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Wool Rugs

Wool rugs, the best rugs!

With its numerous benefits, wool rugs are popular from time and now. Defined by its durability, elasticity and lengthy lustrous fibres, they are the best choice to make. Cover your floor up with the soft wool rugs and get the utmost comfort. Available in various designs from modern to traditional; the cozy wool rugs enhance the decor of your home. Made of natural fibre, they are safe and environmentally friendly too. Read More

Whatever be the design and style - round, shag, designer or modern; you could choose the woolen material for added advantage. Wool carpets are preferred, as they don’t fade away easily. These carpets are vibrant when dyed; they get colored amazingly and hold color firmly to give it an everlasting shine. With so many benefits, you now have got many reasons to buy wool floor rugs!

Nothing can feel as soft as a wool rug underfoot. With its majestic feel, cozy comfort and beautiful design, the wool rugs are what you exactly should opt for. The anti-slipping and anti-allergy properties of the wool rugs make it safe for babies too. The other properties that convince you to go for wool rugs are heat resistance and spill resistance; ie, they don’t catch fire nor do they absorb water. Undoubtedly, with thesemany advantages, the natural wool rugs are superior to the synthetic ones.

We provide wide options to beautify your home; with a comprohensive range of wool rugs for sale on our website, select the one that suits you the best. Make your shopping comfortable, buy wool rugs online.

Simple, elegant wool rugs

Wool rugs are an attractive, simple and elegant choice to make, to improve your home decor. Providing a comfortable surface, the wool rugs are safe for your kids and pets. Select the best wool rug from our wide collection. Some of the important features of our wool rugs include -

Arrows Wool Rug: The arrows wool rugs are natural fibres woven into a herringbone design. These rugs are available in black, navy and red colors.

Cambridge Wool Rug/ Chevron Wool Rug/ Classic Wool Rug/ Lattice Wool Rug: Available in plain, textured and patterned designs, these rugs are made of 100 per cent New Zealand wool. With its multi textured composition and intricate details, these rugs exemplify fine living. These everlasting, easy to vacuum rugs are available in various colors – beige, black, blue, red and grey.

Other wool rugs: We have a variety of wool rugs with various size, colors and designs. The other designs available are - Checker board, Damara Trellis, Damask, Diamond Dhurry Wool & Jute Rug, Earth, Giraffe, Hand Made New Zealand Mystic, Herringbone, Lines, Marakesh Kelim, Moroc, Mosaic Stripe, Nomad, Pompom, Seasons Driftwood, Swirl and Zebra. All these designs are available in various colors.

Wool rugs; beauty with safety!

Highly durable, with vibrant colors, wool rugs match the interiors of any home. With a number of benefits, wool rugs dominate the market. DuringDays offers you a wide variety of cheap wool rugs for sale. Make your shopping comfortable, buy wool rugs online. We offer free shipping Australia wide- Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Melbourne. Products are dispatched within 24 hours and come with 14 days money back guarantee. We would love to hear from you, please send us your reviews and queries.


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