, but you will need to get it gleaming again if you are to remain productive the next day. If you need an extra push to clean your desk, remember that the bosses do not approve of messy desks as an excuse for the lack of productivity. Read on as we list down a few simple but effective measures to keep your desk neat, clean, and organized.

Declutter your desk:

  • Out of sight, out of mind. Do not use the storage space of your desk as the dumping ground for the day’s scrap. Remove all the unnecessary distractions from the office table including last month’s calendar, old sticky notes, broken pieces of equipment, things that belong in your home, and other stuff. By removing all the major distractions from your table, your attention will now get dilated. Leave only the essential elements on the desktop so that you can give your unwavering focus to the tasks on hand. One rule of thumb to help you declutter is that keeps only the daily used items on the desktop. Everything else needs to go.

Do not leave a paper trail:

  • You do not need to store every piece of document as physical evidence. Invest some time in scanning all the loose strands of paper before discarding them. This will give you a better systematic way of organizing all the work related papers in a single place. On the flip side, you will also be able to share these documents with anyone even while not being in the office. This will ensure that the sanctity of your office desk’s space remains intact.

Keep it close:

  • Everything that you need should be in close proximity and within your arm’s reach. This will boost your productivity. Stock on your reserve supplies of printer papers, office stationaries, pens, cartridges, stapler pins etc. in the storage space of your desk so that you can swiftly fetch it when the time comes without breaking your workflow.

Take memos instead of notes:

  • You do not have to stick up sticky notes of every small detail that you need to remember. Instead open the notes app in your phone and just feed in the note that you wanted to remember and set a reminder to alert you so that you do not forget. Easy, right?

Clean your office desk regularly:

  • You need to clean the office desk regularly to avoid it from getting scratches. The glass top of the desk can easily be scratched with the movement of mug’s surface and other equipment. Make sure that you put a cover in between an object that is resting on your desk. Keep sharp objects away from your office desks so that it doesn’t scratch the desk’s surface. Also, keep some distance between the wall and desk so that no damage is done to either of them.



Buying new furniture such as an office desk is an imminent decision for any business. There are many benefits associated with buying new furniture. It can revamp the entire decor of the office; boost the employees’ morale, increase productivity of the employees, save them from injuries, and help the company save money in longer run by reducing the amount of compensation.  You will need to consider factors like longevity, comfort levels, storage capabilities in the new office table before purchasing it. There are many types of tables available in the market. You can also shop online for office desks to access a wider range of office desk catalogue.

Understand your requirements if you need to buy a writing/laptop table or a computer table and if you would want the table to be factory-assembled or ready-to-assemble. If you want to buy an executive table, make sure that it is made from high-quality wood. You can then opt from a wide variety of office table made from wood to steel and glass. You can buy credenzas for added storage or to convert your L-shaped table into U-shaped table. You can also opt for standing desks which are ergonomically designed to help you stand while you work. They can also let you switch between standing and sitting so that you burn more calories than sedentarily sitting through the day. Finally, choose an ergonomically designed table so that it helps you improve the overall wellbeing of anyone using it. Ergonomic desks provide a comfortable work environment while reducing stress and avoiding injuries. Declutter the desk and maintain it regularly for prolonged usage.


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